July 7, 2022

Cruz says Biden spending plan will drive inflation ‘even more’

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s spending bill will drive American inflation “even more” in an effort that is destined to harm the nation.

Cruz shared the remarks during a Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” interview regarding the impact of the recently passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

“They want you not to be able to fill up gas in your car. They want your electricity bill to be higher. They want your heating bill to be higher, and the cruelty — of course, it doesn’t impact them,” Cruz said of Democrats.

“The Democratic elites will still fly on their private planes everywhere they go, and the working people, they just say let them eat cake. And it is really cruel what is happening after spending $1.9 trillion on a so-called COVID relief bill — that wasn’t COVID relief — and now spending 1.2 trillion on a so-called infrastructure bill, much of which is not infrastructure,” he added.

Cruz noted the next step in the left’s plan is to move on to passing its massive spending plan. The original version was $3.5 trillion. After push back from Republicans and West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, the current price tag is $1.75 trillion.

If passed, the two bills will add nearly $3 trillion in taxpayer spending during a time when America has the greatest inflation it has seen in 30 years.

“They now want to move on to Bernie Sanders’ socialist budget. This was the budget that was originally $3.5 trillion, and it was actually closer to $5.5 if you scored it honestly,” he said.

The bill will be fought by Republicans, but it may not matter. The new version could go through Senate reconciliation and be passed by a simple majority under the Democrats’ control.

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