September 30, 2022

Court upholds Republican Karen Greenhalgh’s win in Virginia House race, Republicans confirm majority

A three-judge panel has ruled that Republican Karen Greenhalgh has won the race in Virginia’s 85th district, ensuring Republicans will hold a majority in Virginia’s legislative chamber.

Greenhalgh led her Democrat opponent by 127 votes which was within the half-percent threshold to trigger a request for a recount.

While another race is still undergoing a recount process, Greenhalgh’s win means Republicans will hold 51 seats in Virginia’s State House. If Republicans win the last recount, that will bump their majority to a more comfortable 52 members.

Greenhalgh’s win completes a Republican takeover in Virginia. With control of both the State House and the Governor’s mansion, Virginia is firmly in Republican control.

While Democrats still hold onto Virginia’s Senate, the magnitude of their defeat in Virginia cannot be understated.

Many have seen Virginia as a bellwether for next year’s midterm elections. Virginia is a Democrat-leaning swing state, and if Democrats can’t win in friendly territory, how will they survive in red states?

For now, Republicans in Virginia have every reason to celebrate a massive victory. Virginia is the first step in correcting the mistakes of the 2020 Presidential election.




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