August 9, 2022

Court smacks down Indiana city’s attempt to establish sanctuary city

An Indiana court last week smacked down an attempt by the city of East Chicago to provide a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants — a practice encouraged by Democrat leaders including President Joe Biden — ruling that the movement opposes the state’s ban on the practice.

Judge Thomas Hallett of Lake County Superior Court ruled the policies in the Chicago suburb violated Indiana’s 2011 sanctuary city ban.

“Sheltering illegal aliens from immigration authorities not only flagrantly violates duly-enacted Indiana law, but represents a serious public safety and national security risk,” Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) Executive Director Dale Wilcox released in a statement, according to WJR.

“When cities such as East Chicago insist on putting the interests of illegal aliens above those of their own citizenry, they have to be stopped, and we are pleased the court did just that,” he added.

Lawyer James Bopp, Jr. represented residents Greg Serbon and John Allen. He wrote in a statement, “We are pleased that, after extended litigation, the court has recognized the obvious fact that such ordinances are illegal in Indiana,” according to NWI Times.

Bopp also said, “There must be no more such ordinances in Indiana, and those in existence are clearly in violation of Indiana law.”

The case follows a similar ruling in Nov. 2020 in Gary, Indiana. Bopp also won, with the court ruling against sanctuary city policies.

As immigration policies change nationwide, some states are pushing back against cities seeking sanctuary city status. Those who do often have the law on their side, offering protection against new leftist immigration policies.

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jim (@guest_1238700)
Reply to  Lena Pop
1 year ago

I hope that you read this, and take heed!! Every time that you post that on your PC and brag about how much you have made online,,,There are several Internal Revenue Agents that take that info and you will soon have an agent from the IRS knocking on your door! Go for it DUMMY, HAHAHA

RC (@guest_1238721)
Reply to  jim
1 year ago

VERY GOOD POINT! And I agree. Through the years I’ve found that if you got it you don’t have to show it. If you ain’t got it you make a big show of showing how much you’ve got. Personally, all I care for is that I’m somewhat comfortably retired. That’s all I care for unless Biden decides to take it away.

CC (@guest_1239397)
Reply to  RC
1 year ago

Finally!, There Are Judges standing UP FOR AMERICANS RIGHTS! Thanks to those UPSTANDING, TRUE AMERICAN JUDGES. HURRY!!!!

Scott (@guest_1238533)
1 year ago

Now we know IL is breaking federal laws just like other states and you liberal people should be ashamed. My suggestion is take all your money and pay to support the illegal immigrants in their home country.

Beverly Padjune (@guest_1240637)
Reply to  Scott
1 year ago

I agree if biden is so for illegal immigrants let them live on his property in delaware…

BETTIE Geertsema (@guest_1238534)
1 year ago

that is to close to where we like, I cant belive they think they can now make our homes unsafe, unbelievable

Cindy L Clonch (@guest_1238556)
1 year ago

Right decision to make.

alicia cervera (@guest_1238569)
Reply to  Cindy L Clonch
1 year ago


Ronald (@guest_1238576)
1 year ago

About time for our cities to wake up , this court knows of the crimes of Biden and Harris admin on the board and there doing something about

Randy Justice (@guest_1238579)
1 year ago

It’s time to clean house, “WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE” !!!!

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1238616)
1 year ago

We will need to make a new state just for all the worlds illegals coming here.. all thanks to king biden… we the people will be having another superspreader coming from all the illegals. More lock downs just like democraps are planning.. king biden putting these infected people in your community seems like a nightmare coming true.. we will be wearing mask till hell freezes over now. Alltohaillwithkingbiden

Nathan (@guest_1238696)
Reply to  Michael S Dowling
1 year ago

Just send them back home where they came from we don’t need to make another state just for them they aren’t welcome here anyway so deport them all

Charles Owen McVey (@guest_1238992)
Reply to  Nathan
1 year ago

Air drop them over any city south of the border after a 30 second instruction on how to do a pdf landing.

WVRidgeRunner (@guest_1239302)
Reply to  Charles Owen McVey
1 year ago

Hook them all up to a static line, and then let them walk out. Easy Peasy

Dan The Man (@guest_1239022)
Reply to  Nathan
1 year ago

I think Canada has lots of room for all of these illegal aliens. Biden and Harris could become King and Queen and we could get some decent leadership.

BESSIE VEST (@guest_1238618)
1 year ago

WHY CANT WASHINGTON DC become a sanctuary state, since they want to make it a state??? See, they want to shove all those illegal immigrants to other states so they wont have to be bothered with them!!! That’s how much they care for those illegals, right AOC??? Make DC a sanctuary city!!! JUST A SUGGESTION!!!

Kenneth Bottomley (@guest_1238674)
1 year ago

Impeach Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer, abuse of power and several criminal acts. They spent $50 plus million on trying to impeach President Trump over made up bull twice, yet they do all these thing against we the people and rig the election/steal the W.H. and the Congress and their untouchable ?

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1238789)
1 year ago

BIDEN, and his BOSSES IN THE RADICAL LEFT, are out to change the traditions and beliefs of our country! I DON’T BELIEVE that moderate DEMS want this and leads the REAL AMERICANS TO VOTE FOR LEADERS WHO PUT THEM FIRST! We will do best for these illegals to drive improvements in securing our borders so ONLY THOSE ENTERING LEGALLY CAN GET IN! Right now, if you FLY into the US you must provide documents clearing you from being infected with the virus, but they are FLOODING the US with illegals from the southern border have no such restrictions! YOU CAN HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER, NOT BOTH! BIDEN uses MILITARY RESOURCES to house these illegals and has FLOWN MORE THAN 7 THOUSAND ILLEGALS ALL OVER THE US! TEXAS NEEDS TO SUE THE BIDEN ADMIN FOR THE UNFAIR BURDEN HIS POLICIES HAVE PLACED ON THAT STATE! YOU CAN PUSH THE VIRUS PANIC, AND DESTROY OUR ECONOMY, OR ENFORCE THE SAME LAWS FOR THOSE ENTERING LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY! THE DUAL LEGAL SYSTEM CREATED BY THE DEMS MUST END! VOTE FOR PRO MAGA IN 2022 OR OUR RIGHTS, AND STANDARD OF LIVING WILL CONTINUE TO DECLINE!

Annette (@guest_1238826)
1 year ago
Bonnie (@guest_1239239)
1 year ago

VA has sanctuary cities and it is horrible! Police are banned to turning in anyone that is wanted and if they do they are put on administrative leave. They aren’t allowed to do anything when it comes to illegals and blacks, even if they break the law. People don’t vote on these things. The Democrats are elected to office and do it on their own. Whether the votes were legal/fraud they take over.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1239242)
1 year ago

Hooray, awesome Bravo needed, see the CA model

CC (@guest_1239425)
1 year ago


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1 year ago

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