May 13, 2021

Dean: Cuomo needs to be impeached ‘today’

Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean stated Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) should be impeached and removed from office immediately.

Dean has been on the warpath against Cuomo since 2020, when her husband’s parents died of COVID-19 contracted in a nursing home that Cuomo ordered to accept coronavirus-positive patients in the early weeks of the pandemic.

Dean said the governor “would go on these interviews on television, when they would finally ask him the question about the nursing homes, he would give false information and he knew all along he was lying.”

She added, “So why did he and his top aides, including Melissa DeRosa, go to such great lengths to make sure that no one would find out the real total of the deaths? I think it’s because it’s criminal and he had a book to sell, a $4 million book.”

The call for Cuomo’s impeachment came following weeks of news alleging he withheld the true number of COVID-19 deaths in his state.

The office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed the contents of a recording in February that shows “the governor and his team withheld from state legislators the true number of coronavirus deaths at New York nursing homes, out of fear it could be used against them by the Trump administration,” according to ABC News.

The governor’s office put off updating statistics related to deaths from COVID-19 in the state’s nursing homes in January. The state Health Department claimed that it needs another nine weeks and five days to comply with the legal request for a full accounting of nursing home deaths “because the records potentially responsive to your request are currently being reviewed for applicable exemptions, legal privileges and responsiveness,” according to the New York Post.

Cuomo has faced more than the nursing home scandal while in office. Several accusation of sexual harassment against the governor have been reported in recent weeks. The state is currently investigating this matter as well.

The Fox News meteorologist’s expertise may be weather, but she’s echoing the calls of many New Yorkers tired of their governor’s accusations and ready to see him removed.

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21 Responses

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    1. No one will because he is supported and back by two mobs. The biggest being the democrats the other being a local mob in New York.

    2. That would be a huge blessing, taking him out that is. The Cuomo family has always lied to get what they want. It’s about time to take them down.

        1. Lin
          You are so RIGHT IMPEACH HIM now before he kills someone else He Has OVER STEPED his Bounds HE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL how many Seniors DIED because he Put them in a Unsafe Place and HE KNEW IT ROT IN JAIL CUOMO

  2. Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! says:

    Lock de bum up. What they do in the prison, well that’s out of our hands, isn’t it?

  3. What I don’t understand is with all these accusations, open investigations and even self confessions. The man has not been indicted & locked up pending completion of the investigations. I mean these are not misdemeanors but actual felonies. Criminal conduct. If it where U or I we would be locked up even without an indictment. Guess Our legal system is only for WE not THE so called elites.

  4. Biden just appointed Cuomo for some kind of a Covid job at the white house…. Isn’t that special?

  5. Do you mean that POS is still in the NY Statehouse? He should’ve been tossed out on his butt long ago…or in jail, jail preferably.

  6. Throw the bum out immediately before he can make any more stupid rulings, like most corrupt politicians do when being thrown out of office, affecting N.Y. state. After he’s thrown out, continue with prosecutions for manslaughter (at the minimum), and treason towards N.Y state. He is a lying POS that needs to be brought to justice ASAP! He & his family are as, if not more, corrupt as Biden’s! He is a true Democrat and living up to true Democrat standards of corruptness, treason & stupidity!

  7. Haven’t many of you heard? Biden is hiring Cuomo to work in his cabinet at a rather important job. I’m not sure but think it has something to do with health and welfare. If I’m right, don’t get sick because Cuomo will send you to a nursing home to die.

  8. What do you expect from a good liberal like Cuomo? He was creating more voters for his party.

  9. The Democratic Congress will never bring Impeachment charges against one of they’re own Political party. No matter what they do or have done.

  10. Of all the reasons for impeaching CUOMO, the nursing home MANDATE is the most grievous! I am sorry, he arrogantly ignored “the science” and this ignorant action COST LIVES! HE NEEDS TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES! Imagine if he was a REPUBLICAN! Michigan Governor WHITMER made the SAME ANTI-SCIENCE MANDATE, and in her case arranged an enormous severence package for her medical advisor when he resigned that smells like a cover up! These DEM idiots not only need to lose their positions, THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL!

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