May 24, 2022

Democrat Abby Broyles ends Congressional campaign after being exposed for bullying preteen girls

Democrats behaving badly is nothing new. However, it is refreshing to see one who steps down because of it.

Democratic Congressional hopeful Abby Broyles has withdrawn from her race in Oklahoma after unleashing ugly insults on preteen girls at a slumber party, Breitbart reported. Broyles was outed by the mother of one of the girls in attendance.

“Today, I’m ending my campaign for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District – and I’ll come back stronger than ever,” Broyles said Tuesday in a tweet. She shared a link to a post on Medium explaining her side of the story of what happened that February night.

According to Broyles, a friend of hers was hosting the party for the young girls asked her over to help chaperone. The host told her to bring wine and gave her a sleeping pill that she’d “never taken before” which she blamed for her behavior.

“I used poor judgment mixing wine with medication that helps you relax, that I’d never taken before,” she said. At one point, Broyles allegedly became intoxicated and belligerent.

“We were all sitting around, and she was just going around in a circle saying rude things and would end with ‘F—er’ and saying ‘F— you’ to all of us there — really rude things,” a 12-year-0ld girl at the party recounted. “My friend has acne, and she had been talking about her acne early in the evening, and then [Broyles] called her an ‘acne F—er,’ and she ran upstairs crying.”

“She was telling me I wasn’t going to be as successful as her,” the girl also alleged. The Democrat allegedly called another girl a “Hispanic f—er” at some point as well.

Sarah Matthews, the girl’s mother, initially demanded an apology from Broyles, who also allegedly vomited on the girls’ shoes and into a laundry basket. However, Broyles denied being there at all at first and called it a “cooked up” political attack until a TikTok she made with the girls that night surfaced.

If Broyles can behave like that around preteen girls, she has absolutely no business being in political office. It’s commendable that she is stepping down from her race, but it’s unfortunate that she’s still trying to downplay the gravity of what she did.

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