May 25, 2022

Cuomo says expert predictions were ‘all wrong,’ won’t give a timeline for reopening the state

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) confessed on Monday that coronavirus impact projections were “all wrong,” and he’s done speculating about what the future holds for the state in regard to reopening because of the failed models.

“Now, people can speculate. People can guess. I think next week, I think two weeks, I think a month,” Cuomo explained to reporters of the speculation about how soon New York will be able to reopen.

“I’m out of that business because we all failed at that business. Right? All the early national experts. Here’s my projection model. Here’s my projection model. They were all wrong. They were all wrong.”

Cuomo’s criteria for reopening certain parts of the state includes a “14-day downswing in deaths and hospitalizations.” However, he’s now refusing to predict a timeline for when those areas, especially New York City, will meet the requirements.

Cuomo, who was lauded as the hero of the coronavirus response early on in the pandemic, has now come under fire for proactively sending COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. Now, Cuomo is taking even more heat for slow-walking the state’s reopening process.

Dave Marcus of The Federalist wrote in a New York Post op-ed that the city’s lockdown “needs to end,” arguing that “by prolonging the coronavirus shutdown long after its core mission was accomplished, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have plunged tens of thousands of New Yorkers into poverty.”

New York’s coronavirus death tolls have fallen to the lowest levels seen since March, with Cuomo himself admitting that the state’s one-day death toll fell below 100 over the weekend. Still, he won’t relinquish his iron grip on the people of New York.

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Margi Peterson (@guest_1001118)
1 year ago

Leave it to any Democrat to try to control everything and everyone in their city or state. Even if it means making that city or state unlivable! They are all wanna be dictators! Including our stupid gov. here in VA.!

Evan Jones (@guest_1001139)
1 year ago

Sounds like incompetence, save yourselves by removing him from office while New York still exists. I think it is the 25th ammendment ( or close to there), that gives you the right.

russell d remmert (@guest_1001203)
Reply to  Evan Jones
1 year ago

Evan Good Plan

Daniel Sciaraffa (@guest_1001140)
1 year ago

It’s time that all businesses open up together, both of these two Moran’s can not respond to all those businesses. No matter what they do to stop you, even if they pull permits,shut off the water, etc! Do it all together!! Plan one day soon!! Get your freedom back! Fight by opening up!!!!

Raymond Charron (@guest_1001150)
1 year ago

This is all a democrat take over f the sheep within their power zone. Communism/socialism is in New York. The dictator Cuomo has spoken and now you must kneel to the almighty. Ivfnot, you go to jail while the criminals sreket out. They already know who their leader is.

FAS (@guest_1001174)
1 year ago

He’s an idiot who doesn’t care. What do you expect from someone who declares a sanctuary state. No protection for its citizens. His only concern what can I do so that Trumps not elected. Workers be dammed. Guess what he’ll be re-elected.

Carolyn (@guest_1001176)
1 year ago

When the tuff got rough he sure didn’t do the job for NY. Thank goodness we had Mike DeWine to get us through this. Like if he had a manual but none of us did.
Our President did a good job and I’m voting for him again😇 bless this man who thinks of us. I truly believe in him.
I never believed in Obama ever, I never voted for him and look what he didn’t do for us in 8 years not one thing. Cheated the Amerians..

sheila kaye (@guest_1001224)
1 year ago

he cldnt run nyc in covid 19 and people think he shd be a president. remember how many people who were in nursing homes rehabs died because of his stupidity. i may not a gov but it doesnt take a genius to put all covid patients into one place. everyone shd have been in jacob javits center from the beginning not in hospitals as it hurt people in all hospitals. they shd have been contained ,in one or two areas. that way the whole city wld have never gotten sick in the first place. we had the ship for nothing we had too many ventilators because he never ordered any in 2015 he put money into solar systems. he never cared abt the people. his brother was on drug president trump told everyone abt. they kept that hidden it works. many drs did give it to patients the malaria drug zpak and zinc. but of course he didnt say it saved his brothers life. then his brother walking in the hamptons well sick with virus. they r both no good. cnn is the worst also without trump god knows what wld have happened. he is doing a good job.



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