May 24, 2022

Dem senator upset over Biden’s Afghan evacuations

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal expressed his anger over the Biden administration’s stalled efforts to evacuate U.S. allies from Afghanistan.

“I am deeply dissatisfied, in fact, downright upset with the lagging laggard efforts in evacuating Afghan allies from that country,” Blumenthal said, according to Fox News.

“I have heard nothing that reassures me that the pace or intensity will increase,” he added.

A group of 18 Republican senators also sent a letter to the chairs of the Armed Services Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee over the matter.

“It is imperative that a portion of this joint hearing be open to the public so that American families and all impacted by the botched withdrawal can hear directly from secretaries Blinken and Austin,” they wrote.

“We understand the importance of also having a closed portion of this hearing to discuss sensitive or classified information but cannot allow this opportunity to pass without ensuring that the American people get answers from the Biden administration,” the letter added.

The growing frustrations reveal that months after leaving Afghanistan, the U.S. continues to struggle to deal with what took place under Biden’s failed leadership.

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