April 11, 2021

Cramer blames Pelosi for ‘flippant’ impeachment

Depending on who you ask, former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is either of the utmost importance for the future of this nation or the dumbest waste of time and money possible.

According to Politico, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) falls in the group who believe the latter, as he released a video prior to the start of Trump’s impeachment trial in which he charged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with “flippantly” weaponizing impeachment as a political tool. 

In the video, Cramer didn’t pull any punches in his harsh criticism of Pelosi and her idea to charge the former president with an “incitement of insurrection” impeachment charge following the January 6 Capitol riots, which Democrats believe was a result of Trump’s fiery rhetoric pertaining to the outcome of the 2020 election.

“As a response to her view that Donald Trump demeaned the Office of the President, the House Speaker is now making a mockery of Congress and one of the most serious institutions in our country,” Cramer said, adding that he thinks the debacle is “disgusting.”

He went on to call the House impeachment managers “backbenchers” who were only sent to handle the Senate side of the impeachment process so that she could send the rest of the lower chamber home, adding that there’s still much to be done on behalf of the Americans who voted those lawmakers into office.

According to the calendar, while the Senate carries through with the impeachment trial, the House will use the week to focus on committee-related tasks, with speculation that they’re gearing up for the upcoming vote on President Joe Biden’s insanely expensive COVID-19 relief package.

According to the New York Post, Cramer’s frustration about Pelosi’s handling of current events is shared by Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who wrote in a recent set of op-eds that Democrats are purposely avoiding debate on critical legislation by instead holding a “political impeachment charade.”

Last week, Paul forced the upper chamber to hold a vote on the constitutionality of Trump’s impeachment trial, with 45 Republican senators agreeing that it is not, in fact, constitutionally sound. It wasn’t enough to kill the process before it started, but it signaled that short of an unprecedented turn of events, Trump is all but guaranteed to secure an acquittal.

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117 Responses

    1. Understand, Where and for what was Pelosi charged? I was hoping to find that she had been charged with some crime and was about to go to jail for any number of the things she has lied about but I cannot find anything about her being charged with anything! The title is completely bogus!

      1. Agree. I don’t like the headlines that draw you in and then it’s something else entirely. Kinda pisses me off :/

      2. As almost every headline has been in at least the last four years! Blasting and framing a conservative or glorifying the lies of a truly hate pushing overpaid underworking liberal hell-bent on lining their pockets with yen and backdoor deals while destroying the bleeding country we have almost certainly lost. Unless…

      3. I wish Nancy Pelosi would be charged with ANYTHING! She goes around lighting tons of fires every day with flame torches, and then sinks back in the background and let others get burned to a crisp that SHE started! If someone ever asks her a challenging question or remark she denies ANY blame, EVER, when she is very powerful and behind it ALL!! NANCY PELOSI IS A WICKED SATANIC WITCH !

    2. I completely understand. I was looking for the same thing and realized I’ve already unsubscribed to this one but it comes back with every contest I enter. I figure it’s worth have to keep unsubscribing for the opportunity to add to my 2A collection. Don’t pay any attention to the naysayers, they’ve been upset ever since waking up this morning and being so sadly disappointed looking in the mirror.

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  1. I am soooo sick and tired of the moronic democrats inserting there self up my you know what. Four plus years of cry baby cry has been overboard dedusting. As the pinetum swings .

  2. We all know it was planned way before that day. It would be nice if the democrats would et off their high horse and start working for the American people instead of wasting tax payers money.

    1. They haven’t had much practice at doing that, Eleanor. For the past 4 years, all they’ve done is to resist, demean, and attack President Trump. Actually getting something positive and productive done for the American people is unknown ground to them. They are highly skilled at wasting time and wasting our taxpayers’ money.

        1. I fully agree. And all there doing ,is wasting our hard-earned dollar for BS and don’t think there not lining their pockets with the taxes we pay. Biden has just about destroyed this country, in just a few weeks. He don’t care about us, or this country.

      1. It’s becoming ever more clear that Dumbocrats like Pelosi don’t have any desire or incentive to make positive changes to the communities they supposedly serve. Did AOC do her constituency right be chasing away 25,000 high-paying jobs? Why doesn’t Pelosi live in the impoverished district she supposed represents? Has she done ANYTHING to improve their lives? Did Wheeler, de Blasio, Frey or Lightfoot lift a finger to keep rabid BLM/Antifa thugs from setting their cities on fire?

        These Dumbocrats are all too stupid to govern properly so they’re rewarded by following instructions of people who ensure they’re paid well for their obedience. It should be more than obvious now that their puppeteers are intent on destroying America from the inside out. Now we’ve got the chief of the dummies on the CCP payroll and in just 3 weeks he’s done a SUPERB job of carrying out their destructive orders.

        1. Remember in October 1859 when John Brown and his followers went to HARPER’s Ferry and took over the U.S. Arsenal and used slaves they kidnapped from local farms to help fight the U.S. Marines under Col. Robert E. Lee? The slaves were instructed by Brown that they were fighting for their freedom. “Well”, the first person to die was a slave that was happy living at and working for “master”. Brown shot him! The insurrection was quelled and Brown was tried in Charlestown as a traitor and hung. If you read the history books today, John Brown’s now a hero! Back then we didn’t have a President that sold our country out to the Chinese and Russians, with a group involved in a coup d’Etat of our President and letting illegals invade across the Mexican border with a deadly virus! Nor did we have Congressman who were placed in office with Chynese money and sleeping with a Chynese spy! We will never forget these marxists trying to overthrow this “Once Great Country”. God bless President Trump! History will declare him one “if not” the best President the USA ever had.

    2. Agree with you wholeheartedly. They continue to act like small children attacking Donald Trump because they dislike him, probably because he is showing them he does a better job leading this country better then they have, showing how corrupt they are, and all become millionaires on us. Instead of doing the job they are supposed to be
      Doing supporting and representing the American citizens, not the illegals breaking
      The law instead of waiting their turn like everyone else.

      1. You know they want open BORDER? Here the deal, the corporate business owner want open BORDER! So they can HIRED CHEAP LABOR! Putting AMERICANS CITIZEN out of a JOB! And these companies are the ones who donated to the DEMOCRAT PARTY!

        1. It’s much more than that. The DEMONRATS want to bring in thousands of illegals and give them everything to create new VOTERS for them to ultimately turn Texas Blue (more Democrats than Republicans) to get Texas’s huge electoral vote of 45 to quickly and surely win all Presidential elections from then on because they did the same thing in California with illegals to get their huge electoral votes!

      2. And people wonder where others are getting the Idea that they should get their Covid Shot before others rather than waiting and keep trying to get an appointment for one. Some believe they should get their first shot before the persons getting their second ( not caring that the second shot has to be administered within so any days of the first ) and that each state is only sent so many, and they have to distributed throughout the state. Anyways it just shows their Democratic party way of ME,ME,ME, first attitudes

      3. They hate Trump because he wasn’t a corrupt politician like they are. Nothing threatens a corrupt person more than someone whose primary mission was to clean up the mess, exposing them as the pond scum that they are.

      4. I wish that their hatred was only based upon dislike for Donald Trump but, it isn’t. The Democrats are the most corrupt and treasonous party that our Republic has ever known. When Donald Trump said that he would “drain the swamp”, he declared war on every corrupt politician in DC and he scared the “Schiff” out of them! Everyone of them knew that if Trump kept his word, everyone of them would end up in prison. I believe that’s at least one of their motives for stealing the 2020 election. Now, with their second impeachment efforts, they want to make certain that Trump can never hold office again! Boy, I wonder why?

        Donald Trump was under attack even before he took office and, despite those attacks, he kept his word to US. Now, I believe that we should take a stand to, not only defend him but, to defend our Republic! We, just cannot let corrupt and treasonous Democrats, George Soros and the Communist Chinese destroy our Republic. That is, unless we don’t care about our children and grandchildren!

    3. Yes it was planned. It appears that Nancy knew of it before hand and refused to provide appropriate security. She is ultimately responsible for ensuring security for White House. She refused to add additional security, thus it is 100% on her.

    4. Work for the American people ? Surely you jest . If they did that they might lose their reputation as the Party of ‘Tax and Spend’ . They might actually have to do something that resembles work . (heaven forbid that happen) And Nancy Pelosi hates having egg on her face . The last impeachment was so successful you know . She is panicked that Trump may run again actually drain the swamp and expose their fraud .

    1. you are so right all she wants is trump out and superior power she holds and yes she is abusing her power is impeaachable for her aburse of power

      1. She actually didn’t wait for the facts to come in with respect to the events on January 6th. Had she done that, it would have irritated her that the incursion into the Capitol building occurred 19 minutes BEFORE President Trump had finished his speech. But FACTS do not matter to her. This was a target of opportunity to smear the president and she went after it. She is an incredibly evil person, who denies that her heart is filled with hatred, but her actions speak otherwise.

    2. And Maxine (b****) Waters should be held accountable for inciting violence on Trump voters. It’s on video. We need to start doing something…..we have that right. They need to be reminded they work for US…also HARRIS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR INCITING RIOTS AND BAILING THE PERPETRATORS OUT OF JAIL OVER AND OVER.

  3. Didn’t the Supreme Court Justices already rule on this to lat President Trump go ahead & run in 2024 a lot of time & money wasted on a mock trial now!


  4. Republicans have to stand up for the republicans not side with demoncrates turn on Trump and we will turn on you Mitch is out for my part in KY he should be impeached and sent to China where his real family is not a true Kentucky resident he sold out along time ago

  5. Would like to know when is Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the demoncrats going to stop with all the Witch Hunts and actually start doing the job they are supposed to do and that is serve the people of the USA With so much hate to try and destroy another human being is not good for our country and is not good for us.

  6. 100 million Trump supporters are in America!!!!! We should be able to do something about Mr. Biden doing away with everything Trump achieved in 4 years in spite of the relentless attacks on him, Millions of Jobs with the stroke of a pen ie. Keystone Pipeline, Border crossing, Illegals before Americans (numerous homeless and unemployed, people who lost their businesses, their life savings because of the irresponsible politically motivated handling of the Corona Virus, a total hoax; schools are still closed, students get dumber and dumber, businesses closed etc. and they still haven’t got a grip on the Virus; now there is a new strain and that fits the Democrats/Liberals just fine. Why , because they are like the Communist China, the Soviet Russian and other such countries, it’s all about power and control. The dumb folks get free stuff in turn for a vote ……….

  7. When you see the whites of their eyes all the way around the color, something is definitely wrong.
    When women draw their eyebrows on, in the middle of their forehead something is definitely wrong.
    When they put their boobs on around their waists something is definitely wrong.
    when their right hand is constantly pointing at you , their is a problem.

  8. For her blatant acts of defiance she should face an immediate trial or a trip by her husband to an old fashion woodshed to spend the next 2 weeks eating buffet style. She in no uncertain terms in need of a drastic change of a attitude adjustment.

  9. This Democratic Party has been on ego trip from get go since President Trump got elected in 2016 especially Pelosi I believe she seems to have a personality problem with President Trump. Trump has shown his loyalty to America and American people and has done a extraordinary job running our nation .

  10. Pelosi is a stupid witch and I have got to say plum ugly waste of oxygen that is use to getting her stupid way because people feel so so sorry for her seeing how ugly and stupid she isAmerica have mercy on her please don’t put her in a zoo…..

    1. Don’t worry her days are getting shorter! God given her time to come clean. Before he STOP THE HEART! But it doesn’t look like she give a dam! Do her soul when it leave her body with meet her in HADES!

  11. Every thing Biden did Is un American! Iileagal l he should be impeach an in prison NOW !a long with many many more now!

  12. The democrat’s and not the taxpayer should pay for the sham of an impeachment trial. And then Pelosi and the other liars should be put on trial for all the lies and false statements they drummed up. Shame on the voter that put those jokers in charge of their affairs’. I can not understand why this country put a professional blackmailer in the WH. Anyway this country is now completely on the slide. Like Biden said with a smile on his face “this country is going to be unemployed until 10 years in the future”. Thanks a lot.

    1. FROM Russia to Germany To China ,NOW TO THE USA , what the hell happened to this country !!! Communism is a cancer to the world ,it is even now rampant in the Vatican

  13. Joe Biden is working on pipeline . Only problem is it belongs to the Taliban. Someone needs to ask him what he is doing ?

    1. Breaking the CONSTITUTION LAWS! The 14 AMENDMENT section 3 tell us we are NOT TO AID THE ENEMY OF AMERICA! Or they are to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE! We can go all the way back to Bill Clinton . He gave the ENEMY ( CHINA) THE blueprint of the nuclear warhead to them! BUT NOBODY IN THE CONGRESS SPOKEN OUT! Control by the DEMOCRAT PARTY! Hillary Clinton selling URANIUM TO RUSSIA! Another 14 AMENDMENT section 3 getting broken! Obama on BENGHAZI AND SYRIA EVEN ISIS. THEN BILLION OF DOLLARS TO IRAN ANOTHER ENEMY OF AMERICA! NOTHING DONE BY THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS OR REPUBLICAN! America has been sold out! We are doom under these POLITICAN! Where was the IMPEACHED HEARING AND ARRESTED?

      1. Wyatt ,perfectly written, sometimes I need to be reminded of just how corrupt the democrat /communists really are and have been in the past Thankyou ,sincerely paul the jarhead 79-82

  14. This Country is so screwed. Politicians are all crooks. Trump had it right , Drain the swamp. If we have Term Limits , we wont be in this mess!

  15. Put her six feet under—let Satan have her. She is a WASTE OF CONTINING TO BE HERE ON THIS EARTH. COMPLETE SEWER GUTTER TRASH DEMON*****👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥…

    1. Satan got plenty of these POLITICAN on his list! Will be join the late ones who try to screw the country GOD HELP THE PILGRIM FIND!

  16. Has anybody given thought to the fact that the false and fraudulant defeat of Trump was a bloodless
    political COUP. All planned by democrats including the higher ups in the party. The last time I heard, a
    COUP was a crime against the government. Traitorous. I think a trail is in order.

  17. This Demonrat garbage has to stop before our Magnificent Country is destroyed by their stupidity. 4 years of political hate and garbage attempts to stop the best President in years and now they want to waste more time and money. All this while mr. biden gives trillions to our enemies and sends our troops back to senseless combat. We need the real Commander in Chief, President Trump. A stolen election does not make mr burden anything more than an imposter and a treasonous thief.

    1. Hey Joe it been going on longer than four years! Gone all the way back to Bill Clinton! He gave our nuclear warhead BLUEPRINT TO CHINA free! You would think he was AIDING THE ENEMY! READ THE CONSTITUTION LAWS AMENDMENT 14 SECTION 3!He should had been IMPEACHED AND ARRESTED FOR THAT! ALL BEFORE THE BLUE DRESS!

  18. Kudos to President Trump for He is still living rent free in their heads and too stupid to recognize the problem . Instead all they can think of is impeach a former president and can not do it because He is innocent and they should know this one FACT .

  19. Nancy Pelosi has such a HATRED of Mr. Trump it is SINFUL, maybe she can really start an act of contrition before her next confession, I too am a catholic and try not to find sin in my fellow christians ,but when I watched her last year before the last corrupt impeachment trial say she prays for Mr. Trump on a daily basis ,I knew right then and there what a phony ,piece of human excrement she really is !!!! THIS woman wouldn`t know what`s in a Bible if it jumped out and bit her May God have mercy on her soul

    1. But One thing she Proclaimes she a Peracting Catholic but as many times she SINNED against her fellow Man she should be Denied Communion !

  20. And MADAM DICTATOR PELOSI needs to be the One that should be IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED along with SCHUMER , SCHIFF , NADLER , WATER’S and LEAHY
    to list a Few. President Trump and his Administration have NO Wrong.

  21. A trial IS in order, and the accused should be Piglosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris and all their cohorts! They have been derelict in their duties, lied, connived, race baited, used inflammatory language against us, and have not done their jobs! Piglosi is the worst offender, the rest stupidly follow HER lead! Demand she be impeached over this farce impeachment of President Trump! SHE incited the “ riot” by threatening to “ drag President Trump out of the White House by his hair”! SHE is the perpetrator, not President Trump! Plus, she is a traitor, abuser, bully, hateful ungodly old hag!

  22. I have to ask. Can we the people force these TRAITORS out of office right NOW. Can the people take any legal action against these people for treason. If we all put $1 in a fund for a ” FREE OUR NATION CAMPAIGN” could we remove them from office? I don’t want a revolution to happen but a lot of people I’ve talked with are talkin the talk and that’s serious. Some are law enforcement. Dems better start thinking hard. It’s when words don’t work and things go quiet you got to worry. Sorry for any misspelling, I’m just an oldman thinking of my grandchildren. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  23. I am so tired of the immature democrats crying foul when they are the ones collecting huge paychecks and not working for the taxpayers. They are all like a bunch of little kids fighting on the playground because they think the teacher is in the back of the school building sneaking a cigarette. A bunch of excited 8 year old kids could do better leading our country. And the Republicans better get their fingers out of their A– and start working with the REAL President Trump of they will soon lose their high paying do nothing jobs. I am so fed up with this mess. Trump may be blunt and arrogant but, by God, he got the job done.

  24. Obama, Biden, Harris, Clinton and Pelosi are among the crooked, corrupt and treasonous Democrats that are in the pockets of our enemies (namely, George Soros and the Communist Chinese,)! Ignorant, gullible and uninformed Americans let our worst enemies cheat their way into the White House. Now, those same people that voted for them, are whining and complaining about what Biden/Harris are doing to US. Well, all that I have to say about that is, you made your bed, now sleep in it!
    As I see it, we only have two alternatives, bend over and take it or, take back control of “OUR” government by force! I am open to any suggestions from my fellow Americans so, I ask, do you really believe that we have any other choices? The corrupt politicians in DC are scared that the American People will rebel against this current corrupt government and, that’s why they’ve fortified DC with the military. Does that sound like an administration that wants to unite US? I don’t think so!

  25. They need to look closely at Pelosi, she is obviously the wicked witch of the west!
    She shows signs of Alzheimer’s and should be put in a medical unit.

  26. I think American citizen freedom will deteriorate because of a cowardly lack of patriotism, and interest in the whole idea being of what America represents, The situation will eventually become neighborhoods turned into gulags and re-education camps with forced labor, To garner any interest to really save what was lost would by then, become
    street to street, door to door fighting for food and shared thoughts of the past. It all has happened in the past, time and time again. When the few took control over the the weak multitudes of fools satisfied with breadcrumbs for
    security over individual freedom.

  27. What I see here today, is a lot of anger. My question is, what do we do now? I am not a violent person but, I am a Loyal American. Those that know me, know that I don’t respond well to threats and intimidation or that, dishonesty at any level disgusts me! To me, if someone steals $100.00 or, $1,000.00, he/she is still a thief. When people that we’ve elected to represent us turn out to be liars, thieves and traitors, I believe they should be dealt with very harshly. That, to me is the ultimate betrayal!
    If there is one thing that Donald Trump did right, it’s that he showed all Americans that this government is corrupt and reeking with treason. Now, it’s up to US to make things right! We need to take back control of this government, limit terms, take away all the extended benefits to those people that “represent US” for two, four or, whatever years that they serve in Congress and, limit whatever benefits that they get, to the same as what the average citizen gets!

  28. wonder if Pelosi or some of the other Dem. were not behind the disruption so they could blame it on Trump.

  29. Of course we all hear a lot of things, but I don’t find it too far fetched to believe Nancy Pelosi personally let two bus loads of the intruders into the Capitol on Jan. 6! We’ve seen photo copies of the invitations sent to rioters that were mailed out on Oct. 2…a month BEFORE the election! At that time, no one even knew (supposedly) WHO would win the election!! Since she had failed so miserably to get President Trump out of office, who’s to say SHE didn’t plan the insurrection, as well as rigging the election?! She is a very wicked woman, whose sole purpose for the past 4 years, has been to impeach the president! I think it would be very interesting to question Nancy!

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