Report: Cuomo’s executive order is responsible for sending 4,500 coronavirus patients to NY nursing homes

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was pronounced the hero of the coronavirus pandemic by the media for months.

Now, his star is falling as a new report by the Associated Press confirmed that he made the needlessly fatal mistake of ordering nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients for weeks.

The AP report found that Cuomo’s March 25th executive order that care homes in the state must accept new and returning patients without requiring a negative COVID test resulted in more than 4,500 coronavirus patients flooding the state’s nursing homes, exposing thousands more of the most vulnerable population to the deadly virus.

Cuomo’s administration has refused to release the results of their own internal tally of the wreckage caused by Cuomo’s policy, but the AP’s independently calculated tally exposed the truth anyway.

Cuomo has tried to shift the blame to the Trump administration, claiming that New York was simply following federal guidelines for nursing homes.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said on Friday that federal guidelines dictated that “nursing homes SHOULD admit any individual they would normally admit to their facility, including individuals from hospitals where a case of COVID-19 was/ is present.”

But Cuomo’s March 25th executive order specifically prevented nursing homes from denying “readmission or admission solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Recommending admission of a patient that has tested negative for COVID-19 even after being in a facility with other coronavirus cases present is quite different from mandating the admission of a patient with COVID-19.

Michael Caputo, assistant secretary for public affairs at the US Department of Health and Human Services, told the New York Post on Friday that “Leadership is about good and sound judgment. Gov. Cuomo exercised misguided leadership. He’s responsible for this nursing home problem, and the deaths are on his hands.”

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  1. Cuomo & his son should be permanently barred from ALL politics, public life, ALL meetings for the free &, then sent straight to Hell!!!

    1. Cuomo was dealing to attacks at the same time. One was sending the infected into Rest Homes to die. The second was cutting the number of elderly filling up the rest homes. This way he took care of two problems in one fell swoop. That is what he calls, Planning Ahead for great results.

  2. If I ever hear that a family member of one of those nursing home deaths took revenge on that murdering Cuomo and smokes him . If I was on that jury I would find them not guilty by reasons of grief and temp insanity! Put that murdering bastard in prison!

  3. Looks like being in charge means taking responsibility for even the dumb a$$ decisions you make eh Andy??? Wow it seems like President Trump is doing a much better job than the media is giving him credit for!

    1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Karma!!!!! They all want to blame Trump for everything!!! I guess Cuomo clearly wasn’t thinking, after all, wasn’t it HE that spoke about Matilda’s law after his own mother????
      Too much emphasis was placed on destroying our economy, destroying lives just to destroy Trump and regain power. Shame shame shame. Pro Trump 2020 ALL THE WAY USA!!!

  4. I think that Cuomo and Whitmer shared midnight conference calls to discuss how to screw the citizens and help get rid of the elderly. Both created virtually identical “executing orders” that caused the death of thousands of our elderly people. Both issued draconian regulations and penalties for the citizens causing more deaths from the shelter in place orders. May they share the same accommodations in Hell!

      1. They were thinking that they were above the law and that no one would catch on. Extending the stay at home orders to cover their butts. I hope when they meet their maker, they have good explanation. Going to be very hot where they are going!

  5. So Coumo EXPLAIN THIS … You and Governor De Santis of Florida received the very same Instructions from DC ……De Santis USED HIS BRAINS to NOT send Virus infected Seniors to Nursing homes and saved mANY LIVES….On the Other Hand you SAT on whatever brains you claim to have and really FOOKED UP and Killed over 400 Innocent SENIBRS … and GO on TV with your FREDO brother to try to BLAME TRUMP for you being NOT A BRIGHT BULB….can you fathom the difference???

  6. These week backbone people need to man up and stop placing all the blame on Trump… Maybe everyone in America should have National truce day starting June 1st and knock off all hate. Just sayin

  7. This is why SOME of us N.Y. residents refer to this POS as “emperor” cuomo. He has made speeches, that he intends to OPENLY ignore the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, the POTUS (which he has many times) , his sworn oath of office, and install “his own” “progressive” (communist” government in N.Y. because “he alone” now “rules” both houses of government in N.Y. and will do what ever he pleases now that he can ‘get things done “his way”,
    However, many indoctrinated, clueless , uninformed, under educated people in this country think he would be great as the next POTUS??? I think NOT. (unless you want to live under communist “rule” and become his next batch of “royal subjects”.

  8. Dem & RINO governors are motivated Politically. Not caring about Public health, in defiance of We The People, the Federal Government and Common Sense, to extend this PROBLEM to election day! Just another Stupid Coup Attempt which holds US ALL in Contempt, and overstepping their (people-given) Authority.

  9. What a terrible joke these two Cuomo brothers are. The fake media brother with a huge swab joking how the Governor has a huge 2 barrel nostril. Never asks his Gov. brother any bipartisan serious question. The fake media. All this joking! I had just watched this wife expressed how her husband lost both his mother and father who was in this nursing from covid19 sobbing. The these two come on. Disgusting. When I was growing up I was taught to respect whoever the President was and support him. The people made their choice. Where has morals and principles gone. Shame on us as people. No all but many.

  10. The people that lost someone during this nursing home crisis should file a PERSONAL LAWSUIT against Cuomo for millions of dollars. Since there were so many you can clean his house with his bank book. Take everything he owns including any properties any monies in offshore accounts “…EVERYTHING HE OWNS HE NEEDS TO LOSE”. Let those IDIOTS in the news media sing his praises now. These idiots are truly useless individuals who serve no purpose to mankind. All these democrats should make everyone happy by leaving this country and relocating in China. Since they are so quick to kiss the A$$ of the Chinese leader who caused this pandemic and who continues to try stealing our technology they may want to consider the move, after all, the democrats morality is pretty much the same as the chinese. Pack your bags and get out of AMERICA.

  11. Cuomo and Whitmer are the grimm reapers from hell; God Almighty will give them what they deserve all at once!

  12. The time has come for Cuomo to step down, he has blood on his hands. Governor Cuomo continues to shamelessly try to blame President Trump and the CDC for the nursing home crisis, but here are the facts: By forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients, Cuomo ignored the CDC. The CDC was clear about only sending COVID-19 patients to facilities that could meet the standards for controlling the virus, such as adequate PPE. The CDC also stated that if nursing homes could not follow these guidelines, then they must wait to accept COVID-19 patients until they are no longer a risk to spreading the virus. Cuomo’s mandate forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients regardless of their ability to adhere to the CDC’s guidelines. In the face of scarce PPE and unsafe work environments in our nursing homes, what was Governor Cuomo’s response when asked by the press? “It’s not our job.” Countless families who have lost parents in New York State nursing home facilities are asking for answers, I hope they can personally sue him! He had the audacity to blame the deaths on God, Mother Nature, then join his brother Frito and laugh about the senior citizens who died because of his ineptness, unless he did that on purpose?

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