May 25, 2022

Cuomo warns that New York could reverse phased reopening due to street gatherings

New York has begun lifting coronavirus lockdowns and since both Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) have allowed the mass congregation of protesters in NYC for weeks now, many citizens of the city have apparently cast aside any pretense of following social distancing mandates in their regular lives.

This has infuriated Cuomo, who threatened to reverse reopening progress if people continue to violate lockdown and social distancing orders in the city.

“Lots of violations of social distancing, parties in the street, restaurants and bars ignoring laws,” Cuomo tweeted on Sunday, warning local leaders to “Enforce the law or there will be state action.”

New York City has entered the first phase of reopening. The city’s restaurants are now allowed to offer takeaway service but have been prohibited from allowing any kind of seating inside or outside their facilities. Gatherings are supposed to be limited to less than 10.

That hasn’t stopped New Yorkers, weary of being locked up in their houses, from partying in the streets in Manhattan and Long Island.

Cuomo declared that “we are not going back to that dark place,” referring to the peak of state’s pandemic, which took the lives of almost 31,000 New Yorkers.

“People send videos of these violations. They are rampant, and there’s not enough enforcement,” Cuomo continued. “[If] local governments are not monitoring policing, doing the compliance, yes, there is a very real possibility that we would roll back the reopening of those areas.”

Though Cuomo has dedicated much energy to excoriating New Yorkers that have opted to socialize outside their homes for the first time in months, he didn’t have anything to say about the large protest gatherings that have continued unchecked for over two weeks in NYC.

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Roy Olsen (@guest_1008856)
1 year ago

Hey Cuomo, who you going to call on violators of your lock downs? Supporters of CHAZ, maybe one of the officers that just left the PD because of your lack of support for police, ANTIFA may help you with that, call Biden he may have a stutter for you? If he can remember where NY is…

THOMAS (@guest_1008875)
1 year ago

Cuomo and DeBlasio did not give a dam about the protesters, rioters, looters, or arsonists …. now they want law abiding citizens to listen to their demands ? T O T A L B U L L S Q U I R T ! ! !
The High and Mighty are so full of it ! They can go to Hades !

ken worth (@guest_1009320)
Reply to  THOMAS
1 year ago

I guess their communist take over was a failure,so now cuomhomo wants to up the anti. Doubt he’ll get much help from the NYPD considering how he backstabbed them during the “peaceful protests”. He and hi ilk have almost destroyed NY. Elections are coming up,I hope the people of NY have seen the errors of their ways,and decide to vote communism out and conservative freedom back in.

David Fiebelkorn (@guest_1008889)
1 year ago

So Hitler of NY is not happy. The dictator should have done something about the protests if he was concerned about large gatherings!

9MM (@guest_1008901)
1 year ago

This is the show both Cuomo and De Blasio bunch are showing as the states two dictators. Both should hit the asphalt on foot going East they, one a loser thinking he could be Pres the other thinking the Devilrats want him to run for Pres as they ditch a Dementia Joe. That makes one a loser now the other to be loser come November but today they feel the Devilrat call to be Dictator

Evelyn Farrell (@guest_1008937)
1 year ago

Governor Cuomo, you should know that if people do not believe in your lock down or your stay at home orders, they will not abide. Where were when you had all the people rioting in the streets?

Catherine (@guest_1008952)
1 year ago

What goes around comes around be honest, test the protestors see how many actually come up positive that will tell if its rearing its ugly head again. If they are neg then it doesn’t spread that easily. Let the people go. Stop keeping them locked up. Let them make the decision not you. You don’t have to worry about your business. You still get your pay. Put yourself in their shoes. Stop the protestors catch the looters and make them pay (or Soros) pay for the damage. Be a governor for once.

Dorothy (@guest_1008988)
1 year ago

Cuomo and Pelosi make such a good couple. Two stupid people trying to be real men. You both missed the mark. You did this to yourselves by protecting the rioters and not your police or citizens. Two pathetic whiners.

Patricia (@guest_1009013)
Reply to  Dorothy
1 year ago

So true!!!!!!

Dorothy (@guest_1008991)
1 year ago

My above comment was suppose to be deblosio and not pelosi

Patricia (@guest_1009015)
Reply to  Dorothy
1 year ago

Still true!!!! All three of them are nuts!!!!!

Susan (@guest_1010439)
Reply to  Dorothy
1 year ago

But it still made sense and was hilarious!

Sue (@guest_1009048)
1 year ago

Now Cuomo wants to send in the police that is funny. Look what he did with covid 19 patients putting then in with ones that did not have it, what an idiot. How is it he still there and running that city of NY in the ground. All i can say i glad i dont live in NY.. Thank you God i live in n Florida we have a governor with brains.. Which Cuomo dont have or nerver had. So lets fix the problem vote 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP

Barbara Bednarski (@guest_1009064)
1 year ago


Eli (@guest_1009076)
1 year ago

Where has he been?? People haven’t been social distancing for several weeks. Why are they still trying to take control for COVID 19, when they lost it with the paid, Democrat Social/Communist demonstrations across the nation? It isn’t all about racism. They shouldn’t get any stimulus money, it just gives them more time to march and party. A St. Louis, Democrat prosecutor released protestors and looters without bail. This is lawlessness and anarchy, supporting the radical movement. This isn’t about racism, but about destruction, vandalism, criminal activity against officers and innocent people, who have been shot and killed. They can’t justify it.

Joey Bagadoughnuts (@guest_1009107)
1 year ago

I thought Cuomos dad was a bad governor but Andrew is far worse his dad was tied to the Columbo crime family that’s how he got the votes the longshoremen union backed him then after he won he didn’t do anything for them.How people forget where they came from.

russell d remmert (@guest_1009170)
1 year ago

NYcity or State have no leaders

Barry.w.vann (@guest_1009307)
1 year ago

Cuomo and Deblasio are just two more democratic ( communists ) that are willing to sacrifice our country to communism in order to defeat our President. They need to be put in front of a firing squad (along with ” the squad”) . Donald Trump will beat communist Joe by a landslide … matter what the fake news polls say.



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