August 1, 2021

Dem Senate leader says GOP objections will not stop Dem agenda

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Democrats will not let Republicans’ objections keep their agenda from going forward, according to Breitbart News.

On Thursday’s broadcast of CBS’ “Late Show,” the Senate leader said that while they are planning to give republicans “a chance” to put measures on the floor “if they vote no, like they did on the ARP, we cannot let that stop us.”

“What unites our caucus, from one end to the other, is we need big, bold change. The question is, how to go about getting it done. What’s the preference? That Republicans join us, that maybe what they did in ARP is no longer the case. 

“And we’ll give them a chance, we’ll put things on the floor. Because there are a number of my colleagues who say, let’s give them a chance. But if they vote no, like they did on the ARP, we cannot let that stop us.”

He added, “Our caucus is going to come together and figure out the best way to get change, but failure is not an option. Change we must.”

Schumer said that the next budget bill to pass through the Senate will likely be President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan which combines a dramatic increase in infrastructure spending and green climate considerations, according to Breitbart

Schumer and his party seem to be flying in the face of their own ethics when insisting that their agenda will move forward without Republican support. 

Due to the massively partisan nature of the Senate in the days after former President, Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats insisted that they should be considered in the Senate, even without the majority. That conclusion seems to have now fallen to the wayside.

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60 Responses

    1. Everything the Dems try needs to be blocked in court….file lawsuits against dem legislation and exec orders by the ton…

      1. Amen they keep breaking the laws in our Constitution they should not be allowed to do that. If it where the republicans they would try them for being tyrants. Why hasn’t anyone gone after the demoncrats for their corruption? They are traitors and tyrants and should be tried for their high crimes.

    2. In other words, either agree and vote with them or not, they’ll do it anyway. I wish someone on the Democratic side would grow a pair and vote against them.


  2. Once upon a time we had a constitution that said we the PEOPLE. Next it will say WE THE DemocRATS. If the DemocRATS hate this country so much, there is nothing that is holding them here. Pack your bgs and GET GOING.

    1. “If the election is fair?” That’s the problem, Sean. I seriously doubt we’ll ever have another fair election! The Democrats have learned how to cheat and get away with it….even something as important as electing the leader of our country! Even worse, we have a Supreme Court that REFUSES to even listen to PROOF of their cheating, when we have “Absolute Proof” shown in a video by Michael Lindell. (The Pillow Man.) Every single vote is shown in that video…who made it, where it was made, and even the time it was made! Still, we are forced to accept a demented illegal president, who is totally destroying our country every day that he is in office! I greatly fear that America is fast on it’s way to SELF destruction, just as Russia once warned us.

      1. Like i been saying we need to start loading are guns and take this country back that the only thing these a–hole knows. They already said that no matter what anyone say they are going to do what they want people wake-up now and get ready to fight!!!!

    2. Sean Richman: you used an oxymoron in your response: voting and fair: under the godless commycratdemocratic party those are two words that can never be used in the same sentence.

  3. SCREWMER better watch how far he goes as the American People are NOT happy with the sorry policies of the Democrats so far. Sooner or later the American People WILL take charge for sure. The American People want this nation to survive and see now the destructive nature of the Democrat party. Walk softly Schumer and Pelosi—YOU too Biden…

  4. Schumer should realize that what goes around comes around. If 2022 turns into a republican win in the house and senate, he is in for big trouble. I hope that happens and these ignorant fools get what is coming to them.

    1. Exactly, many here commenting do NOT seem to realize THAT, as they “think” they can “fix” this with “voting in 2022”, they just don’t GET IT….I was told that I have a low IQ for saying what you just said, while it’s more likely the other way around….They are all vast asleep/dreaming….

  5. Schumer, we really don’t need you anymore! You have no idea what your crap is going to do to this country!
    You can’t be an American for freedom and vote for your crap! It STINKS!!!

  6. OK Senator Schumer, you have had your say of what you will do to stop/delay any Bill. Follow through and use all the rules at your disposal and if it takes 22 hours a day to get through a Bill, take and KEEP everyone in the room for 22 hours. But I don’t really think you have the will to do so.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP in DC and DEMAND NANCY PELOSI BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE ABUSE OF POWER! Can we seriously sit back, do nothing, and allow this vile, evil person to continue her senior role in destroying our country and stripping us little by little of our constitutional rights?

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

    1. I won’t call because my Reps are nothing but Rino’s and useless. We have a couple of good ones running in 2022 and I hope and pray they win.

  8. Every time the democrats do something that conservatives do not agree with, the people who voted for them think it’s great. Let’s see what they think when the tax increase come around, they say no tax for people under fourhundredthousand anybody what to bet they change their minds, like they have done about every thing else. AOC will be getting her taxes of 75% of our pay check like she wants. You who voted to put the democrats in office are getting what you voted for.

  9. I’d like to know what Joe Biden holds a pen in his hand as he speaks? Is this a security item like a baby holds a blanket.? Can’t wait to hear how this border crisis is taking its toll on the media employees personal life. What is going on hurts us all. No one citizen is immune to this disaster caused by Biden and the demos. When will they wake up?

  10. Demonrats think they can ram thru any law they want they’re crazy! Who will they get to enforce them! Can they put 80/100 million Patriots in prison? I would not make book on that. We Americans are free,armed and willing and able to resist any force they could possibly muster. Let the War for freedom start ,we are ready. We won the last one with muskets! This one wont take that long.

  11. Oh you certainly have made change, Schumer. You’re disgrace to your country to your very Jewishness and you certainly wouldn’t know what yiddishkite is! You are fortunately not part of my family so I don’t need to disown you. Just know that if you were part of my family you wouldn’t just be disowned. To me, you would be less than dirt! Our country, no thanks to this current administration, is going to implode with you, Biden, Harris and Pelosi at its so-called head. What a travesty! What a disgrace! What a laughing stock of the world!

  12. The demonrats have exposed themselves and their corruption because they really really think they are in power, stupid is as stupid does and they are really really stupid!!!

  13. Shumschmucker can sh1t in his hat !! REAL REPUBLICANS will NEVER let the DEMONRATS win at ANYTHING (unless the CHEAT, LIE and STEAL it !!)

    1. Problem is that we don’t have enough real Republicans that represent us, until sane sensible Republicans are elected we will remain at the bottom of the list for everything. We have 2 Ladies running come 2022 and I am voting for both of them and get rid of the Rino’s.

  14. I fear the Conservatives will continue to get dumped upon until they get off their butts and protest the same way BLM AND ALL THE REST have done and let these politicians realize WE THE PEOPLE are serious that we will NOT
    continue to let the left , Demoncrats, continue to destroy our Country ! we can’t afford to wait until 2022 to vote them out, they have already started putting into place new rules regarding voting that will make sure Republicans never obtain a majority and continue to lose seats in the House and Senate.

    1. the Democrat’s open the border so they will have them to vote for them oh no did i say that was cheating hell yeah i did

  15. Instead of calling it the Democratic party it should be renamed what it really is – THE DEMOCRATIC NAZI PARTY

    1. it’s not the Democrat party it’s Obama’s party he is having a good time messing up this country it’s his thied term he always wanted

  16. Agree with all posts! We need to demand Piglosi, screwmer, Biden and th ho be impeached, removed from office and charged with treason! Come on people, fight back!!!!

    ( – One of the biggest stories mainstream media tried to sweep under the rug during the 2020 election season was about Hunter Biden (the president’s son) and his suspect dealings in Ukraine and China. It was alleged that he used his influence with his father — who was the vice president at the time of the deals — to broker meetings with him and agents of the foreign government. It’s a story that the bigwigs in Hollywood would steer clear from since they’re cut from the same Progressive cloth as the Democrats, but that type of relationship doesn’t exist with some Irish filmmakers. Producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have named the movie “My Son Hunter” because, as McAleer puts it: “somebody had to tell this story… about some of the most powerful people in the country. He went on to say he asked himself whether the story about the Biden’s was one about a crime family and came to the conclusion “I think it is, from the research we were doing.” That’s an audacious claim to make about the President of the United States and his relations, and only time will tell if it is a bombshell or a bust.

  18. Best places for chuck schumer is six feet of dirt! His mouth and long nose look like the witch in wizard of oz. ALREADY broken so many of the Constitution laws. But the GOP are to dam coward to throw it in his face! It going to take a CIVIL WAR TO TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY! MILITARY GENERAL CAN GET OUT IF THE WAY. EVEN THE POLICE need to make a choice! They ALREADY are trying to DESTORY the CONSTITUTION LAWS! And the second amendment give US THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM BY FORCE! THEY ARE CALL THE TYRANNY GOVERNMENT. WHICH MEANS THEY ARE OUR ENEMY!

  19. New Zealand had to come forward and admit that Coronavirus was nothing more than a propaganda campaign to steal an election! No one died in New Zealand of Coronavirus no matter what lies the media states! It is pretty much the same thing here in America but now that the Election has been stolen they are using Coronavirus to try to keep us from peacefully protesting the government! Everyone stop wearing the masks and take your rights back from the Demo RAT scam artists!!!!!

  20. OK GOP Unite & take down Chucky Schumer & allies
    Single action wont do it
    Unite & take down & have we voters on your 6
    Actions speak louder & Dems cant hear anyway

  21. I live in a blue state Oregon, and all our elected officials including Portland’s mayor are sh_t bags. Our 2 senators and representatives have done nothing for our citizens and small businesses. Yet they will be re-elected because of our stupid voters. Wyden has been too worried about his wife’s family book store. Merkley hides like a dog. The governor can’t make a decision until the governor of washington and california make another one of their stupid decisions. It’s a sad situation.

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