August 1, 2021

COVERUP: Ginsburg cancer diagnosis raises questions about Supreme Court transparency

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been battling a recurrence of cancer since February – so why are we just hearing about it now?

It’s been five months – shouldn’t the American people have known sooner?

With Ginsburg’s health a key issue in the 2020 election, some Supreme Court observers are accusing the Court of misleading the public, especially since Ginsburg had been declared “cancer-free” just a month before the recurrence of cancer was known.

To make matters worse, Ginsburg was hospitalized in May – but the statement that accompanied the hospitalization indicated that the cause was a routine gallstone. Were Ginsburg’s doctors being forthright?

Politico took up the subject in a lengthy article, noting that the issue hasn’t been confined to Ginsburg. Recently, the Court noted that Chief Justice Roberts had been hospitalized for a head injury in June – but the public didn’t know about it until weeks later.

Politico noted:

Critics say the public is entitled to more information about the justices‘ medical condition. With the court sharply divided on many pivotal issues, an unexpected health crisis on the part of one justice has the potential to upend official Washington. But the fact the justices enjoy life tenure and have little in the way of oversight to monitor their competence also makes questions about their health more urgent than for other public officials.

“On the one hand, Ginsburg is to be commended for the statement [ on Friday,] but from what she said … it seems we should have had a statement several months ago,” said David Garrow, a renowned legal writer and historian of the civil rights movement.

Garrow contends that the evasion that she and other justices have engaged in surrounding their personal health undermines the public’s right to know about the performance of public officials who commonly remain in their posts into their 80s — well after most Americans their age have retired.

Garrow is right. The justices have a responsibility to be transparent about their health to the public because the unique life tenure they enjoy makes their health a matter of public concern.

That shouldn’t be controverisial. But because it’s 2020, it is.

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73 Responses

  1. It is all about Dems lying and the media hiding it! Everyone sooner or later will face their crimes..Dems time is coming!

    1. Unfortunately they are not facing their crimes as fast as they SHOULD. We KNOW what has been done, what is being done, what comfort the left in doing the filthy deeds they dream up. It is way past time for facing their crimes, not to mention the ones who SHOULD BE FACING THE LEFTISTS, BUT DO NOT SEEM TO BE FACING THEM.

    2. In regard to this issue, it’s apparently a problem on both sides (ie John Roberts), although the details weren’t given in his regard; Ginsburg appears to be a cover-up. Either way, the American People deserve to know. Not trying to be callous, just don’t like the lack of transparency on either side.

    3. What is it about liberals that they just never go away? This woman is 87 years old. She should have been in Florida, standing in the buffet line, wearing her white compression socks 20 years ago. She can’t even stay awake. It’s way past time for here to bale out and move on. It’s also way past time to put age limits on the SCOTUS gig. GO HOME RUTH!

  2. The Supremr Justices must be truthful in all aspects of their life. I thought they took an oath to support that. If they cannot be truthful, than they should be removed from the bench. They are not above the law!

    1. Ginsburg said months back she was not going to retire till after the election.didnt want Trump to have the opportunity to replace Robert’s she is bias and is holding on for the wicked witch Pelosi..

      1. She, like all the Rest of the liberal so-called justices are dishonest, Sotomayor,Kagan, Roberts, Ginsburg and the other one, I forgot his name won’t be happy until they destroy our republic!

      2. Ginsburg has to reveal the truth! She’s another evil democrat ,! Lying before the election! She’s 87! Time to get her out! Plus cancer!!! Thus is how democrats lie! Trying to hurt trump!!!! Evil ! Even the justices are evil! Can’t rely on them to keep our constitution !!!! There crooked to!!

  3. My goodness! How America has been reduced to governed(ruled by law) by so elderly and cancer stricken individual. It is not the courage to keep her there but some kind of vendetta or liberal ego. Think of the nation. We need a healthy and strong supreme court. The final judgement should be coming down from clear minded healthy person(s).
    She should have been retired a long ago. Supreme court is not a nursing home!
    Rid of life time appointment of supreme court just like requiring congress term limit.

    1. Amen!
      Time to get rid of lifetime positions!
      Or set age limits!
      This judge’s are not forthcoming w/ real truths about their health conditions!
      Furthermore, we know that Ginsburg is in no way ,shape or form able to perform her elected duties coherently, especially since she’s full of chemotherapy!
      I’m not too sure she’s really alive!
      Pancreatic cancer is deadly!
      Too many lies being told!

      1. Yes your absolutely right. She will be gone so why does she make it so difficult for those left behind. She should be by her family during this time. Oh Jesus have your way in her life and ours! You know the future and we put our trust in you!

    2. She should have retired years ago. There MUST be term limits on
      these important positions… well as age limits!!!! They do not
      need to “retire into these positions”.

    3. “The final judgement should be coming down from clear minded healthy person(s).” While I agree with you, the stupid We the People have a truly non-healthy person in the running for President. Biden’s wife must be a truly evil person to allow him to be in this “race.”

    4. She should retire in peace and step aside. What is she trying to prove. She has proven that she is a predgwadiced hateful women!

  4. Remember it is an election year and the lying dems do not want the public to know the truth about the judges health because Mr. Trump would step in and elect another judge.
    Isn’t that CORRECT.
    you must vote Donald Trump in 2020

  5. If I have learned anything these past four years, it is that the dems can not be trusted. They lie. They break the law. They do anything and everything to keep their power. This is another example of the extent they will go in order to keep their power. Ginsburg is dying and all they can think about is lie to keep that hidden from the nation. It is and always will be about power.


  7. Not only should there be term limits for politicians in office but it is ridiculous that Supreme Court Justices can remain on the Bench until they die! They should be forced to retire after they reach 75 if not before that time.

    1. An airline pilot is forced to retire at 65 no matter how healthy they are. They must be extremely healthy up until retirement, passing a very rigid and rugged physical examination, including cardiograms, stress tests, vision checks, etc. right up to retirement. Why not the Justices?

  8. The Democrats have backed Ginsburg for years and now they are afraid is she is gone they will lose power, they ought to be ashamed of what they have done, but they are not, they are all a bunch of crooks

  9. The information about these actions with in the US Supreme Court–from my review of the stories–is the fault of the MEDIA and the Democratics party–the both kept ther US citizens unaware of any actions in the court. I feel the AG Barr,look into this improper action. It seems the democratic party seem to be so far into making life diffecult for the United States of America to meet their socialist/Commie thinking. Remember the NATION is ours –Not the Socialist-commie party

  10. We are all dying, just not all of us soon. However, if the SCOTUS is ever again to be trusted and revered, we must insist on ” term limits”. No other branch of the government is appointed for life.

  11. There comes a time that you should retire, alot of Congressman/Senators stay in office after the age of 80 and end up dying. They should make way for younger people and there should be a term limit. I do not wish anything against Ginsburg, but she should retire and go out as a great person. Thank God for President Trump, I used to be a Democrat until I decided I had enough of the lying Dems and my wife and I voted for Trump in 2016. I have a Mega hat, 3 different Trump T-shirts and stickers on my car for Trump. I wear the items almost every day when I am shopping, most people like the hat and t-shirts. My sister lives in PA near Pittsburg, PA she said in Latrobe, PA there is a 20 foot high painting of Trump and the lines are so long to buy his items, she had to wait almost 2 hours to buy his items and what her friends wanted. Go President Trump!!!!!

    1. Wonderful. We have to save our country. And trump is only one that has the “guts” to it. Thank god for trump

    2. Josh – You are a true American Patriot – doing what is best for “we the people” and not staying with a party that is leading us down the path of “marxism, socialism and communism.” Our founding fathers are rooting for us to stay the course and clean out the swamp and be the free country we were intended to be!!!

  12. Amen term limits on Congress house and senate they go in broke and
    Come out millionaires and when they they you think it was the king of the universe. But all the democrats are crooked and vindictive as donorhing but lie and try to smear innocent people when they themselves are doing the same. Ruth Ginsberg needs to show a backbone and get out now

  13. I have no “ill will’ towards Justice Ginsburg, yet she is paid to do a job and she’s not doing it. I support the point of mandatory retirement limits for Supreme Court Justices at their 75th Birthday or if they succumb to an illness that prevents them from doing their job less than 60% of the time. They already have health care for life, it’s just the point of doing a job they are being paid for similar to every other citzen.

  14. I remember back a month or so ago they claimed she was cancer free and I thought and said at the time, how can they make that claim in such a short period of time? My wife had cancer and they would not declare her cancer free for two whole years! People should have known then that this was all BS! If staying in this position is her decision it makes me wonder what her homelife must be like! Is her relatives that unconcerned or unwilling to have her spend her last days with family and friends? This is not devotion to a profession this is nothing short of obsession!

  15. I think they embalmed Ginsburg about 3 months ago . The super glue and duct tape to hold her up must be working .

  16. The governors and mayors of these cities are criminals too and should be jailed. Federally appointed individuals should replace them. Then enforce the laws and jail rioters. Those who continue to destroy property should be shot!

    1. Why? There has NEVER been a President had to produce the Taxes for 8 years..AND there is NO law that says they do. This Judge will be very rich! President Trump is the best President for many years and would be so much better if he didn’t have to fight for his life to get the things done that need done.

    2. Who even cares about DJT’s tax returns? The Demoncraps in Congress can’t pass legislation that is good for the country. How do you expect them to read a tax return?
      The morons who are in the Demoncrap party, think they’re going to find something, after the IRS has been auditing for years. This is all about control. It has nothing to do with anything else.
      🐖 losi and crying Chuckie couldn’t impeach our POTUS, the FBI and DOJ couldn’t find any Russian conspiracy after wasting $35 million on a fraudulent investigation.
      So if the IRS has been going through his tax returns for years, and not finding anything. These idiots in Congress are just on another fishing expedition. You can believe that our POTUS has great accountants, who know the tax laws better than the IRS.
      I’m tired of these worthless politicians who are doing nothing for our country! To me they have become the only problem, from our country moving forward. This is further justification for term limits.
      The Demoncraps have been running scared of our POTUS finding out more of their ruse, to steal and defraud our country. Each day it seems we learn what criminals these politicians really are. What we really need is to see the politicians tax returns. We need to find out how they have become so wealthy, on a salary of $200K per year!

    3. I would like to see Obama’s taxes as well as his school records and birth certificates for his ‘wife’ and two kids.

    4. It’s no one;s business! We should see your buddy Obombs sealed records! get over yourself demonrat!

    5. Why? Did you show your? If not then shut up! Don’t forget he doesn’t take a paycheck! Not since he became PRESIDENT! So how can you show income tax return? Only a fool like you believe that!

    6. Tell you what, get all DEMOCRAT house to show their tax return! When in broke but became millionaire after two years! How that? It because they control the FEDERAL RESERVE FUNDS MONEY!

  17. Of course it’s controversial it a Republican President re-election. What do you expect? These democraps will do and say anything to hold on to that POWER!!! The physical condition as seen is very frail. She looks ill and really needs to to her obligation to the American people and retire. She isn’t making sound decisions because she out sick a lot and she signs off on other libtard justice’s dissents, etc. She is not fulling her duties as a SCJOTUS. And if we can’t go to work and not do our job we’d then be fired. The same goes to RBG. The world doesn’t hold on and wait for her. Justice Roberts needs to advise her to retire.

  18. Waiting for Democrat control about jurist may be futile as Trump just may win re-election in November. What then do we stuff Ginsburg and let her remains continue on the court or just what is the answer? Is she in fact healthy enough to sit on the court waiting on a Democratic president?

  19. Would question all of her decisions because of the chemotherapy. Should either resign or be impeached because of hiding her health issues

  20. It is Such a shame that Americans in high positions behaves without credibility. Can they look on the mirror and day I am honest. I don’t think they ever look in the mirror. What has happened to this great nation and who do you think is brining us down and destroying our once blessed country. Would they allow President Trump make this a great nation. I hope and pray that our people will get wise to it and give four more years for Trump to stop the destruction. Else we are doomed,

  21. Justice Ginsburg should step down as she is a very ill woman. Her position demands respect but she should not be allowed to dishonor her position by remaining. I never saw where they said she was cured as you cannot cure pancreatic cancer. It is terminal, period.

  22. Ruthie has her mental faculties, not sure about Roberts? Gorsuch has made his one mistake. He gave Indian nation Oklahoma.

  23. HIPPA! We need to respect her privacy. I am not a fan of Ginsburg, but she is a fellow citizen with some rights to privacy.

    1. Not when she is a judge! She needs to retire since she takes up space from all her endless naps!

  24. She’s hoping Hiden Biden gets elected. Doesn’t want Trump to get another opportunity to select another Justice. Trump 2020!!

  25. I have a real problem with life terms. Ginsburg has been ill and being treated for cancer more than once, and I know that those treatments can and do effect mental health. She should have been removed from office a long time ago. As far as the other justice suffering a brain injury that should have automatically been cause for removal. I know that I most certainly wouldn’t want either of them sitting on a bench making a decision regarding me. I feel that their best would be questionable. There are times that life appointments need to be remanded, and when they are starting to make decisions that are clearly in violation of the Constitution of the United States an violates the Bill of Rights they need removed PERIOD.

  26. Ginsburg is just a puppet of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. They will keep her alive even if they have to transplant every part of her body until after the election. She will resign if America chooses to have a Progressive Socialist Communist Government because then the Government will make the laws and will not need a Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is only in a free Established Republic Government. No other country has a Legal system like our country. We are heading to a New World Order an it’s supported by the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. This is why the hate President Trump and the Republican Party.
    They are a road block of this Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist New World Order.

  27. One of the biggest screw-up the Framers engaged in was appointment to the SCOTUS bench. What was supposed to be the brightest, most Constitutional minded appointments turned into a political plum very shortly after the Constitution was ratified. Both sides of the spectrum have taken advantage of this to manipulate the court.
    Lifetime appointments should never have been in the Constitution to begin with, as such are comparable to a “royal title.” Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the lack of foresight, as amending the Constitution happens very rarely.

  28. If RBG is keeping her diagnosis for personnel reasons that is the way it should be. However God takes care of those who take care of themselves. He will decide if she is doing this for the right reasons. Trust God with all your heart.

  29. This is in line with the sad,sad times of lying, cheating and it all about me me who has everything. We need tough handling of these so call Dems. get them accountable for there actions, NOW.

  30. Get her out already mandatory retirement at 70 or 25 years as justice whatever comes first most don’t even get nominated till over 50 we know that if Joe Bribe em if he can steal the election he will call for oBUMa to be appointed to the Supreme Court

  31. It’s so obvious that judge Ginsburg despite her grave health problems doesn’t want to retire because she is reluctant to give Trump an opportunity to have yet another judge who will not be bias and would not be an activist, liberal, and a Democrat . Ginsburg has publicly supported Hillary in the last election and was waiting for her to win and then resign. Now also she in clinging on to the Bench but to be honest she should resign / or the Court itself should declare her unfit and remove her. An incapacitated judge should not be allowed to be on the highest court. Period!

  32. Weather you agree with Justice Ginsburg or not her health is personal. These men and women that serve in this position and would not allow their personal health or feelings guide their decisions. I have been around a couple and their decisions are based in the Law,

  33. She will do anything to stay before the elections hoping that Biden will win and they would KEEP the democratic seat. She doesn’t want to be replaced by Republican. You watch if Mr. Trump wins she’l retire.

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