May 24, 2022

Critics slam Sen. Elizabeth Warren for falsely saying ‘minority’ thwarted pro-abortion bill

After her colleagues failed to advance an abortion bill championed by the left, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) vented her anger in bizarre fashion that evinced shocking disregard for what actually occurred and swiftly drew the attention of critics from coast to coast, as Fox News notes.

Liberal rage has been boiling over since the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion suggesting the imminent reversal of Roe v. Wade, and as such, Democrats made an effort Wednesday to move a measure called the Women’s Health Protection Act, designed to fortify abortion rights on a federal level, as CBS News noted.

However, that procedural vote failed by a margin of 49-51, with all 50 Republicans as well as Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) standing in opposition to the advancement of the measure, which was brought to the floor despite the knowledge that there would be insufficient votes to overcome an inevitable filibuster, if the bill ever made it that far.

Warren, for her part, was apoplectic about the result, going so far as to make an inexplicable assertion that the bill’s progress was thwarted by a “minority” of lawmakers – which was, of course, factually untrue.

“I believe in democracy, and I don’t believe that the minority should have the ability to block things that the majority want to do. That’s not in the Constitution,” Warren explained to Manu Raju of CNN.

The senator’s strange characterization of events continued, as she further declared, “What we’re talking about right now are the individual rights and liberties of half the population of the United States of America. I think that’s enough to say it’s time to get rid of the filibuster,” a seeming non-sequitur, given the fact that the measure did not even pull a simple majority in its favor.

Quickly taking note of Warren’s apparent confusion was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who wrote, “Um, a bipartisan MAJORITY of the Senate just voted down the Dems’ radical abortion bill. 51 is greater than 49, even using Harvard math. You don’t get to call the losing side the majority just because you agree with it.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald also pointed out the lack of basic logic in Warren’s rant, tweeting, “What did the filibuster have to do with the failure of the Dems’ abortion bill in the Senate today???? 51 Senators – a majority – voted NO on the bill. It’s like living in some surreal twisted world where Dems and media allies keep pretending the filibuster stopped the bill.”

As bad as Warren’s constitutional cluelessness is, conservative commentator Stephen Miller underscored perhaps an even more dangerous facet of the scenario, namely, that “Raju stands there and lets her get away with this,” something countless other mainstream media journalists would almost certainly have done on the liberal senator’s behalf, the resulting damage to basic civic literacy be damned.

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