June 30, 2022

Dem Congresswoman disavows Biden’s promise to end oil industry

Biden continually alienates large swathes of the population in his efforts to score points on Donald Trump, placing Democrat lawmakers in a difficult position.

Case in point, Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D-NM) was forced to publicly stab Biden in the back after he pledged to “transition from the oil industry” during Thursday’s presidential debate.

Small represents a swing district in the third-largest oil-producing state in the union and is facing an uphill battle toward re-election as the Democrat party’s “green” agenda doesn’t win lawmakers any favors in these hard-fought districts.

Biden shocked many of his blue-collar supporters by declaring in the final presidential debate his support for ending the oil industry:

Trump: Would you close down the oil industry?

Biden: I would transition from the oil industry, yes.

Trump: Oh, that’s a big statement.

Biden: It is a big statement.

Moderator Kristen Welker: Why would you do that?

Biden: Because the oil industry pollutes. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry. He won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to the oil industry?

Small hurriedly issued a statement on Twitter criticizing Biden’s position on the matter, pointing out that “demonizing” the oil industry isn’t a good solution to the purported climate issue.

“I disagree with VP Biden’s statement tonight,” Small wrote on Twitter. “Energy is part of the backbone of New Mexico’s economy. We need to work together to promote responsible energy production and stop climate change, not demonize a single industry.”

I will continue to stand up to my party when they’re out of touch with the reality on the ground in #NM02,” she assured her constituents.

Biden has come under fire multiple times over the last several months for his position on energy production in the US, at times claiming he will ban the controversial oil extraction practice of fracking — a massive industry with huge economic implications — and at other times claiming that he would never consider the notion of banning the practice.

Biden’s refusal to commit to an energy position has much of blue-collar America on edge, however, a fact that the Trump campaign hasn’t hesitated to highlight.

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Chuck (@guest_1066186)
1 year ago

Biden is like oil. Very slippery.

Sophie Reinhart (@guest_1066216)
Reply to  Chuck
1 year ago

A total lying mo fo

Robin Andrews (@guest_1066246)
Reply to  Chuck
1 year ago

Hahaha this is very true

Gary m (@guest_1066249)
Reply to  Chuck
1 year ago

This shows you how bad Biden really is, he setup his own son to take the fall, if things fell apart. I can hear Hunter calling daddy help me. He hasn’t figured out that was his daddy that set him up.
That is why Biden claims that he never got any cash from foreign sources. It was paid to Hunters business, laundered thru banks, before Joe ever touch it.

Denise (@guest_1066187)
1 year ago

We finally get oil independence and now Biden and the democrat party want to destroy it. No way.

MB (@guest_1066194)
Reply to  Denise
1 year ago

That is how dumb down the demorat party is
They forgot who put them there instead rather thinking of their own power expansion in the degrees
It is about the agenda, real meat
Not fluff like snowflakes
This is the REAL meat and backbone of this nation
Bye-den forgot the deplorable jobs
He could not even carry one of those rig chains anyway, who is he blabbing for?
Nor will he get his hands dirty to go into the mines for the fear of???

Gary m (@guest_1066259)
Reply to  Denise
1 year ago

It isn’t oil that they want to destroy, it is our way of life. They want to turn the country into a communist [email protected] state over which they will rule. The dems lost all of their [email protected] when they lost the civil war, now they want them back. You can be a dem, but unless you are a politician or an oligarch, you will still be a [email protected] The dems have lost all sibilance of humanity, they have lost their way.

Mike (@guest_1066188)
1 year ago

As Melania walked across the stage at the end of the debate, all hiden Biden could think about was smelling her hair!

Francesca (@guest_1066191)
Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I noticed that too!

Old Ed (@guest_1066193)
Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

Funny, but probably true.

Wil (@guest_1066195)
1 year ago

Biden is a Criminal Mafioso and a traitor to ALL American hold dear.

Danwinright (@guest_1066196)
1 year ago

Dumbocraps are the party of pollution

MikefromTexas (@guest_1066197)
1 year ago

Notice that the democrats will say anything to get reelected? He will stand with Biden and kill the oil industry.

frank (@guest_1066217)
Reply to  MikefromTexas
1 year ago

You are so right they are sick .and dumb If the news are thinking about switching to R to keep rating up it will not work

ajk (@guest_1066198)
1 year ago

If you want to “save America” vote Trump!! Biden – Harris group are hardly waiting to get their “claws” into the destruction of our country!!! MARK MY WORDS!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Elias (@guest_1066253)
Reply to  ajk
1 year ago

Agree with you,vote red and stop the anarchy of the radical left in the Democratic Party.

faithful1228 (@guest_1066199)
1 year ago

vote smart and save our freedom and values – vote straight Republican!!!

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1066209)
Reply to  faithful1228
1 year ago

Already voted straight Republican…Due to the fact I don’t trust swamp rats that pack around fleas with the plague and leave trails of Sh_t where they walk…

Mark A Reiley (@guest_1066202)
1 year ago

At one time Biden fired 100,000 cattle guards in Wyoming and Montana. True story.

CUONG NGUYEN (@guest_1066203)
1 year ago

vote for d.trump

CUONG NGUYEN (@guest_1066206)
1 year ago

Biden is a layer!!

John Ponnex (@guest_1066210)
1 year ago

You mean Liar!

Jimbo (@guest_1066223)
Reply to  John Ponnex
1 year ago

NO. He IS a LAYER LIAR. He will tell one lie on top of another one, then lie and say he didn’t say that, adding another layer to the first lie.

James A. (@guest_1066207)
1 year ago

If America is to dumb to see that the Democrat Party is Evil and for sale and they will destroy America then we deserve what we get!

John Ponnex (@guest_1066212)
Reply to  James A.
1 year ago

We don’t deserve to be controlled by the liberal agenda just because a bunch of illiterate fools vote for them. That is why we have an electoral college to protect us from that. We will only get that if Biden is elected which will never happen even if he lives to be 1,000! THANK GOD!

John Ponnex (@guest_1066208)
1 year ago

Biden is so lost and far out on the left along with his families scandal he should go down in flames and crash and burn so to speak. Bye Bye Biden!

William E. Gordon, Sr, USAF, (Ret) (@guest_1066211)
1 year ago

Biden has been a disgrace to our country since he was born–as i see it. Maybe we should send him to Russia-China-or maybe Cuba–He is a complete commie stupid commie.

Ray (@guest_1066215)
1 year ago

The problem with Smalls comment is that she will say that now in order to appease but when it comes time to do away with oil she’ll support it! That’s just what these leftist politicos do!

Sherry Mellenthine (@guest_1066218)
1 year ago

I wonder how many uninformed Dems voted for Biden and now wish they had waited ???

Dan F. (@guest_1066228)
Reply to  Sherry Mellenthine
1 year ago

THAT is the problem with all of the early voting !!! I wonder how many folks will want to change their vote on election day ???

Gary (@guest_1066220)
1 year ago

Have we not already learned enough about the left to know that they will never tell us the truth about their intent if elected? They will tell you what you want to hear. You vote for them. Then once they are in office, they will do exactly the opposite. That will also apply to their energy plan. I have no doubt that the Green New Deal will be implemented and it won’t be long until they will end fracking, fossil fuels and re-set all of the job killing regulations that were put into place by Obama. I suspect that Bernie and AOC will head this up and that will begin a job killing, economy killing, nation destroying era by the left.

Jimbo (@guest_1066221)
1 year ago

He lied so much during the debate. Could not make up his mind on Fracking. #1 He says he is will not stop it, BUT, says he will end the oil industry. #2: Says he has never talked to son about his job and then says he has given him advise and took him to CHINA, ABOARD AIR FORCE TWO, and met with the Chinese, just days prior to Junior getting a deal worth OVER $1.5,000,000,000. And receiving a salary of MORE (in a week) than the average American makes in a year

OrLynn Kouba (@guest_1066233)
1 year ago

As was said last night; BLM now is
Biden Laptop Matters, and it will wake us up even more

JayJay (@guest_1066235)
1 year ago

My husband and I voted Tuesday. We are both staunch Conservatives. We voted for President Trump and Republicans wherever they were a choice – if no Republicans then Libertarian. If only Democrat then that was left blank. Everyone I know except my genius/idiot nephew and two ex-daughters-in law are voting for Donald J Trump. I am also Catholic and though the church cannot and does not tell you how to vote they advise to vote your conscientious. No Christian can in good conscientious vote for a party that supports abortion or euthanasian. Un fortunately there are some who do. Make sure you vote and if you have friends who are hard-hearted, pray for them.

Jon (@guest_1066238)
1 year ago

On November three we have a chance to rid our government of all the communist Democratics They have sold out America. Lied to the people cheat Americans out of our hard earned dollars with high taxes big government. Enough is enough. Vote Trump 2020

Tine (@guest_1066239)
1 year ago

Let’s not put a perjury spewing, liar and corrupt politician in the White House. People claim Hunter is using is dad’s name and position to enrich himself. It appears Joe is using Hunter to enrich his wallet. Instead of taking millions from his son, he should make sure he is installed in a high end rehab center so he can get the help he desperately needs. The entire family is broken.

Ed (@guest_1066245)
Reply to  Tine
1 year ago

I’m a conservative Dem from nj, I voted Trump! Can’t stand behind the far left agenda , like defunding the police . Hopefully the silent majority wins this election !

Marsha Smith (@guest_1066243)
1 year ago

I am now having problems with twitter. Google, and, now, americandigest.com. neither will post my conservative views.

Eugene Ross (@guest_1066251)
1 year ago

if a democrats lips are MOVING HE”S LYING

robertw (@guest_1066256)
1 year ago

lets bury him in a barrel of oil

Norman (@guest_1066301)
1 year ago


Ernest C. Caggiano (@guest_1066379)
1 year ago

As bad as Biden is, his running mate is even worse. If Joe becomes disabled or worse we face an anti Christian
zealot. God help us.

Shaye (@guest_1066392)
1 year ago

On top of all the lies, Bidens answers were scripted …you could tell because he was a bit ” too” ready and composed. As soon as he got a bit pressured, he fell apart and the true agenda started to show. His statement about oil guaranteed his loss. Already voted…straight Republican, something Ive never done before.


paw paw (@guest_1066422)
1 year ago

I can’t help but wonder WHY, even people who admit Biden has cognitive problems, say they still plan to vote for him! That’s just a whole new definition of INSANITY in my book!

Joe (@guest_1066750)
1 year ago

Next week he’ll deny he said that, and the Morons will believe it after the Commie Rat Pig Run Mainstream media backs him.

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