May 14, 2021

Dem Rep. ratchets up pressure on Justice Breyer to retire

Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) called on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire during a Friday interview on Cheddar TV with J.D. Durkin, according to Breitbart News.

According to Jones, the Supreme Court should have learned their lesson from the late Justice Ruth Badder Ginsburg who died during the Trump administration: 

 “Many Democrats say perhaps Justice Ginsburg should have considered retiring while President Obama was still in [power],” Durkin said. “Should Justice Breyer retire while Joe Biden is commander-in-chief?” 

“There’s no question that Justice Breyer, for whom I have great respect, should retire at the end of this term,” Jones replied. 

“My goodness, have we not learned our lesson? I’m really excited about the opportunity for President Biden to appoint and then for the Senate to confirm jurists on the Supreme Court who are not hostile to our democracy, adjudicate cases that will protect preserve voting rights, and respect the will of Congress.” 

Breyer was nominated by former President Bill Clinton in May of 1994 and has served on the nation’s high court for over a quarter of a century. 

The Supreme Court saw three new justices nominated by former President Donald Trump, with one seat now housing a justice with a massive ideological change from its former occupant. 

Those changes moved the majority firmly toward the right, something that isn’t sitting well with Democrats, especially considering their tenuous grip on power in the two houses of congress.

The current concern with the Supreme Court is that if President Joe Biden doesn’t win a second term, which some consider unlikely, that provides even more of a window for a conservative to put in right-leaning jurists.

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50 Responses

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      1. Agreed and he has no business requesting Breyer retire, purely to accommodate a democratic need.

    1. Breyer shouldn’t retire until hes ready, never mind the Dems urging him to. He has a lifetime appointment and he’s still alive and alert. Dems need to leave him alone.

      1. He more Alive, both Mentally & Physically Fit when compared to the Inept team Biden & Harris. Biden knows Nothing & Harris laughs at everything, even the Birder Crisis.

    2. “My goodness, have we not learned our lesson? I’m really excited about the opportunity for President Biden to appoint and then for the Senate to confirm jurists on the Supreme Court who are not hostile, (Oh, you mean, hostile, like yourself, when you are prevented from encouraging blatant voter fraud)? to our democracy, (Were you referring to the newly created dictatorship, that you helped to devise) adjudicate cases that will protect preserve voting rights,(Most real citizens believe in preserving the rights of voting by having even the slightest possibility of fraud removed) and respect the will of Congress.”(This last bit of froth, is a real point of contention with many, free, actual citizens of this country, because we believe you have it backwards, the Congress serves, The Will of the People, not the opposite. Having a country run by the will of Congress, leads to none other than a 2-bit dictatorship, which I am certain, you and the entire Democrat Communist Party is in total agreement with because you are on the road to creating that very thing……Which I am sure our framers might have suggested that you be burned at the stake….. If I were alive at that time in our history I would have purchased front row seats in the orchestra pit……….I’m not judging, I’m just saying to remind you and your ilk, of how we conservatives view how special you are…………..

  2. You really mean a judge who doesn’t make decisions based on his or her FEELINGS and followes precident and the rule of law?

    1. Hasn’t the Democrats done enough of destroying Our Country ? They’ve destroyed our Economy for years to come! Putting Immigrants above Our Citizens who needs help with the Coronavirus relief and Educating Our Children ! This is Horrendous! ……….. If they want to be so Generous Take it Out Of Their Paycheck! Tax Themselves and Their Savings and Profits they’ve Saved all Their Lives!! The American People are Living Paycheck To Paycheck! Just one Wrong Move Their On The Streets! What about Putting Some Of That Money in To Social Security That They’ve Depleted Because Of All Their Bleeding Heart Agendas! ……. If They didn’t have All the Loopholes maybe Social Security wouldn’t been Depleted ……………….. See How Many Immigrants They Are Willing.. To Let Everyone Into Our Country!! If They Have To Pay For It !! ….. I’m Tired Of Supporting Everyone Through Taxes !! Help Americans First !

  3. First of all this isn’t grade school where you can be a bully to get what you want. Second, you aiming at the wrong one. I can name at least one other I would like to see go. Now grow up and follow the Constitution, that which you swore to protect, and do something FOR America, not your pocketbook.

      1. Gary, Well, first it was Jews, then it was Christians. Then it was back to Jews again and then Christians again, now with the addition of “Chinamen”……In the immortal words of one of one of California’s most honored spokesmen, Rodney King…., “Can’t we all just get along”??

  4. That’s the last thing the country needs is more corupt Democrats in control.they support criminals, blm Marist and illegals and aiming to run the country as dictators as communist china does its people.

  5. Justice Beyer should not resign. If Biden has the chance to appoint another justice the supreme court will be in bigger trouble. Just look at the Biden cabinet and all the executive orders that he has signed (or who signed for him).What has he done for the good of our country????? NOTHING

    1. Biden will only be replacing a liberal with a liberal.! Clinton appointed Beyer. The left won’t gain an opinion they’ll only replace a liberal with a liberal..

  6. If the Democrats dictate their demands to the Supreme Court, kiss the USA goodbye as a free country. The illegals will stop coming due the fact that where ever they are now is better than the USA is going to become.
    The illegals will walk into a shooting civil war.

  7. Many people get wiser with age, democrats have not evolved to that stage yet. Even Neanderthals had a bulb that shed some light with age.

    1. At least Neanderthals were thinking hominids. That is better than being left of center that don’t think at all chimpanzees. If no one left of center can think, who is going to lead. We see what the greatest leader on the left has accomplished, he has single handedly created the greatest crisis in the history of the country. if this is all they have on the left, heaven help us we are all doomed.

  8. Hopefully Breyer won’t let them bully him into retiring. If he is, even at his age, healthy and loves what he is doing, then he should stay. Age is a number only, and even someone a lot younger can suddenly drop dead from heart trouble or whatever. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!

  9. If Beyer retires that will give the opening that biden is wanting to put Obama on the courts position which he should not be aloud to do

  10. I think it is interesting that the Democrats want to remove one of their staunchest allies in the Supreme Court and in their zeal they are degrading Justice Beyer. I think Justice Beyer should consider the actions of the Democrat Party as adversarial and act accordingly!

  11. I keep on hearing the leftist politicians complain of voter suppression. And not one time have they pointed to any actual facts. If a person can cash a welfare check then they certainly have I.D. to use for voting. And if they also are able to cash that check then they certainly can travel to a voting precinct. How illiterate are the democrat voters?

    1. Some are so ignorant, that after they get to the voter station, show their ID, and vote, they still believe this garbage. Now how illiterate is that.

  12. For anyone that has seen Biden on TV lately we all know he isn’t going to make it through the first term never mind a second term. The last thing this country needs is Kommula nominating judges. We don’t need a bigger Supreme Court of more Left leaning judges. We just need less Leftists in government in general.

    1. ABSOLUTELY! THEY ARE JUST AS CORRUPT AS THE LIB-TARD DUMMYRATS. A revolution that eliminates both corrupt political parties is the only way this will stop and return the country to the CITIZENS, not subjects!!

  13. RETIRE AT THE “END OF HIS TERM?????” Since when did SCOTUS JUSTICES have a defined term; and are they not supposed to interpret Constitutional law rather than “DO THE WILL OF CONGRESS” on whom SCOTUS is, CONSTITUTIONALLY established to be a main check and balance to a runaway Congressional and Executive branch???

  14. What do you mean if Biden wins a second term? He didn’t even win a first term. Of course if the people behind all this election fraud want him to have a second term then he will have a second term. What the people in this country wants don’t matter anymore. Your vote don’t count.

  15. Kamal toe Harris will be given the presidency before Biteme even finishes his first term. Probably before the end of 2021.

  16. Democrats are our enemy! True enemy of America and everything we stand for and everything good.

  17. Beyer will retire when HE is ready and JONES needs ti keep his PIE HOLE SHUT!! He can however take his own advice and Haul A$$ himself!! Sure we can do with one less loud mouth in congress!!

  18. The Democrats act like gangsters telling Supreme Court justices to quit. So Democrats can get there way to ruin this country. Every thing they touch is a disgrace. From trafficking people to holding the Americans hostage. There evil criminals. They will destroy us all for power. There insane. And the worlds watching.

  19. This lady has no clue about separation of powers. Justices are not appointed to ‘respect the will of Congress’. They are appointed to check and balance against the will of Congress.

  20. The Democrat Party needs to be permanently banned from US Politics. The Democrat Party is a Clear and Present Danger to Freedom, Liberty, Religions, the US Constituion and the free American way of life! The Democrat Party is out of touch with relity and does not represent what the Founders created this Nation for! The Democrat Part is full blown Communist! They are Scum! The Democrats are destroying the United States of America!

  21. Sure Biden will win a second term. All they have to do is rig the computer count machines again! A Democrat in the oval office is all but guaranteed by the swamp rats running this banana republic.

  22. Republicans talking about 2022 & 2024 Ruplicans will TAKE BACK the House Senate and presidency we HOPE SO? DEMOGOBLINS are doing everything P.TRUMP said they would do at lightning speed! Immigrants flooding our border people from over 55 countries are coming through! Washington D.C. & Puerto Rico becoming states?? EXPANDING the SUPREME COURT’ putting In four more jurists

  23. You people that want Breyer to retire aren’t very smart or you would know our country isn’t a democracy but a republic. There is a difference. Breyer is appointed for life not for some liberals to push him out be cause they know better than the Constitution.

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