June 25, 2021

Dem Rep. caught paying himself thousands from congressional committee coffers

Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-NY) used money from his Congressional campaign committee to pay himself $37,860 in rent since January 2020, according to a report by the New York Post.

The Post noted, “On Jan. 2, 2020, the three-term Democrat dropped $19,500 on ‘office rent’ to a company called Ruvo Realty LLC. Another $18,360 rent payment was made on Jan. 19, 2021, FEC records show.

“The payments work out to $1,625 a month in 2020 and $1,530 in 2021.”

Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia, told the Post, “It’s absolutely not good. You shouldn’t use running for office or serving in office to enrich yourself in any form. Trump was a master of this.”

Sabato later added, “lots of things are legal that aren’t right.”

Report Door noted, “A sign on the door for unit 305 gives no indication of its affiliation with the Congressman beyond a small white placard bearing the letters TRS — Thomas Richard Suozzi’s initials.”

Suozzi won against challenger George Santos in November when he stated, “Our nation faces tremendous challenges and the division is distracting us from accomplishing our goals.”

Suozzi added, “I will work to try and bridge the divide and address the COVID pandemic, our unstable economy, the climate crisis and the need to rebuild our middle class.”

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47 Responses

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      1. You were reported to the IRS!! They are expecting your tax return to show that WHOPPING income you CLAIM you are making!!! You are on the hook for lots of $$$$$ in taxes!!!!! 😎

    2. Would you please STOP putting this stupid comment on everything that pops up. It has nothing to do with this issue. Are you mentally ill or something.

      1. AMEN to that, Gary. I get to where I skip the first few “comments” following the articles, simply because they are propaganda for a “get-rich-quick” scheme, written by paid flunkies.

      2. Scammers don’t have real honest work so they need to prey on those who think they will get rich working from home. None of these schemes work and only make those who are promoting them pocket money from suckers who fall for their line of get rich quick programs.

        1. They are reported to IRS!!! If they DON’T pay their taxes accordingly, they will be dealt with!!! The IRS is not very forgiving!!! 😎

    1. Really, I can’t think of an honest Demonrat. And I don’t say that with any degree of disrespect. It’s just that they have been so dishonest for so long that it is a way of life for them.

      1. Gary ,
        It does seem odd that so often when you hear of a politician caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar, that almost every time it is a Democrat ! Also when they are caught with their pants or panties down , it is most often a Democrat ! From what I constantly hear , having the panties down could go all the way to the White House.

      2. I think it’s hilarious this guy says Trump is a master at making money off his presidency, when his net worth dropped 1.4 billion dollars. 🤡🤣🤣🤣

      3. i am being serious when i say that i would rather live in a world without politicians, i nwould never ever vote demonrat, i have too much common sense and pride, and can still reason in this upside down soon to be communist land.

    1. No, it isn’t news at all. And you will NEVER hear anything about it from the liberal hack Main Stream Media. The Dems have been corrupt for so long that it is just a way of life for them.

      1. J Cooper ,
        He is not the only one. Moonbeam of California is another.
        Moonbeam has been sucking the public teat since birth. The senator from Utah is yet another. He claims to be a red hat but in reality he is a blue hat ! It stands to reason that he has been living off of the public teat since childhood also.


    1. What did he collect grommet the federal government every time he played golf. I am referring to rooms for secret service etc. It was millions. Open your eyes.

      1. Still not as bad as Obama and mooch who paid her mother for going on trips with her and their fake daughters, took several family members to Europe all on tax payer money, Biden is a whole other story when it comes to shady deals.

  3. Yeah he got caught red-handed and a smoking gun, but nothing will be done until at least 2022 when the Republicans take back the House and Senate. Then the Dems will have to sit back and watch the action and won’t be able to do nothing about it. They will get a strong taste of what they dished out.

    1. You had better hope that the Republicans take back Congress. This will require working hard and not vilifying those who don’t agree with you 100%. Let’s widen the party base, not narrow it. Emphasize ideas we can all agree on. Point out the totalitarian actions of the current administration.

    2. I hope you are right. I got fed up with the Democrats when Clinton’s were in office and I played a fool and voted for them Twice. Glad to see The Arrival of Donald J, Trump. Hope he runs in 2024.

  4. When is some Republican with big ones going to ask when or whether the First Crook (Beijing Biden) is going to donate his salary, as Trump did, to a worthy charity. Since he loves vets and the military so much ( I’m being facetious) the Wounded Warrior Project would be appropriate. I am sure all the Dumb Bastards, as he calls all of us, wounded or not, would be most appreciative. Fat chance he will do so. If any one is a dumb bastard, it is his Highness, the Make America Last proponent.
    BTW. Since His Stupidness put off getting out of Afghanistan, he will have blood on his hands for every man that is injured or dies during the extended period.

  5. Every time the corupt Democrats get caught breaking laws and lying they blame trump for their incompetence .

  6. You shouldn’t use “serving in office to enrich yourself in any form. Trump was a master of this” – Who reportedly came out of his presidency a billion dollars poorer than when he went in – and still donated his salary to charity. Could we perhaps get a transcript of Sabato’s comments on the Obama presidency?

  7. ” serving in office to enrich yourself in any form. Trump was a master of this.”

    A Typ. DemonRat…BLAMING Someone Else For Their Faults

  8. Please Lord, can you rush 2024 because AMERICA can’t last long under this Administration!!! Ugh!!!

  9. Just had to use the criminal action of another democrat to take another jab at Trump??? Well Trump may not be perfect but unlike his counterparts in the dnc, he turned down the presidential salary , had the southern border under control, had China saying whoa we better back off, and served notice to the world that we will not be used as a doormat . The democrats decided to destroy all he did and make us the laughing stock of the world.

  10. The crooked leaders will run to the caves and beg for the rocks to cover them in their effort to hide from God. But He will find them.

  11. Really basic salary for Congress is so low they have to steal from election funds for Rent.
    Or didnt Pay 2 play or Nancy didnt like him OR other?
    To both sides?

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