October 4, 2022

Conservative star Dan Bongino reveals cancer diagnosis

Conservative political commentator and outspoken Trump supporter Dan Bongino announced on Friday that he has been diagnosed with cancer after doctors discovered a tumor in his neck last month.

Bongino, who frequently appears on Fox News, told fans on Friday that he “did get a diagnosis yesterday from my doctor. … Unfortunately, it is cancer. It’s lymphoma, the Hodgkin’s type. But it is treatable.”

Bongino first alerted his fans to the possibility of a cancer diagnosis in September, after revealing that concerned audience-members had alerted him about what appeared to be an abnormal growth on his neck.

After seeking medical attention in late September, Bongino told fans that the doctors had found a tumor near his vocal cords.

“It’s a tumor, but there’s a strong likelihood that it is not cancerous,” Bongino told his fans at the time, adding that his medical team believed there was a strong chance that it wasn’t cancerous. “It’s in a very weird spot in my neck near my carotid artery, near vocal cords and things, and it is big. It’s 7 centimeters … It’s scary.”

The tumor was successfully removed earlier this month, though Bongino tweeted on October 7 that he had received “bad news” that it “looks like lymphoma.”

“I do have cancer, and that is hard for me to say,” the 45-year-old said on Friday. “But we’ll be OK, and I am optimistic. That’s not some act I’m putting on for the show.”

Bongino served as a Secret Service agent during the Obama administration before retiring to run for public office. After several unsuccessful attempts, Bongino began hosting the Dan Bongino Show, a popular weekday podcast in which he discusses relevant political happenings.

Bongino also recently launched the Bongino Report, a competitor to the now-liberal Drudge Report, a news aggregation site that played a major role in Donald Trump’s election in 2016. A vocal critic of the mainstream media and the so-called “deep state,” Bongino has dedicated much energy to exposing the Obama administration’s interference in the 2016 election.


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