August 9, 2022

Dem Troy Carter wins special election to replace former Rep. Cedric Richmond

Louisiana state Sen. Troy Carter (D) won Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District special election runoff on Saturday to replace former Rep. Cedric Richmond, who left the House to join the Biden administration, giving Democrats an additional seat in their narrow lead in the House.

“I will wake up every day with you on my mind, on my heart, and I will work for you tirelessly,” Carter told supporters in his acceptance speech.”The work begins tomorrow.”

Carter defeated fellow state Senator Karen Carter Peterson in a 55.2% to 44.8% vote, according to The Washington Post.

The two state senators received the top vote counts in a special election held in March to succeed Rep. Cedric Richmond. Richmond resigned to serve as President Joe Biden’s White House director of public engagement.

The race required a runoff since neither candidate earned at least 50 percent of the vote.

After Carter joins the House, Democrats will hold a 219 to 212 majority over Republicans. Four additional vacancies remain that will include future special elections.

Peterson had sought to become the first Black woman to represent the district. “I’m wishing Sen. Carter well as he represents Louisiana in Washington. I will keep fighting every day for our communities, our people, and the progressive change we need,” Carter Peterson wrote on Twitter.

Carter appeared ready for action following her win. “I bounced out of bed ready to go to church, overwhelmed with joy and the magnitude of where I am, a place I’ve dreamed of. Now I have the opportunity to do the things I’ve committed to do. I take it very seriously,” Carter said Sunday at New Zion Baptist Church, which celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Some argued the win shows Democrats oppose the more radical agenda of “woke” politics represented by Peterson. Local New Orleans media noted her campaign “ran as a problem-solving Democrat who is willing to work with independents and Republicans.”

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Roseie (@guest_1227369)
1 year ago

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Rosalinda (@guest_1227480)
Reply to  Roseie
1 year ago

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guevos ardientes (@guest_1227516)
Reply to  Rosalinda
1 year ago

we dont listen to anyone who listens to biden.

Margaret (@guest_1227922)
Reply to  guevos ardientes
1 year ago

No person should listen to Biden, he is not sane, has dementia,has had for awhile. Obama is running his third term, Biden is is window dressing. They knew when he ran he was lost, not his fault, the disease is not choosy. There are several people in on what is being done

M (@guest_1228696)
Reply to  Margaret
1 year ago

I agree. Obama us the shadow president and has Biden collared and jerking his chain. His wife and family should be ashame to allow such abuse to an disabled elderly. The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil. Satan is running rampant in America’s House

Kathy (@guest_1229454)
Reply to  guevos ardientes
1 year ago

Bravo!! I agree

mikemm (@guest_1227376)
1 year ago

any democrat in the house needs to be ousted and brought to trial for treason and hopefully execution if they are found guilty.

rb (@guest_1227443)
Reply to  mikemm
1 year ago

It was the Republican members who supported the attack of pur Capitol

guevos ardientes (@guest_1227507)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

only in your indoctrinated tds afflicted mind/ you moron. it was infiltrated by antifa thugs and blm minded dummierats. you are the sorriest bunch of liars that the devil has wrought on earth. thank god 2022 and 2024 justice will be done. i guess all the demonrat backed destruction on innocent people and our cities is ok with you????? oh didnt cnn tell you??????

doodles (@guest_1227613)
Reply to  guevos ardientes
1 year ago

As a child, I lived in Bossier City, Louisiana, back then the people were not so misinformed and gullible as to believe, let alone vote for another, Democrat.

Pollty (@guest_1227536)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

Lying only make you look stupid and the fool that you are

GARY (@guest_1227680)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

more lies from redcoat commie like you

M (@guest_1228700)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

It is the Democrats supporting and allowing BLM a Marxist group and Antifa a bunch of paid cowards who hide behind a rag to destroy our history and communities and includes Kamala Harris. I guess that is rewarding. Nithing more than domestic terrorist

Vietnam vet (@guest_1228854)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

Hey RB……………………………..BS.!

Linda (@guest_1227386)
1 year ago

Louisiana must have been sleeping through out the past 30 t0 40 years ….. all the crap the demon rats are putting America through they voted another demon rat into office !!!!! What to hell is wrong with these idiots ??? I guess Louisiana wants communism in their state … note to self DON’T move to or even vacation in Louisiana !!!!

M (@guest_1228703)
Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

Who are sure the people voted?

American Michael (@guest_1227388)
1 year ago

One Turd replaces another Turd in the septic tank is not news in my book

James (@guest_1227394)
1 year ago

Every dog has it’s day and democrats will howl at the moon soon.

Marsha Smith (@guest_1227453)
1 year ago

People of Louisiana,. Keep your eyes AND ears open. You will find out very early if your new (D) wants to represent you or if he just wantsvto be a puppet for Pelosi and the Communists.
If he will not represent YOU, then do a RE-CALL ELECTION until you get someone who will represent YOU !!!!

GOEVOS ARDIENTES (@guest_1227514)
1 year ago


Karen (@guest_1227545)
1 year ago

Yep, that’s what they say. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all the way back to the Civil War have always voted for Democrats and I’m gonna vote the same way. It’s a family tradition to vote Democrat and I ain’t breaking the family tradition.

James Diehl (@guest_1227657)
1 year ago

I was really hoping that Biden and Harris were going to be replaced with two hamsters and a gerbil. They would be much better!

AltAlt (@guest_1227698)
1 year ago

Absolutely grotesque comments, but right up the UnAmerican Digest alley.

Katydid (@guest_1227951)
1 year ago

Sorry for you Louisiana. You let a fox in the henhouse.



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