May 20, 2022

Bill de Blasio caves, commits to defunding NYPD

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been pummeled from all sides for his response to the devastating riots that overtook his city last week.

After weakly attempting to defend his police department during the chaos, de Blasio finally ended his weak stand and caved to the pressure to defund the city’s police force. 

De Blasio tepidly defended his police throughout the all-out assault on them precipitated by George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis two weeks ago.

After he was booed out of an anti-police protest on Thursday though, he appears to have chosen to side with the mob.

He announced on Sunday that the city will reallocate police funding to “to youth services, to social services, that will happen literally in the course of the next three weeks.”

He declined to provide details about how much funding will be shifted, saying that “I’m not going to go into detail because it is subject to negotiation and we want to figure out what makes sense.”

The Washington Times reported that de Blasio said “the details of the funding cuts would be worked out before the city’s July 1 budget deadline. New York City spends about $6 billion of its $90 billion budget on policing.”

Both de Blasio and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) have come under fire from police unions and organizations in the city for refusing to stand up for law enforcement in the embattled city.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said on Sunday that “Well, you’ve had over 300 — I think about 320 — [officers] that have been injured, I think some in the hospital. But there were over 300 injuries.”

“And the thing that scares me … I’m hearing close to 600 cops have either put in their papers or they’re talking to the [NYPD] about resigning or retiring.”

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Annette Collins (@guest_1005650)
1 year ago

This will leave the People of New York in grave danger but, he doesn’t care he has a few body guards.

Mary Jo Bankard (@guest_1005678)
Reply to  Annette Collins
1 year ago

Annette, you are correct. The governors, mayors, etc. that make these decisions to leave their constituents unprotected, don’t worry because they have their own bodyguards, security detail, etc.
What I can’t understand, is why people think this is a good idea. To defund the police? It is a thankless job and now they want to pay them less and/or decrease the number of policemen?

Becky Roberts (@guest_1005701)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

Mary you and Annette are both right on. You have to remember yes they all have thier Guard’s and they are a Democrat so they are not worried about anyone but themselve’s. The people that put those Crook’s in Office and now they are throwing dirt right in the people’s face. These people that thinks Democrat’s are so great look what they are doing. Nothing to help Our Country much less the State’s they are in. Now we have Biden running for President, God help each and everyone of us. All of the Democrat’s stand behind Soros and they are all Communist, Socialist that should tell everybody who and what Our Corrupt Government is.

ElVerta Alyce Quinn (@guest_1005915)
Reply to  Becky Roberts
1 year ago

Amen! Sister. Well said.!

David (@guest_1005779)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

They should take their immunity away and allow the citizens sue them just like they want to do to the Police!

All these government leaders should have their security removed to defend themselves to see how the people feel!

Criminals will have a open season on the public which will have law abiding people arrested when they are forced defend themselves!!!

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1005815)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

Recall the mayor. The city of NYC belongs to the PEOPLE…. not the POLITICIANS. RECALL IMMEDIATELY>>>>
WE THE PEOPLE should decide who fills the offices of mayor, city hall, governor, congress, etc. WE THE PEOPLE decide.

Loren ray (@guest_1006022)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

Look at burnys socios plan to goulog the public after the antifas force submission. X-22 report on 16 year plan to brown shirt the public. Wakeup and standup. Defend the constitution! She cared for us, now we protect her!!!!!!!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1005788)
Reply to  Annette Collins
1 year ago

Well, the minorities will be the most hurt. Lets see how this will fare for them. of cxourse di blasio haas his body guards, but i wish they would also quit on him.

eleanor (@guest_1005872)
Reply to  Annette Collins
1 year ago

A nightmare worse than any you could imagine if he does this. Will the citizens let him get away with this? Evidently. You’ll have BLM and Antifa answering your calls for help, or even one of those squads of muslim sharia law. Either way, good luck, New Yorkers. You own it now.

Betty (@guest_1005659)
1 year ago

De Blasio, how much were you paid to tuck your tail and turn. I’m talking about the rioters that were in New York City but to Kill, steal and destroy. I stand with those who were peaceful and actually wanted to speak up for the young man that was brutally killed by a police officer that didn’t care about a human life. Sir your a disgrace to your title as Mayor!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1005789)
Reply to  Betty
1 year ago

di Blasio doesnt deserve to be part of the human race. He wants ANARCHY, REVOLUTION, DESTRUCTION; and MARXISM!!!
a worthless p-o-s.

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1005817)
Reply to  Betty
1 year ago

It appears that NAFTA is using peaceful protesters as pawns to riot, burn and destroy private owned business. This isn’t OK and the NY Mayor doesn’t do a thing about it. WHY? If DeBlasio isn’t going to do his job, then why have that position? Waste of taxpayers money…. Do you really need a mayor?

ElVerta Alyce Quinn (@guest_1005917)
Reply to  Betty
1 year ago

dBlasio is typical Demoncrap who doesn’t now and never did want to protect and represent his constituency. He just wanted the path to huge financial gain via extortion and lies. NYC voters better wke up and face the truth of their huge mistake voting dfor both dBlasio and Andrew Cuomo. But they asked for it, now they have it, What are they going to do about it! Just sit on their hands the boo-hoo? Poor babies.

russell remmert (@guest_1005665)
1 year ago

The democrats have truly crossed the line, for the countries well being mayors agreeing on this subject need to be put in mental health unit

Debbie (@guest_1005666)
1 year ago

Yes it will leave all good people in NY in harms way. The thugs and gangs will run the city. I would move if I lived there. He might as well close the visitors center. NO ONE will come to that state. Pour man doesn’t have a clue…

Jesus Romero (@guest_1005667)
1 year ago

Deblasio needs to be recalled or taken out as mayor. Crime rate in ny is already high under his leadership. Imagine defunding police. Nyc will be in grave danger. He needs to be taken out.

Mari Jo Oneill (@guest_1005675)
1 year ago

Im not sure which of these guys should be booted out. deBLASIO is nothing but a loser, Cuomo does a lit of babbling. Both should go.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1005791)
Reply to  Mari Jo Oneill
1 year ago

OUST BOTH!!!! They are clueless as to govern a city much less the city of NY!

Janet (@guest_1005677)
1 year ago

Hopefully any response team will be too far away to answer any calls to their residences due to staffing shortages and prioritization of calls in other areas of the city. Maybe it is time that they are made to see the light. I think any funds going to pay for their body guards should be cut as well because they “believe” that defunding AKA cutting services and officers is just fine for everyone else. Just who is actually calling for defunding or getting rid of the NYPD all together? I don’t believe it is normal citizens or the majority of citizens who pay the bills and rely on the services for their own protection and that of others. Someone with a rational brain needs to think this whole idea out and explain how the safety of everyone will be handled, otherwise, looting and rioting and violent crimes of all types will definitely increase because no one will be there to stop them, investigate them, arrest them, and see that they are prosecuted. I cannot believe the insanity of the Liberals in our society and government.

Catherine Levanda (@guest_1005686)
1 year ago

He should not ask for Federal funding for his city if he defunds the police and says he will give money to black or minority communities. Don’t believe he will put money there and wouldn’t trust the democrat run organizations to put the money where they say. This too will become pocketed by Democrat running these organizations and or will just become another slush fund for DeBlasio. They need to make certain laws against choke holds and other dangerous positions to put them in. Need better training( like marshal arts experts). And better pay! When you don’t pay much to put live on the line you are not going to get the best. You will always have a greater number of bad police officers. Maybe we need less lawmakers in Congress if we can’t enforce the one ps they right. Congress needs to live by the same laws as US citizens.

chickpea (@guest_1005691)
1 year ago

The prick should be hung in Times Square.

phxgeo (@guest_1005728)
1 year ago

This action by deBlassio will make residents of or people who work in the city of New York more at risk than they were due to the Wuhan virus. Anyone with a business in NYC needs to start now and get out of NY before year end. Watch property values go through the floor. The voters who elected this idiot are getting just what they selected. You just can not fix stupid.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1005792)
Reply to  phxgeo
1 year ago


Esther (@guest_1005732)
1 year ago

I can’t believe a person who was voted in to office could be so completely stupid and weak. You have a band of thugs making demands and you just cave? Since when does America do that? We have faced enemies of our way of life of all kinds and stood our ground. We fought to protect our way of life, and most importantly our freedom only to have it handed over to a bunch of punks. I find this incredible.

Jerry (@guest_1005741)
1 year ago

Uhhih, the cops are the only think keeping the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks alive, by all means defund the police

Debra Rosing (@guest_1005749)
1 year ago

This is nuts. How does destroying a police force make any city safer?
There should be accountability & body cameras with mandatory use on all stops.
Many Americans have died needlessly in a land that guarantees “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.” We need police to protect us against those who violate the law – NOT police who violate their oath & commit crimes themselves.
Mental tests should be mandatory procedure in the hiring of police officers.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1005794)
Reply to  Debra Rosing
1 year ago

How can they b so freaking stupid????

Dobie (@guest_1005777)
1 year ago

de Blasio and Cuomo are two Communists who hate law and order, they pander and kiss the butts of ANTIFA, the Rioters, the Arsonists, the Brick Throwers, the Window smashers so they can steal whatever they want. GET OUT OF NEW YORK NOW and get to a RED STATE where you regain your Liberties and Freedom. I am leaving New York shortly as we have the Dictator Governor Cuomo and his lying brother Chris Cuomo, the Gov, Andrew Cuomo, ran around NYC in the 70’s when his pitiful daddy ran for mayor saying Vote for Cuomo NOT the Homo refering to Ed Koch who was a great mayor. Time to dump all Democrats as they want communism/socialism. To save our nation we need Trump and the republicans to stop the madness.

jack phillip (@guest_1005803)
1 year ago

DeBlasio needs to be booted by Cuomo!! Defunding is suicide! The city will implode!!

nana (@guest_1005811)
1 year ago

What a Coward, Mayor, when you do so, Remember to REMOVE Your Protection and all of Congress Protection along with demanding all of Holly dirt aka Wood to Release their Protection also. No one should have protection of any kind if Citizens can’t have their Police to Protect them.

Roy Olsen (@guest_1005819)
1 year ago

Release COVID19 inmates, no charges for rioters, allow looters space, cities to burn, police stations burned down, no more use of tear gas/rubber bullets, stop sales of guns and ammo to law abiding citizens, arrest the cops, defund the cops, more money to the criminal element, perfect liberal city!

GARY GRISSETT (@guest_1005831)
1 year ago

The people of New York got what they voted for, A DEMOCRAT. Not one Democrat has cared a wit about the people of New York so now their elected leader has agreed to defund the Police so ;the Police should answer the telephone asking for help by directing them to call the Mayor’s office, or their local Antifa.

James Long (@guest_1005876)
1 year ago

Recall both of them. The people can do it. OR have someone in state government put in bill to do away with the governor and Mayor
OR cut their wages to zero!

Robert W. Devlin II (@guest_1006362)
1 year ago

Sanctuary cities for illegal aliens is bad enough, but sanctuary cities for criminals is going too far.



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