May 23, 2022

Cruz: Biden using racial discrimination to put ‘left-wing ideologue’ on Supreme Court

Despite having campaigned as an even-tempered moderate, President Joe Biden has revealed himself as a captive of his party’s progressive wing, and according to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the commander in chief is determined to put a “left-wing ideologue” in the Supreme Court seat soon to be vacated by Justice Stephen Breyer, as Breitbart reports.

After news emerged that Breyer would indeed be stepping down from the high court at the end of the current term, Biden declared that he would only consider Black females as suitable successors for the spot on the bench and said that the name of his nominee would be revealed by the end of February.

In an appearance over the weekend on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Cruz took aim at Biden’s blatantly discriminatory pledge and the message it sends to the electorate more broadly.

Cruz began his critique of Biden by saying, “the fact that he’s chosen to put out this racial quota, it is wrong. It is wrong to discriminate based on race,” noting that in other employment contexts, advertising the fact that “only Black women or eligible to apply,” or “only white men are eligible to apply,” or “only Native American women are eligible to apply,” would render those communications unlawful.

“And yet Joe Biden,” Cruz remarked, “those laws don’t technically apply to the president in this appointment, but he is certainly violating the spirit of nondiscrimination.”

The Texas senator noted that had Biden conducted a search without first announcing explicit race and gender criteria and found the best candidate to be a Black woman, “that’s wonderful. But he’s not doing that. He wants to discriminate based on race.”

The irony of that fact was not lost on Cruz, who reminded the show’s audience that on two prior occasions, during his time as a senator, Biden used the filibuster to block the nomination of a Black female judge โ€“ Janice Rogers Brown โ€“ to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

“They tried to block her from becoming a judge, not because she was a Black woman, but because, God forbid, she actually believed in the Constitution and would follow the terms of the Constitution,” Cruz lamented, adding that the Rogers Brown episode exposes the fact that “[w]hat Biden really wants here is a left-wing ideologue” and that he is happy to use racial discrimination to achieve that goal.

As former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard recently noted, another of Biden’s high-profile applications of race and gender quotas of this sort โ€“ the one that resulted in Kamala Harris ascending to the vice presidency โ€“ has turned out to be nothing short of a “disaster,” but there seems little chance that this president will reverse course and shun the sort of naked political pandering for which he is now known.

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