August 16, 2022

D.C. activists push to remove and replace Emancipation Memorial

One of the most bewildering monuments that activists have set their sites on in recent days is the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C., a monument celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s liberation of American slaves during the civil war. Activists are now pushing to replace the Emancipation Memorial with a monument to Harriet Tubman because the memorial “didn’t take into account the views of African Americans.”

When Black Lives Matter activists began tearing down statues of confederate generals, any American had to agree that those statues were indefensible.

As it turns out though, allowing the mob to tear down statues without going through the legislative process to remove them opened the door for the mob to begin targeting memorials and statues that celebrate any facet of American history.

The Emancipation Memorial depicts Abraham Lincoln standing next to a black man looking upwards and rising up from his knees. The newly freed slave has a broken shackle around his wrist.

Activists believe that this monument depicts subservience to Lincoln — a white man. Fox News reported:

D.C. Council candidate Marcus Goodwin, who is helping lead the charge to remove the controversial Emancipation Memorial in Washington, D.C., told “America’s News HQ” Sunday he hopes to replace it with a monument to an African-American woman, suggesting Underground Railroad leader Harriet Tubman could fit the bill.

“We laid out clearly on our petition that we would like to see the statue put into a museum where it can be properly contextualized, and we would like to see it replaced preferably with an African-American woman because they have been grossly underrepresented in the District of Columbia where we are the largest demographic group,” Goodwin said.

“I think we need context, knowing and understanding, because most people who see that — especially in our generation, see someone being degraded, someone being demeaned and don’t see fair or equitable representation in society for African-Americans,” Goodwin said.

“Our most disenfranchised group has been subject to this kind of representation in our public spaces, so in the statue, which I got up close and personal to, I saw something that was antithetical from what Abraham Lincoln would’ve wanted to see.”

Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s non-voting House delegate announced on Wednesday that she would introduce legislation to remove the Emancipation Monument.

“The designers of the Emancipation Statue in Lincoln Park in DC didn’t take into account the views of African Americans. It shows. Blacks too fought to end enslavement. That’s why I’m introducing a bill to move this statue to a museum,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Brian (@guest_1015956)
2 years ago

Then obviously people need to stay in school and learn what really happened and when it happened. Lincoln, a republican, freed the southern slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. In December 1865 the northern slaves were freed with the amendment to the constitution. The Juneteenth that is so highly thought of is really just a celebration of the reading of General Order #3 read at Galveston by a Union General pointing out to the Texans that the southern slaves had been free earlier and that they, the Texans, must immediately release those still held as slaves.

Mary (@guest_1015973)
2 years ago

Why allow them to erase history just because they say it is offensive . Well I think what they are doing is OFFENSIVE. You can’t change past history . You need to learn to understand it and recognize all the steps that have been taken forward. You are trying to destroy over 200 years of history . You need to read the history and get educated about the meaning behind it and not what you want it to be .

Christine (@guest_1016045)
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

They are not asking to erase history with this statue. They are asking to have it displayed in a museum. I think that is an excellent idea. I have no problem with a statue of Harriet Tubman be erected in its place. A statue of Lincoln releasing a person from slavery in a museum with a placard explaining this scenario is absolutely acceptable. They are not tearing down or causing a scene, they are going through channels. Isn’t that what people have been yelling about? Proper procedure. I am an older white woman who believes in truth and equality for ALL.

Jim (@guest_1016107)
Reply to  Christine
2 years ago

No you do not believe in equality! It’s okay to place a statue of Harriet Tubman there in place of a former President?

Joyce A. Decker (@guest_1016120)
Reply to  Jim
2 years ago

She’s crazy like Dementia Joe!

Esther (@guest_1016145)
Reply to  Christine
2 years ago

Let the people vote on it.

Loyd (@guest_1016286)
Reply to  Christine
2 years ago

Christine i don’t know your age,but you your post is different, yes i’m 75 years but it is a bit hard to beleive that these statues belong in a museum, they were intended to remind us of our past, i that is desturbing we’ll you can’t erase history, that is America.

Donna (@guest_1016420)
Reply to  Christine
2 years ago

I’m an older white woman too and YOU ARE STUPID to allow these people to REWRITE HISTORY!!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST DISCRIMINATORY THINGS THEY CAN DO.

Linda Cardin (@guest_1016237)
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

MARY Thank you, You have said it just right and I totally agree with you.

Meg (@guest_1016680)
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

Leave our statues alone! Your statues are offensive to me! I was born in this country and you are trying to erase our 200 year old history! Get out of our country!

C. LeSaint (@guest_1015991)
2 years ago

The communist Marxist Black Lives Matter organization MUST BE ERADICATED FROM AMERICA!!

Jesuscoming (@guest_1015995)
2 years ago

They are trying to take over and ruin America they have an agenda they just use this as an excuse this criminal when you allow evil to take over and kick god out the disasters only get worse America get on your hands and knees pray to father god to heal our land and help kick evil out.holy bible king James search Lord’s Prayer great starting place. Repent of sins and most of all turning our backs on him jesus suffered nailed to a cross so we can be saved watch king of kings ,passion of the Christ,where Jesus walked so many great movies on jesus becareful some are not all in truth read holy bible compare .

Ron L (@guest_1016005)
2 years ago

Mary, you stated it so gracefully, destroying 200 years of History is dumb, stupid and ignorant. Learn from history embrace history the smart way, only then can you grow not destroy.

Larry W Gaines (@guest_1016019)
2 years ago

D.C activist need to grow up and stop letting others control their pea size brains, That Statue is a big part of American history and is not Racists in any way

Jeannette (@guest_1016020)
2 years ago

There are places to add a new statue, but that is not their goal, it is to destroy — burn, loot, commit violence, destroy monuments that they do not understand. This is a reflection of what they are being taught in their schools.
If you want a look at these riots view this video: Undercover Investigation — Minneapolis Riot was Preplanned –

Larry W Gaines (@guest_1016023)
2 years ago

D.C . City Council are wimps and are either BLM members or are afraid of BLM or Racists like that Mayor

johnmoore (@guest_1016293)
Reply to  Larry W Gaines
2 years ago

Wake the hell up folks. It is time to start taking the A%% hole’s out with a bang.

Jim Miller (@guest_1016026)
2 years ago

Blacks are demanding Equal time/Equal Space… for every non Black monument taken down; a martin Luther king monument also MUST come down, Black want to erase the slavery period, if that is the case, it means they NEVER were slaves.
Jews were also slaves, even much longer than blacks in the US but, they don’t blame the BLACK Egyptian Masters, The Jewish people when they fall, they get up, dust off. move on and… SUCCEED but, BLM are lazy maggots who want everything for nothing, otherwise they call you RACIST

Walter Houle (@guest_1016078)
2 years ago

Let them destroy it.
Then abolish the Emancipation Proclamation.
Then repeal the 13th Amendment.
Seems like that is what they are striving for
Remember under slavery nobody was racist cops weren’t shooting any blacks,
Owners gave them nice housing, food, clothing and everything ales they might need or what.
Doesn’t that explain why they are rioting.
Let’s give them what they want.
The ones that have destroyed business and private property should be arrested and tried and if convicted lock them up for life.
That is another example of what they want.
The rest of the good black citizens should continue to get yourself educated and stay out of crime.
You will never be suppressed again.
Remember all lives matter.
We all are one people under GOD!

David in MA (@guest_1016109)
Reply to  Walter Houle
2 years ago

“We all are one people under GOD!”

I don’t know about this, it looks like GOD was a segregationist and racist in the way different etheric groups were settled in different locations around the world.

Joyce A. Decker (@guest_1016126)
Reply to  David in MA
2 years ago

Oh please! Now God is racist? I hope you’re kidding or you must have dementia too!

Janna (@guest_1016083)
2 years ago

Taking down and vandalizing statues, monuments and buildings just shows how uneducated some people are. Teaching history in school as it should be would of went a long way to those protesters (rioters) so they had some kind of idea what they meant. Yet since the systematic removal of history and prayer many other things have been taken away to.

David in MA (@guest_1016108)
2 years ago

Welcome to the American Congo!

P Lightfoot (@guest_1016394)
2 years ago

Most educated and patriotic black folks in the U S call this what it is total B.S. and a move by the far left fachiist so called DemocRATS to remove a sitting president and they will do whatever it takes including destroying America to take power the bag of bones pisslousey must be removed by the people she is 3rd in line for POTUS can you imagine this 80 year old idiot as leader to our country worse than Biden and I think Brib em will pick camel toes harris as his Vice President holy crap good by
world welcome in the C.C.P.
TRUMP 2020— 2024 SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C.

Joanna (@guest_1016430)
Reply to  P Lightfoot
2 years ago

Agree 100% Good post!!! You bet TRUMP 2020!!!!

Madelynn (@guest_1016590)
2 years ago

“any American had to agree that those statues were indefensible.” I BEG to differ. Those monuments are HIGHLY defensible. They represent brave Americans regardless of which side of an issue they were on. The fact that the South lost the war doesn’t mean the brave men who fought for the South are now criminals who’s names should be wiped from history. History is history, the good the bad and the ugly. These were ALL honorable, respectable men outside of their Southern military status and they deserve their spot in history just as much as Ulysses S. Grant.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1017394)
2 years ago

Why not create a monument with Tubman sitting on Lincoln’s lap like a child on Santa’s lap. That suffices both sides of the argument.
Their is NO sound, intelligent argument for removing Lincoln.



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