August 19, 2022

Dem Rep. says border crisis is out of control

Despite mounting evidence of deteriorating conditions at the southern border amid a record-setting influx of migrants, President Joe Biden said last week that his administration has “gotten control” of the situation, but that claim has since attracted significant pushback from a prominent member of his own party.

As Breitbart reports, Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar said bluntly in a podcast released on Thursday that “the border is not under control” and accused the Biden administration of attempting to disguise the truth of the situation by moving unaccompanied youth “from one tent to another tent.”

Cuellar’s comments came during an interview on the Fox News Rundown program, and the congressman brought starting candor to his criticism of the administration’s response to the escalating disaster, explaining:

So basically, when they’re saying that the border’s under control, I mean, I think down in the valley, which I represent part of that, getting 2,000 to 2,500 people a day, 15% of it being unaccompanied kids and then maybe 36, 37% family unites, and then 49% or so single adults with those large numbers, I would say that, with all due respect, the border is not under control.

Blasting the administration’s recent attempts to re-frame the situation in a more favorable light, Cuellar said, “Now, I will say they’re doing a better job moving the unaccompanied kids from one tent to another tent. What do I mean by that? Well, as you know, the focus was on the Border Patrol Donna center, the tent that they had there,” adding:

What the administration has done now is just set up some tents next door and they’re run by [Health and Human Services]. So they just move the kids from one tent to another tent, from the Border Patrol tend to the HHS tent and say, oh, we’re handling better.

Perhaps even more surprising than Cuellar’s damning assessment of the administration’s handling of its detention facilities are his thoughts about what policy decisions led to the crisis in the first place, even suggesting that some of former President Donald Trump’s immigration initiatives should have been retained by Biden.

“To say that the whole system was broken down, I would disagree. I mean, I disagreed with some of the policies that President Trump had like separating the kids from their families,” Cuellar said, but he also added, “The MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocols Program, I think that one, instead of just getting rid of that, I think we should have repurposed that.”

In an apparent critique of the administration’s push to focus on fashiong new diplomatic agreements to address mass migration’s “root causes,” Cuellar continued, “…even the agreements we had with Central America and Mexico that got taken away and now they’re trying to do something else, trying to reach some sort of agreement. We should not have gotten rid of those agreements. We should have repurposed those agreements.”

This is not the first time Rep. Cuellar has put a spotlight on the chaos resulting from Biden’s open-borders stance, as back in March, he released shocking photos of the conditions inside a Texas detention facility that drew widespread attention to the unfolding humanitarian tragedy.

President Biden seems to believe he can continue to deflect and dodge the need for real solutions to the nation’s immigration crisis, but it is heartening to know that there as at least one high-profile Democrat who is willing to hold his feet to the fire.

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Bruce Walters (@guest_1243791)
1 year ago

The Trump administration had the border situation well under control until Biden came along and made his stupid invitation. No the border is nothing but chaos, and Biden is trying to blame his screw up in Trump. Even Kamel-Toe refused to go down to the border, because it is a no win situation. Bring back Trump, he will fix Biden’s screw up

Kevin (@guest_1244051)
Reply to  Bruce Walters
1 year ago

Bidens administration is totally corrupt and incompetent. Personally I believe they want this chaotic border to get back at 50 percent of American who voted for Trump’s securing the border
He’s such a pissy Limp wristed obama type. Bidens biggest problem is he’s old, decrepit and a full on reprobate individual.

L (@guest_1244081)
Reply to  Kevin
1 year ago

BIDEN is an IDIOT….. that’s his problem….He’s an IDIOT and needs to be IMPEACHED immediately….They need to continue to build the WALL and send all the illegal aliens back across the border….

Jim C (@guest_1244099)
Reply to  L
1 year ago


sturgis (@guest_1244454)
Reply to  Jim C
1 year ago

obozo joe is not leading the country! It’s obumer and the rest of the critical race theorists!

Dale Livingston (@guest_1243793)
1 year ago

Democraps are a failure.

John Galt (@guest_1243795)
1 year ago

Bidet is senile and a liar. Anyone who believes him is an idiot.

marlene (@guest_1243901)
Reply to  John Galt
1 year ago

I so agree the whole BIDEN family CORRUPT as hell…..He is the one who told them to come if he was elected!!!! But then again the liar was not elected…So sick of those CORRUPT DEMOCRATS…….America is going down the tube and no one is doing a damn thing about it including the CORRUPT JUDGES…………..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Kevin Brislawn (@guest_1244054)
Reply to  John Galt
1 year ago

Ohbiteme the biggest stupidest Dildocrat ever

John Allender (@guest_1243805)
1 year ago

Biden and his army of commies are getting their way with the help of mainstream media. We need to hold mainstream media accountable to tell the truth. Our fellow Americans are suffering from Biden’s idiotic policies.

Wyatt (@guest_1243822)
Reply to  John Allender
1 year ago

Nd glorod Luck with that ! Very few in today’s media are likely to report any truth regardin conservative . They are to busy smoozing democrats and liberals in their quest for personal fame and glory .

Robert (@guest_1243808)
1 year ago

Biden just can not handle it He needs to taken out of the Presentcy

Bill (@guest_1243859)
Reply to  Robert
1 year ago

I agree, sleepy joe was never presidatial material. Even before his illigitamate win against trump. Get rid of this clown and put the real winner back in his rightful place. The corruption in our government is unacceptable.

Dan (@guest_1243809)
1 year ago

Americans will be forming migrant caravans headed for Mexico and more southern countries soon.

Jim (@guest_1243811)
1 year ago


WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?



HARRIS is guilty of violating 18US Code 2381 Treason, 18 US Code 2382 Misprision of Treason, 18US Code 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection, 18 US Code 2384 Seditious Conspiracy and 18 US CODE 2385 Advocating Overthrow of Government!

Democrats want to legalize anarchy and ban law and order.

Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Members of the House

Members of the Senate



camille (@guest_1243887)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

Thank God our congressman has a conscience and can be honest in depicting the sordid conidtion at the border. The only request Ihave is fix it. Forget about any other projects. This a Piority

Patriot1490 (@guest_1243826)
1 year ago

Is Nancy still hot for an impeachment? She should be, the Biden Administration is collapsing and she now has a real candidate for being yanked out of office.
In fact, she has a whole bunch that should not only be impeached but tried for treason. By the way, could she indict herself, or will someone else have to do it to make it legal, Not that legal means anything to her, even if just for appearance’s sake,

Brigit (@guest_1243828)
1 year ago

Biden is the worst president EVER.

Rita Downey (@guest_1243839)
1 year ago

Huge thanks to Rep. Cuellar for taking this stand! I do believe we have found and heard from a man who just wants fairness for Americans and to do what is right! God bless you, sir!!

BC (@guest_1243872)
1 year ago

Biden—Take his brain out, Put it in a humming bird and it will suck a mules BUTT for a flower!! FACT!!! Roll the Biden brain in a ball, put it in a Mustard seed and it will roll around like a BB in a Basketball!! He is not the village IDIOT but the Country IDIOT! How did the Democrats pick this stupid FOOL? The Man and his Ho are NOT ignorant because ignorance means you don’t know or understand—They are both STUPID and as Ron White says–You cannot fix STUPID!! All Bone Head Biden will succeed at is destroying most of what is good about this country!! Lets all join together and stop these FOOLS before that happens.

Helen Davis (@guest_1246195)
Reply to  BC
1 year ago

I agree, Impeach the idiot.

camille (@guest_1243884)
1 year ago

Thank God our congressman has a conscience and can be honest in depicting the sordid conidtion at the border. The only request Ihave is fix it. Forget about any other projects. This a Piority

Sean Richman (@guest_1243894)
1 year ago

China joey is nothing more than a programed liar for the PRC.

Billy (@guest_1243912)
1 year ago

Democrat’s lieing all the way letting in more illegals and criminals . Who does Joe think he is fooling? They have caused more problems with his little pen than even Obama with his. We as a nation need to refuse to pay for their mistake, costing millions to pay their way . How about the DNC paying for all the free stuff Joe is giving the Illegals.

Pollty (@guest_1243928)
1 year ago

Democrats alwAys cause chaos

Mike (@guest_1243983)
1 year ago

The whole Biden administration is nothing but a lie. It’s a do nothing chaos organization. They keep saying that they aren’t like previous presidents by taking children from their parents. Hell their parents sold them to the cartels they came across the border with no parents . So no body previously ripped any children from their parents . These parents don’t give chit about these kids

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1244064)
1 year ago

Open border rhetoric during the democratic primary so what else did they expect would happen. This is exactly what they expected too happen and wanted to happen. Sorry lowlife democrat tactics.

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1244067)
1 year ago

Ironic isn’t when democrat politicians pretend to care about children and at the same time promote abortion. Two faced SOB’s.

Totally disgusted (@guest_1244290)
1 year ago

This administration must think that the people of this country are idiots,nobody believes that the border crisis is under control especially when you have this administration ignoring the problem

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1244428)
1 year ago

Prevaricators always seem to spring their own self set traps. Pinocchio plays second fiddle to the wood democrats are producing.

Tom Brown (@guest_1244482)
1 year ago

joe and the ho are really too stupid to know what to do about the border.. they listen to traitor demented pelosi, hussein obama and old demented soros, because he has tons of money…..The ENTIRE world knows the crisis at the border is out of control….

Stephen Russell (@guest_1244491)
1 year ago

He sees the Light & do other Dems see it too? IE Mod Dems.
OK DC wake up more

IlliniGuy (@guest_1244567)
1 year ago

More and more chaos and disruption of true Americans. BLM, antifa and racist accusations to divide the country’s values is in step with the perfect Marxist theories for government takeover. It fits perfectly with the AntiChrist Biden and Satanist lust for complete power over all Americans. Satanism is the latest religion of the democrats.

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1 year ago

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