June 29, 2022

Del Rio mayor calls out Biden, Harris over border crisis explosion

Del Rio, Texas, Democratic Mayor Bruno Lozano challenged his own party’s top leaders on Saturday, asking President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, “Why aren’t you here?”

The border town of 35,000 people was overwhelmed by nearly 15,000 illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande River last week. The mostly Haitian immigrants remained under the Del Rio International Bridge for days as Border Patrol sought a way to manage the situation.

“The VP is able to visit the fun events across the country, while American communities continue to grapple with failed immigration reform. Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX?” Lozano tweeted Saturday.

“Thank you @GovAbbott for sending additional state resources. @POTUS44 where are you?” Lozano added in another post.

Biden was reportedly vacationing at the beach for the weekend. Many Americans were frustrated to learn the president was leaving town despite widespread problems on the border, among other concerns.

The frustration will only continue to grow as Biden and Harris both seem to remain invisible regarding the nation’s top problems. The concerns will likely only grow as the nation nears the midterm 2022 elections that may see a conservative comeback in the House and Senate as a result.

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