July 27, 2021

Dem Rep. accused of shady handling of stock trades

Former California Democratic Rep. and current congressional candidate Harley Rouda is under investigation after the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) filed a complaint against him on Monday over alleged ethics violations related to stock transactions.

“This is a problem in Congress,” FACT Executive Director Kendra Arnold told the Daily Caller.

“Unfortunately, the public has no way to find out about these transactions until Members report them. They are required to do so in a timely manner by law and, in the case of former Rep. Rouda, this is his second known violation. The rules must be enforced so members take their responsibility to report seriously.”

The Orange County Register reported the complaint concerning “Rouda included the missed transactions — which were valued at less than $45,000 total and didn’t appear to generate much profit for the Rouda family — in a 23-page financial disclosure report he filed in May.”

It added, “Given the circumstances and the relatively low dollar amounts involved, Holman said Rouda is not likely to face fines or criminal penalties for the missed deadlines. Still, Holman noted the trades involved companies Congress is looking to heavily regulate.”

Rouda lost to Republican Michelle Stell in 2020. He is running to retake his seat in 2022.

The issue will like surface again as the candidates increase their attacks leading toward the midterm elections. The financial transactions and his inappropriate filing may return to haunt him in his bid for his former job.

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7 Responses

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