May 23, 2022

Dem lawyer Mark Elias under fire for wanting to revise First Amendment case

Democrat lawyer Marc Elias came under fire on Sunday for calling on the Supreme Court to look at the ruling in New York Times v. Sullivan regarding the freedom of the press.

In a now-deleted tweet, Elias wrote, according to Fox News: “If the media is not going to be pro-democracy, then it probably is time for the courts to revisit New York Times v Sullivan (as conservative lawyers suggest). The case was premised on a role in democracy that the mainstream press seems increasingly disinterested in playing.”

The strong response from social media showed the frustrations with the lawyer’s words. One reader called it “about as close as you can come to saying throw out the 1st Amendment.”

Elias later claimed the now-deleted post was a test.

If so, it may also be a test regarding how liberal media will respond, if at all, to his latest words that would limit freedom of the press. The whole matter seems to use free speech to question free speech as a way to generate noise on the importance of the First Amendment.

Furthermore, the last thing that Democrats want is for the Supreme Court to hold the media accountable by revisiting New York Times v. Sullivan.

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