February 27, 2021

Billy Ray Cyrus offers well-wishes to Melania Trump as she recovers from COVID-19

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus bravely crossed the aisle and offered rare well-wishes to First Lady Melania Trump’s health as she battles COVID-19 on Thursday.

Since her diagnosis last week, Melania Trump has maintained a low profile as she works through the process of the illness.

As the wife of Donald Trump, Melania takes extreme heat simply due to her proximity and relationship with the president. Melania has been a target of nasty partisan attacks almost as much as her husband, so Cyrus’s decision to speak positively about the FLOTUS is somewhat of a shock.

Cyrus shared a photo of himself posing with the first lady, captioned:

Hope you are feeling better @FLOTUS. This photo was almost exactly a year ago. Thank you again for the compassion and time you shared with Channingโ€™s Dad and his bother. #BeBest #SuicidePrevention

The 59-year-old country star’s message was in reference to a 2019 meeting with the FLOTUS where they sat down with the family of Channing Smith, a teenager that committed suicide in September 2019 after private messages between himself and another student were leaked.

At the time, Cyrus also published a Twitter post praising the first lady’s “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign:

What an honor to sit w/The First Lady at the White House. @FLOTUS Your sincerity was truly inspiring. You/your team were so engaged to Channing’s grieving father & brother & brought ideas/strategy to make the world a safer better place for the youth in America.

Cyrus has attempted to keep his political preferences quiet during the most recent election cycles but endorsed President Barack Obama in 2012. Cyrus is one of the few Hollywood elites that have been willing to put politics aside to achieve positive change.

Of course, the leftists Twitterati responded with hundreds of nasty replies attacking the character of the first lady and blasting Cyrus for being willing to speak positively about anyone residing in the White House.

Do you support our first lady Melania Trump? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know!

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103 Responses

  1. YES, YES, YES 100+%. GOD is holding her, our wonderful president and all of their family(s) in “the palms of his hands”. She is an extremely intelligent, kind, beautiful and glamorous person, as well as a gorgeous super model and wife. How many people out there understand and speak five (5) different languages?? We are all proud of her strength and stamina, not to mention will power and courage. Thank you Melania. We appreciate all you are doing for the American people and world and are praying for you, our President Trump and all of your family!!

    1. I totally agree with every word Karen stayed. Melanie we love you and are so proud you are our FLOTUS. We pray that it is Godโ€™s will for you and President Trump will continue another 4 years as our POTUS and FLOTUS. Blessings to you and your family!

    2. Melania deserves that and more! Her values are rock solid, and her critics complete Jealous idiots! A wonderful mother, wife and first lady, there are many who would like to have a fraction of her grace, intelligence. beauty both inside and out! Get well soon, Melania – and don’t listen to those fools!

    3. Yes. Definitely!! She is an awesome lady and does tremendous work for children as well as the rest of the world. It’s a shame that the media is envious of her and refuses to accept her great work. Media always has negative words for her so the rest of the United States aren’t aware of her excellent qualities.

  2. Melania is without a doubt or hesitation the First Lady or First Ladies. Not only that, but she is woman personified and makes it look easy. She makes it look so easy that she baffles other women makes them question who, what and why they are.
    Yet Melania is not just a beautiful trinket, she is also smart, accomplished, talented, hard working, a great Mom and an example to all women, mothers, and young girls. I could spend hours with Melania and never be bored and I would be willing to opine that she has a kick butt sense of humor. She is an overcomer and tenacious with her goals.
    What a gift and a blessing Trump gave us when he introduced Melania to the White house and the world!

    1. She is beautiful and a fine lady the first in along time. She put up with a lot of cruel remarks. All I can say is their just jealous God bless

  3. I pray that our President and First Lady Melania get their health back!! We need the two of you!! Just want you to know that you have my back!!

  4. Melania is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful person. W are so glad to have her and so proud of all the work she does for so many people. God Bless her and get well soon. Kathleen. Mulligan.

  5. Melania is the best FLOTUS that we have had since Jackie Kennedy and even Jackie didn’t speak five different languages. You should not have to endure the hate that you get from the Democrats and Liberals.

    My prayers are with you the President and your whole family.

  6. Praying for you and President Trump everyday Melania! So glad you are doing well! We love you and your beautiful family! We are so blessed to have you as our First Lady, bright, beautiful, a wonderful mother and wife, and a beautiful heart as well!

  7. October 9, 2020 at 8:00 pm
    Praying for you and President Trump everyday Melania! So glad you are doing well! We love you and your beautiful family! We are so blessed to have you as our First Lady, bright, beautiful, a wonderful mother and wife, and a beautiful heart as well!

  8. Not much left to say after reading all the comments, just agree with them all, God be with you, the President and family!

  9. You couldnโ€™t ask for a better First Lady than Melania Trump. We think of her when we read Proverbs 31:29!!!!God bless her, our beloved President and their precious son Barron ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™โœ๏ธโœ๏ธโœ๏ธ

  10. Melania Trump is not just the First Lady, but she’s a Perfect Lady in the way she dresses, in the way she speaks, everything about her! She has such a good heart and she has care and concern for others everywhere. We couldn’t ask for better! God Bless her, President Trump and the whole Trump family! Trump for President Trump in 2020!

  11. She is the most beautiful first lady ever and none of the magazines have put her on their cover like they did Michelle and they should be ashamed. I pray she and the president get well soon and win this election . I do pray the president have a little more diplomacy and grace but I think that is his nature.

  12. People are jealous of our first last lady because is is beautiful inside and out May God be with you and your family

  13. When it coms down to who is the most traitorous group in America, it is HANDS DOWN DEMOCRATS!! O course, the media are a close second!! What is it that makes these people so vicious? It’s one thing to disagree and vote for someone else, but, good grief, must one be so cruel? How does it help to treat others with such vile contempt just for being of a different persuasion??

      1. I agree. The MSM are the most corrupt and traitorous of all, but I have come to the collusion that the Liberal Democrats are truly evil! Especially Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. To me Schumer even looks like a demon!

        God bless President Trump and our beautiful, gracious, super intelligent First Lady!

    1. I agree with all the complimentary comments about our great first Lady. But, have I missed them, or haven’t we had a word about how her Corona 19 is coming along? Hopefully she is doing as well as the President, but haven’t been able to find a word about her progress. NEws, please.

  14. Yes I support our First Lady Melania Trump! She is beautiful, gracious, and caring lady. Ihope you are doing well Mrs. Trump, I have been praying for all of the Trump family. Get well soon. May God continue to Bless and watch over you.

  15. Perhaps it is a time to thank God for giving a woman such as Melania to the President and to the United States ! She sets a good example for all Americans. Just compare her behavior to that of the Democratic women who are shown daily on the internet and the news ! They could certainly learn from her . . . . They are complete opposites ! It is difficult to accept whatever the out-of-Control liberals are trying to say with so much hatred in their voices.

  16. Absolutely I support our First Lady! She is a beautiful, gracious lady, that serves our country with style and grace. Thank you for always smiling, as others who are cruel and despicable can only see themselves. I am truly proud of call you, our First Lady! God Bless you!

  17. She is truly gracious, elegant and well deserving of the title of the First Lady of America. President Trump had chosen wisely and rightfully so. We are all praying for your quick recovery and hoping that you’ll get 100% better soon. Our Best To You, our dear First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump. Be well and be safe.

  18. Yes, she is a very beautiful and gracious lady she complements The White House The Way, Jackie Kennedy did. God bless our First Lady and President Trump and their family. And God is always with them.

  19. We love you Melania, praying for you: for God to give you strength, peace, joy, hope and healing. Stay strong for God is with you!

  20. I agree with all the people above!! We are so lucky to have our Melania and President Trump!! Please God give them to us for 4 more years!! God Bless the whole TRUMP FAMILY!!

  21. Melania is the most gracious person, She has a very caring personality, The way she has had to put up with the press and all the snide remarks about her and the President just goes to show how strong she is, Americans don’t know how lucky we are to have her as our First Lady. God bless Melania and President Trump and their family.

  22. Prayers for a speedy recovery. You are a very beautiful and elegant First Lady, the first we have had in a long time. God bless you and the President.

  23. It doesnโ€™t get better than Melania. Praying for a quick recovery for you and the President. Fossil-face Nancy could learn a lot from you.

  24. Iโ€™m 80 born In America and have never seen any thing like we have allowed this Demonic spirit taking over our great America.
    I believe God has put President Trump and Malania in White House to put God back in control
    of America. She with her love and grace and him with his strong love and abilities to make America America.
    I pray for President Trump, Malania and all who have gotten the virus for quick recovery, greater health, strength, wisdom, direction, love, peace, joy, leadership, wisdom, knowledge to do the job God has called them to do for our Great Americans drive all evil out of America. In Jesus Name Amen

    1. Great statement. I agree completely. And we all need to pray daily against the evil. We wrestle not against humans, but against principalities in the air who are influencing and maybe even possessing some of the Democrats.

  25. Dear Melania, You and your family are in my prayers daily, you are a wonderful, caring First Lady and the entire country Loves you. Get well soon as you are so needed by our Country, God Bless America.

  26. l love her. She and Jacqueline Kennedy are my two favorites. And Jackie didn’t have to put up with the constant and demeaning criticisms.

  27. The most beautiful first lady we have ever had. That beauty is both inside and outside. She does things behind the scenes for so many, but no one ever hears about them. I pray we have the pleasure of her company for the next 4 years right along with the best president we have ever had. Your Be Best program is so good. Kids need to hear more of how they can be good. See you soon I hope.

  28. Melania is a beautiful First Lady, she is poised, gracious, and uplifting to people when they need encouragement. Her character and personality are so much better than the former First Lady who usually had a frown on her face as though she was mad at the world. Melania has a very difficult and demanding job because she is our First Lady. I admire her and wish her a speedy recovery.

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