November 29, 2020

Decision Desk calls Pennsylvania and the presidency for Biden

In spite of legal challenges to the election process in Pennsylvania, Decision Desk called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden on Friday morning, and declared him the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

President Trump’s campaign general counsel, Matt Morgan, released a statement Friday morning disputing the Decision Desk HQ call and stated it was false.

This election is not over. The false projection of Joe Biden as the winner is based on results in four states that are far from final.

Morgan went on to say that the election is not over in Georgia.

Georgia is headed for a recount, where we are confident we will find ballots improperly harvested, and where President Trump will ultimately prevail.

Addressing the problems in Pennsylvania, Morgan promised court action to force election officials to follow the law.

There were many irregularities in Pennsylvania, including having election officials prevent our volunteer legal observers from having meaningful access to vote counting locations. We prevailed in court on our challenge, but were deprived of valuable time and denied the transparency we are entitled to under state law.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State, a rabid Trump hater, denies any irregularities. Her obvious bias provides good grounds to suspect the integrity of the election in Pennsylvania.

On the election in Nevada, Morgan pointed to the thousands of ballots cast improperly:

In Nevada, there appear to be thousands of individuals who improperly cast mail ballots,” Trump 2020 campaign general counsel Matt Morgan released in a statement Friday morning.

In regard to Arizona, Morgan strongly reiterated that he believes the president will win Arizona, regardless of Fox News and the AP calling it for Biden.

Finally, the President is on course to win Arizona outright, despite the irresponsible and erroneous ‘calling’ of the state for Biden by Fox News and the Associated Press.

For the Trump supporters out there that fear a Biden win, Morgan had this to say:

Biden is relying on these states for his phony claim on the White House, but once the election is final, President Trump will be re-elected.”

Meanwhile, the corrupt partisan hack Nancy Pelosi is claiming victory for Biden.

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85 Responses

  1. The best news we could receive. All of the irregular voting and fake voting is hard for all of us to understand. Trump should win by a landslide…happy he has seeked legal support. All “legal” votes should be counted. The demoncrats are cheating as they always have!!!!!!!
    We pray that President Trump will win again.

    1. a lot of Trump supporters came to his rallies. only a few showed up on Biden. that tell you really something is going on. Cheating! stealing the election. From day one, 2016 they didn’t know how to take him down. Our President had that courage and were mocked several times. He’s been working for us, for the American people.

      1. Remember Bidens Soul of America Tour/Rally? the 2. first stops, inc AZ, Nobody came, they never left the Bus. 3.rd, stop 3.+ a Dog, stop, 8; came, that was the end of that Tour. Nobummer tried to Drum up som Biden fans, first stop, 3.+ a Kid, 2.nd. stop 15. came, went home to regroup, The whole gang, plus BonJovi. 400. came to see BonJovi, Than Harris and GaGa, Everything, all the 8.stops put together, less than 500. Trump’s 4. Rallies 85.000. and they are trying to put a 78. Year old Dementia Ridden criminal as a Winner.??

        1. I suspect one of the answers to your question Kurt, regarding why somebody would put a 78 Y/O man with dementia, failing physical health ect., is because they have always wanted ovomit to have more time. He has been quietly waiting behind the curtain to take over. He can’t become president in TRUTH but biden knows and trusts him making ovomit president in fact if not in name, Harris is redundant at this point and would likely go along to get along until her turn comes. ovomit ha always thought he should have permanent keys to the kingdom. He wants nothing more than to build a caliphate of his own while robbing America of the rest of her resources.
          This may well sound far fetched to people but I suspect there is more truth than supposition to it! He is peeking behind the curtains.

      2. Listened to this statement 4 times – of course the numbers are larger than before – there are more people than ever before – I think she meant “imminent” not “iniment” – or maybe she just can’t pronounce it correctly!

      3. How many instances of FRAUD have come out so far, Penna. is one, poll workers denied access, Michigan, wagon and other means taken into Voting area at 4AM, many ballots found in trash and other places, Mail fraud (Which is a FEDERAL Crime, 5 years + 250,000 fine) Ballots sent to households w/o request, and most likely there are many more not yet reported or found out. Voting laws were changed w/o legal action in many places, I see a desperate Dem. party, lets shut this down, if questionable , throw it out, or throw the whole mess out and vote again, only those already registered and absentee ONLY to registered voters, either a witness to sig. or Notorized.

      4. The rotten Democrats have been planning this fraud since Trump took office. This is the results of 4 years of backroom planning. Justice needs too be served and many, many people need to go to prison for many years.



      1. here is the Nobummer Nobel prize scenario, I called up the Norwegian Newspaper VG. they told me he got it because he was not a Bush. lol. then I’d found out That Soros made a deal with Stoltenberg, PM of Norway than, A $.25.Million none traceable offshore account, plus the Top Job in the FN. in exchange for the Nobel prize to boost NoBummer’s credibility, and give him an extra feather in his hat. Source, The Panama Papers. And Now Soros has Blocket the Nobel price for Trump by paying Off Blubberface Erna, Now sitting PM of Norway. all it takes is $$ Money $$. Wich has made the Nobel prize a worthless piece of Junk.

        1. Nobel peace prize is crap – Obama did nothing to earn it. The other Nobel prizes, such as in the sciences, are still high honors.

          1. Nobel peace was a fraud when Obama got it. Trump has earned it and then some. He actually deserves it unlike Obama. What peace anywhere did Obama ever achieve? I can’t think of any -can you?

      2. And the main thing that people are forgetting, Pres. Trump donated his salary to different causes. Do you think Biden will do that, hell no, that scum bag bastard will see how much more he can get out of the American people for his whole crooked family. Also have you ever seen many Senators with there own private plane, he has one. Now tell me how did he manage that on a Senators salary. He is crooked and rotten to the core like, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and a bunch of others. There are just too many to name. God Help America if this election goes in his favor and also wait and see how rich phoney half breed Harris gets.

        1. I agree! There was no reason Trump could not have taken the salary due him but he didn’t because he didn’t go to white house to get rich like Obama and others. Trump actually cares about others unlike Obama who only cared about himself.

    4. I agree 100%, Trump has been great, fair, untied blacks, Browns, ALL races. he LOVES AMERICANS, PERIOD!!! , he has done so much for so many. What, exactly the Hell is going on????? Al Biden is a liar, thief & cheat & Kamala is worse, she is pure evil. Is this what people want destroying our country???

    5. There’s definitely something WRONG here and we certainly know what it is! I pray he sticks with this
      because there was so much voter fraud and criminality that it isn’t even funny. We have to get this out in
      the open for all to see! There’s no way he should have lost!!!!

    6. Absolutely,Sharon! And more good news for the Trump Legal Team. The Attorney General of Utah just joined with Trump to battle in the courts with them. I understand he is a heavy hitter.

  2. I can not believe that Joe had that must support. Something is not right. After seeing all the support that President Trump across the nation and seeing how few people supported Joe, it is impossible for Joe to win. There is something not right. I am praying very hard that they will come to the bottom of it. God have mercy on our nation if Biden wins. I feel sorry for him and his family.

    1. Like in 2016, Everybody was protesting the Trump win, so they sent out an independent Voter recount task Force, They came up with 15. MILLION fake votes, Not Counting 8, Blue states that refused a recount. The problem was that they all were In Killarys Favor, No Wonder she didn’t bother rallying, the DemonRatPack had promised her the Presidency than she stayed drunk for a week together with Nazzi poopOloozi.

    1. In all my 60 years this is the fall of the I s a trust in those in power can’t see how anyone would trust the dems ever again,their party need to be thrown down and rebuilt as a new party from the younger ones that are more in favor of the country,it’s all right to not agree with each other,that how we are but suppose to debate and reach a agreement shake hands and get to work for the good of us all

      1. The Dems will dissolve …but will come back just as bad as they are …’so Watch out America …don’t be to trusting in the future … Soros will still be calling the shots .. and the O Bum will still be waiting behind the curtain!! So be ware !

  3. It seems we were on the way to win for Trump, how that can a man who stays in his basement hiding win a presidential election by mailing voter registrations? There must be a recount for all results. I feel the worried on this of any elections in my lifetime as the liberals are leaning on communism and it worries me and my fellow Republicans!

  4. How do you go from +700,000 to lose in PA. Along with the Democrats denying the Republicans from watching the count, then lying that they took it to the State Supreme Court and won.


  5. This is why we need voter ID’s and give all voters a number and a thumb print that has to be on the ballots. So if you have gone to the beyond you can’t cheat on the vote because no thumb print, and heaven helps us if B&H win because the cost of living just went up and all of the Killer’s willbe out of jail


  6. There is something rotten in Denmark! This election is the worst
    in my years. Biden is not presidential material at all. He is horrible to
    look at let alone listen to his slurred words. He is a cling on! Trump is
    our President . Knowledgeable, creative, fun, and takes things that
    matter very seriously for America and the American people.I’ll be praying
    for him.

    1. PLEASE, I am Danish from my father, they are nice people and a great country, I agree there is a lot wrong, and it’s slowly coming out, Now we need to find a LEGAL way to correct it, Ballots were sent out to people w/o a request, some to addresses where people had moved from or died many years ago, ballot harvesting another, either you vote in person or absentee correctly, NO IFS , ANDS, or BUTS, By the letter of the law or trashed. We recieved 3 ballots , not requested, shredded them and I voted in person, son voted absentee as he was going to be out of town on business, did so at County office.

  7. It is statistically impossible for the hundreds of thousands of votes that came in for Biden in several states to have ONLY Biden votes. The votes that come in are split into different percentages, some for one candidate and some for the other. These votes for Biden were false and put into the election by the democrats to give them the presidency.
    Trump actually won this election by a huge margin and what the democrats have done is a major criminal fraud. Its the same as a coup in some third world country except here it was by a totally crooked conspiracy by a political party that did not hesitate to steal an election. That is a major crime. Biden is not fit to be president of the girl scouts he is so far into dementia and of course his history of failure over his entire dismal political career. He is a chronic liar and a proven crook. How can America have a tainted president like this. America will descend into an abyss now from which it may never recover. Harris will be VP, (another totally useless so called politician) directed by Obama no doubt and most of Trumps great achievements will be wiped out. Now the democrats will bring in millions of people from Syria, Sudan etc give them voting status to make sure they never lose again. This will be disastrous for US citizens. America as you know it will be gone forever. Get ready for huge taxes and many other things. 2nd amendment gone probably, goodbye guns and many other things, to many to list here.

  8. Unbelievable and unacceptable. With the visible supports from all over, there is no way JB can win. God knows, HE WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN. I am praying for the truth.

  9. You have all replied correctly. Trump is the best President we have had inspite of the attempt to oust him for four years. Obama and his administration belong in Prison, that includes Biden. All the evidence is there. Barr and Durham must be with the Demorats. The Biden family sounds as corrupt as the Clintons. The entire SWAMP belongs in prison. They have tried for four years to oust Trump. This fraud has been planned for this election.
    There was no other way to get power and control except by removing Trump by Fraud. The American people admire Trump for rescuing America and making her credible again. Read the Trump Agenda. Americans voted for the Constitution, Borders, no abortion, gun rights, lst and 2nd Amendment, affordable health care, freedom, liberty, American Culture, bring troops home, support for Israel, Peace in the Middle East, In God we Trust, and much more. The polls should close at 12 midnight on November 2nd. 3 a.m. , November 4th unmarked ballots are not acceptable. Pray for our President and his Family. Pray for America.

  10. There is no way possible for Lying Biden to have more votes than President TRUMP!! The DEMONRATS had this well planned! Why did Biden say at one of his so called rallies ” I don’t need your votes to get in the White House ”
    I think there should be a totally new election,
    with only in person voting with ID, and no mail in ballots. They can’t be trusted, too many are lost,destroyed or stolen! And discovered miraculously! And all of the ones that are miraculously discovered are for Biden?

  11. This same pattern of vote count interruption occurred in Dade County Florida back in 2000. It was only solved and the re-count continued (supreme court involvement – remember the hanging chads?) when the Florida governor removed the corrupt elections manager. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin all have majority republican legislatures. It is these officials who select the ‘electorates’ who, based on a legitimate state populous vote, actually elect the US president. Seems very odd that states with a majority of republican state officials would go for Biden (and all so sudden at the last minute). There have also been recent videos published showing blatant wrong-doing in some of these states. It is only right and fair in the name of transparency and lawfulness that these states questionable outcomes be investigated. The US needs a reset alright – it’s called how about some HONESTY.

  12. Here are seven ways the vote is tilted.

    1. Voter fraud.
    Sarah Palin Exposes Truth About Democrats’ Secret ‘Weapon’
    She’s risking life and limb to reveal what may be the largest underground cover-up of all time…
    Watch The Video 74,589
    Actual voter fraud, though relatively small in scale, includes voting twice; dead people voting*; filing out ballots for other people; “losing” ballots before they are counted; and so on. An unnamed political insider explained to the New York Post before the election how he once did it, and trained others to do it, with mail-in ballots. “An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference,” he told the Post. “It could be enough to flip states.”

    2. Ballot harvesting.
    Ballot harvesting involves using third parties to collect an unlimited number mail-in ballots from other people. It has been legal in California since 2016, and Democrats used it effectively in 2018, delivering hundreds of thousands of ballots that way. (Republicans have tried, and failed, to copy them; GOP voters don’t part easily with their ballots.) Democrats want to legalize ballot harvesting nationwide. In several states, Democrats sued to let it happen; in Michigan, it was allowed briefly.

    3. “Curing” absentee ballots.
    Several states — including Republican-governed states — allow voters to “cure” problems with absentee ballots — such as a missing signature — then re-submit them. Democrats are literally going door-to-door right now in closely-contested Georgia, asking “absentee” voters, in person, to “fix” their ballots. Democrats also sued in Arizona for a list of names of voters whose ballots needed “curing,” probably so they could focus on likely Democratic voters. They lost, but that is their strategy.

    4. Deadline extensions, relaxed rules.
    Democrats sued in several key battleground states to force states to extend the deadline for mailed-in ballots to be counted past Election Day itself. They won in several states; they lost in several states. In North Carolina, they reached a deal with the Democrats who run the state’s election board. In Pennsylvania, the U.S. Supreme Court split 4-4 (before Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation), allowing the state’s new rules to stand.

    5. Privately funded get-out-the-vote efforts.
    As Breitbart News warned in October, liberal billionaires like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called “safe elections” efforts. Ostensibly nonpartisan, these appear to have functioned as get-out-the-vote operations for Democrats, targeting key cities and states.

    6. Automatic vote-by-mail applications.
    Some states, like California, decided to send vote-by-mail applications to every registered voter in the state, whether it was constitutional or not. The most striking thing about some of these efforts is that they were federally funded. The CARES Act, for example — the first coronavirus relief package — paid for states like Wisconsin to send information packets to millions of registered voters — in effect, a federally-funded voter turnout operation.

    7. Social media censorship.
    The decision of Silicon Valley companies to censor information during the election had a profound effect whose true impact may never be fully known. Twitter regularly censored the president, and the New York Post‘s reporting on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Google suppressed search results for Breitbart News. Now they slap “nutrition labels” on articles about voter fraud. This is a form of election interference that will likely continue.

  13. What can I add? Nothing. Life goes on, IF Heels up wins you don’t really think the sock puppet will do anything or that they’ll let him, do you? Living for us will change for those who like our freedom we’ll have to live more as ‘tribal.’ Married and all the norms we usually are used to, just with a prepper lifestyle. Kind of often on the move or underground so to speak.

  14. Sleepy Joe couldn’t get a bakers dozen to his Rallies and Trump literally had 10s of thousands attend his. So we’re suppose to believe that career corrupt criminal in China’s pocket won? I call B.S.


  16. Bet when Trump’s lawyers compare the registered voters per county to actual votes per county the numbers will be way off!

    1. The corrupt states have already revised or deleted published registered voters numbers that were available on Wednesday, the day after Election Day. Those numbers are still available to anyone with the wherewithal to do a little digging. It’s just more proof there is definitely corruption. Meddling in an election is a serious crime. Our day of reckoning is coming.


    1. Civil War is not the answer. Defending ourselves against the left is required, however. Then four years of hell under Biden/Harris. Then, Trump 2024.

  18. Here’s the thing this is what believe the only reason ppl voted for biden is because once in office he will be removed and kamala Harris will become the acting President. I am praying so hard that Trump finds the errors and fixes them. Trump 2020 all the way.

  19. The Democrats cheating Election Day(s) “Hail Mary” was a horrifically non-well-thought-out move of desperation. Their day reckoning is on it’s way and it’s not difficult to arrive at the conclusion they are not at all going to be happy with the outcome. The millions of honest Americans who gladly followed the election laws, certainly will be rejoicing in justice being served.
    Thank you President Trump. Your wise anticipation of what was coming, long before Election Day was was even a small blip on the calendar, is sweet validation Americans choose their Commander-In-Chief wisely.
    Very wisely. God Bless America!
    God Bless President Donald J. Trump! Here’s to Four More Years Glorious Years!

  20. Quick cure! Now! Trump calls Martial Law. Suspends Amendments, swift tribunal justice, swift punishment, quick cleanup by gathering of all problem America Haters.
    Clean new start. Lock mushbrain Biden in his cellar. Put his running mate behind bars, Since she wanted to turn this Nation into a banana republic, feed her bananas.

    1. I like your thought. The rot that has infected the soul of the United States should be cleaned out. I am not sure about the method, though, because of all the practical problems. I do agree, however, that Harris should be fed bananas, lol.

  21. One problem is there seems to be no penalties when they are caught cheating. Therefore they do it election after election. I think any state caught doing anything illegal during an election should be punished by having all votes automatically given to their opponents. I bet they’d think twice about cheating in the future.



  23. Watching this fraud in your beautiful country, yet ravaged internally by rabidly dishonest thieves who call themselves Democrats, has been and is a painful experience to me personally by all accounts. This fraud on the American people has tainted my view of what real Democracy is suppose to mean for me and tothose of us in the world who still believe in righteousness governance by leaders with integrity + the notion that justice is for all. An election fraud of this magnitude says a lot of the inner state of a man/woman so corrupted by greed to take power at any cost, is of the wickedness in heart at the highest spiritual order, (Satanic order that is). I have been an observer of American politics since my childhood days and with every Democratic Party win, I have seen the swing going subtlety into far-left Marxism ideology over the years. I am so deeply saddened by this voter fraud debacle being played out before the world which will inevitably cause many to doubt what politicians will say in future. They have always lied. There are very few men and women with integrity left in this deranged world. Donald J Trump has never been a politician but he does have it.Whatever his flaws may be, we all have them too. Politicians like Biden and ilk have no integrity whatsoever because money is their God. President Trump gave up his personal life to serve to and lead America away from swinging into full blown Communist take over. Now this comes onto his lap? I believe he knew of the corruption as far back as 2012 even what the States may have done in the past He is way smarter. than people give him credit for. I believe he has an Ace somewhere up his sleeve. Dont lose heart friends. It will all play out and even utterly disliking most of the foul plays by the DemoncRats. As an outsider, I have only this commentary to make: America Is A Great Country. Keep it Great by fighting back hard Patriots, keep both feet on the ground well positioned to strike at the heart of evil in high places. God loves America. Question is though;How many American Patriots truly love God and honour Him in this troubling time of American history Patriot friends, I care about where you all are feeling perhaps a little defeated or stressed out. Don’t be. If you all STAND TOGETHER AS ONE NATION AS AMERICANS FIRST under God, AND BELIEVE THAT THINGS WILL CHANGE, YOU WILL SEE THE TURN-AROUND MANIFEST IN DAYS TO COME..I PRAY FOR JUSTICE TO BE SERVED UPON THOSE WHO DARE TO DENY AMERICAN PATRIOTS THEIR RIGHTS IN “WE THE PEOPLE . . .” GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  24. I hope and pray for a Trump victory, but a Biden victory may be more helpful in the long run. Biden will not last long, and Harris will be president. Things will go from bad to worse. I hope that the economy is not destroyed and the people are not impoverished. The United States will be saved only by the conservative judiciary that Trump has appointed, the Republican majority in the Senate, and the patriotic American voters. Trump will not lose his supporters, and will gain support from those who know that the Democrats will have stolen the 2020 election, and as a result of the debacle of the future Harris presidency. Trump will be nominated and reelected in 2024, but we will have to go through 4 years of pure hell before we will recover again. God bless America and the patriotic trump supporters. There should be no violence instigated by the right, but all need to prepare to defend themselves from the left – who want to destroy the United States and will be violent regardless of the election result.

  25. All of the cotes in Penn are illegal. The AG stated on line that he had the election rigged against trump and the Penn Sec of state back him up

  26. Keep fighting President Trump! We are with you all the way. We knew the Dems would play dirty, they could never beat you by being honest and Of course they could never be honest!

    You are the greatest President we have ever had! And there’s NO WAY crazy Joe beat you! Your followers love you and the numbers were vast wherever you went. We’re still with you, I’m very angry the dems have done this to you and America, something must be done to stop them!

    No doubt the dems have planned this move for years.

    When you find their corruption/fraud have no mercy! Punish everyone to the fullest extent of the law. Make them pay!

  27. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. That is what we have been told for many years. Well, Ohio went for Trump–so what happened?
    Even before Trump got into office his campaign was spied upon( Illegal )and attempted impeachments tied up his presidency so now we are to believe that the Democrats win is totally fair. The Democrats elected Biden, a man who should be under criminal investigation for his alleged money laundering from foreign governments with his son. But I guess we will never talk about that one again, or Hillary’s alleged crimes or Obamas felonious involvement. With Biden in office everything will be white washed. This election is another Democratic hoax on the American people. How sad for America!!

  28. Just sick and tired of Democrats. They are an evil scourge set upon this earth by the devil himself. I realize there are some who are just ignorant but the rest are just thugs and criminals.

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