October 6, 2022

Cruz blocks Biden nominees to draw attention to China

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday he has blocked President Joe Biden’s nominees to national security posts to draw attention to concerns regarding China.

The remarks occurred during an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” Cruz pushed the plan, despite accusations from the White House that he is “obstructing” the process.

“Iโ€™m trying to get President Biden to stop acquiescing and surrendering to our enemies,” Cruz said.

“On China, I introduced an amendment to say that we should not purchase any green vehicles or solar panels made with slave labor in communist China in concentration camps. Every Democrat but Joe Manchin voted against it,” he added.

Cruz also shared concerns about Russia, especially a Biden-approved pipeline that would give the communist nation billions of dollars.

“If this pipeline is allowed to go online, it will give billions of dollars to Russia. They will use it well for military aggression against America and our allies.

“It will undermine European security, American security and- and enriches Russia. And Biden simply surrendered to Putin. That was a mistake,” the senator added.

The efforts may not stop Biden’s weaknesses on China and Russia, but Cruz hopes the work will at least draw more attention to concerns regarding these and other important issues.




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