July 31, 2021

Cuomo impeachment investigation is reportedly expanding

During the coronavirus pandemic, New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo became the darling of the left for his adversarial treatment of former President Donald Trump. However, the dark underbelly of his administration during that time is just beginning to be exposed.

While some were calling for Cuomo’s resignation over claims of sexual harassment, one of Cuomo’s top aides may have been distributing COVID-19 vaccines to areas of the state based on promises of political support, the Washington Examiner reported. The state’s Attorney General, Letitia James,  is now investigating the matter as a part of a larger investigation that could lead to the impeachment of the embattled New York governor. 

Larry Schwartz, a volunteer adviser who headed the state’s vaccine distribution efforts, allegedly pressed at least six Democratic county executives on whether they would support the embattled governor as accusations of sexual misconduct mounted. Investigators were tipped off after a county executive filed a complaint with James’s office.

“Right at the time that every county was working, and desperately needed more vaccines, to receive a call from the person who was responsible for allocating those doses gauging political loyalty to the governor was an obvious conflict, and at best ethically gray,” an unnamed county executive who fielded one of Schwartz’s calls said.  The aide has denied the allegations as has an attorney for Cuomo who claimed some were “distorting Larry’s role or intentions for headlines maligns a decades-long public servant.”

If this is true, it’s another charge of misconduct surrounding his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Cuomo has been accused of pressing health officials to give special access to COVID-19 testing to some of his cronies while supplies were short for the public.

However, his disastrous nursing home policy that mandated infected patients be sent back to nursing homes for recovery is the bombshell issue. Many vulnerable patients contracted the virus and died as a result, and his office allegedly tried to cover up the number of deaths that policy caused.

Cuomo must have believed his own fawning press because even as he was making those awful blunders, he literally wrote the book on coronavirus response. In fact, another minor scandal is brewing surrounding whether he used state resources when writing “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The governor is finally facing a well-deserved firestorm of political pressure over the scandals. Without the ability to beat up on Trump, he’s no longer useful to the Democratic party, and now every misstep will come to light as they dispense with the used-up lawmaker.

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47 Responses

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        1. cuomo is a demorat.just like his party.not a republican. dont disgrace republicans.cuomo needs to be put away now.and so does deblasio.two losers in the demorat party.

    2. Still feet d..r..a..g..g..i..n..g..!!!!
      Shoulda been hauled off a long time ago
      Now with all that going on
      The Big Bang…

    3. Killer Cuomo needs to go down in flames! He thinks that he is untouchable, the arrogant egotistical narcissistic conceited jerk.

    1. What!? Impeach a Democrat? And you want them to hurry? We’re lucky they’re even TALKING about it. He’ll be impeached the day the Sun sputters out. As in they’ll forget, or it can’t be done on a Tuesday, or the witnesses all got killed in a traffic accident. If Cuomo actually gets impeached and found guilty, it will be on the miracle level of the Resurrection of Jesus. Don’t hold your breath, Dumbocrats are never guilty, just look at Bill and Hillary.

  1. I think before anyone believes this, better
    talk to Janice Dean first for the truth.!If anyone
    is following this it’s her.

  2. they had less on Trump and tried twice to impeach him ,,, and his charges were made up ,,, Cuomo’s are self inflicted….

  3. TALK, TALK, TALK, I will believe all this crap when I see it, TALK IS CHEAP, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS !!!! JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT !!!

  4. He should be impeached. Also while they are at it how about Biden and Harris. Both have no right to be there. Biden can’t keep his mouth shut and Harris doesn’t know what she is doing.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it, until then my belief is not one damn thing will happen! New Yorkers are not calling for his proverbial head on a platter. As a guy on the outside looking in, Cuomo should already be in jail.

  6. Nothing is going to happen. Lots of money will go to the attorney fees that the taxpayers are footing. Remember that Democrats have teflon consciences and will never pay the price for their misdeeds.

  7. He should be impeached and tried for murder, he knew he was sentencing those elders to death when he moved infected in with them, he’s also a pig who figures women are okay to rape he needs to hang!

  8. He should be in prison for the rest of his disgusting life. Hold him responsible for every nursing home death. He murdered those people pure and simple. He is an arrogant, lying, narcissist who needs to go. He and DeBlasio have destroyed NY. Like many other cities, Portland, Chicago just to name a few, violence is tolerated putting innocent citizens in danger and Dems sit back and let BLM and Antifa take over their cities and destroy and riot, loot and people killing, No law and order which is what these officials are suppose to make sure is being up held. DO AWAY WITH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. THEY ARE PUTTING MAJORITY OF AMERICA IN DANGER AND ARE NOT PROTECTING CITIZENS LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSE.

    1. I agree Doris. How in H e double L did this bunch of robbers and thieves and liars get into control of the WH. Oh yea, I remember, they lied, cheated and stole.

  9. “Every dog has is day” and the Andrew Cuomo dog looks like it is heading hell bent for his very bad day and it’s about time. Hopefully an orange jump suit is waiting at the end of the line for this malfeasance political crook. Karma is such a blessing at times and this is one of those times.

  10. Looking back at how rapidly Democratic demons took in impeaching procedure of the greatest living president President Donald Trump. And the can’t get horny deadly dog Cuomo impeached. Really America??! And you voted these people in. I voted TRUMP

  11. CUOMO? Impeachment scandal gets bigger? Really? Why? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Hows CUOMO’S brother doing on CNN, you know Andrew who tells fake news with Don Lemon. Still lying? Really? Oh

    1. chris fredo cuomo is not aloud to speak about his brother on cnn fake news channel.this is a big joke cuomo and lemonhead are a big joke. these two losers need to getoff tv.there both losers and liers.cnn needs to get off tv now there going down the drain.cartoon channel has higher ratings than cnn the lying fake news channel.everything trump has said about fake news cnn channelis true.that channel msnbc joy reid is another disgracfulchannel all need to be off tv.they lie thats all do is lie lie lie .all losers.

  13. Your eyes are telling the truth. Gov. Cuomo is a white gorilla. Time to put him in a cage.
    Adam of CA.

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