February 26, 2021

Court hands Trump a win in never-ending battle for tax returns

During the entirety of former President Donald Trump’s presidency, a number of Democrats have been virtually obsessed with obtaining Trump’s tax returns, apparently in an effort to prove that the real estate tycoon’s finances aren’t what he’s claimed they are over the years.

According to the Washington Examiner, even as Democrat lawmakers continue to try to get their hands on Trump’s tax documents, a federal judge appointed by Trump in 2017 just issued a ruling that will require the U.S. Treasury Department to provide Trump’s lawyers with three days notice if the time comes when his tax documents must be handed over to Democrats.

The federal judge’s ruling will be in effect for a period of two weeks.

U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Trevor McFadden issued the ruling on Friday as House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal continues to seek years of Trump’s tax information.

At the crux of Neal’s argument is that the U.S. Treasury was required to turn over the documents as they were requested by the heads of congressional tax committees — a request that was shot down by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin while Trump was in office, saying that Neal didn’t have “legitimate legislative purpose” for the request.

According to Politico, Neal filed the request for Trump’s tax returns “to examine the integrity of the IRS’ routine audits of presidents,” though it was also clear that Democrats were anxious to dig through the returns in hopes of finding something else with which they hamstring Trump.

Even though Biden is now in the White House, Neal is still hoping that the new Treasury secretary “will follow what we believe is a clear legal obligation” and provide Congress with the returns.

The renewed push to obtain the former president’s tax returns comes just over two weeks until he faces a Senate impeachment trial, having been accused of “inciting” the Capitol riots that took place on January 6.


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94 Responses

      1. Don’t forget about Maxine Waters embezzling several millions of our tax monies! The Gang of four also needs to be put in prison as well.

          1. She and Reverend Al.. He owes a helluva lotta money in taxes for years gone by, but shucks, he’s a nice
            man who deserves a break, ya think?

      2. Yes, they all belong in jail, including AOC and all those that want to Impeach Trump. They all swore to defend the constitution. And I don’t see any of them doing that. That is TREASON. In my opinion and everybody else I know. They took an oath when they went into the office. They defy their oath.

        1. Bradley, I say my prayers daily. I pray daily that the anti-Constitution politicians and their corrupt heathen buddies running big tech all suffer famine and ruin for the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD….

        2. I’m still wondering why do they still bother to take the “ oath” and still talking about “ defending the Constitution “???
          C’mon, people, let’s stop the madness!!
          Does it really look like these crooks give a damn about the oath, or the Constitution???
          We are on our way to become a banana republic, ( getting closer every day) !
          The USA we knew is already dead!!
          Let’s stop pretending !!
          I used to be a very optimistic individual, but now I realize more and more that is too late … unfortunately!!!

      3. I’d prefer charged with sedition treason and a thousand other crimes so there is no way they will ever see sunlight again.

      4. I want Biden in jail for Treason and his VP Harris who defended the rioting during the lat 9 months that destroyed cities and businesses. They burnt down buildings, shot and murdered police and citizens.

      5. Yes, don’t forget the fake dr Joe married!! If she’s s doctor then I’m Mother Teresa!! She needs to drop that title, she’s not impressing anyone!!

        1. Sharon: She/he/it has a PhD in – drum rollllll – education !!!! ha ha ha Is there a doctor, a real one, in that house? Not since piglosie stubbbbbed her toe.

      6. Will someone start a petition to force Biden to close the border.
        Will someone start a petition to force Biden to finish the border wall.
        Will someone start a petition to stop Biden from giving [email protected]@re to [email protected]
        Will someone start a petition to force Biden to reinstall the XL pipeline.
        Will someone start a petition to force term limits on all congressmen.
        Will someone start a petition to remove immunity for congressmen.
        Will someone start a petition to pardon president Trump.
        Will someone start a petition to impeach Pelosi, Schumer.

        1. Yes, I agree! They need to start doing their job and leave President Trump alone. They must be really scared that the truth will come out about them.


    1. Let’s see Biden tax return and the monies he get from China and barisma. We the people should demand biden shows his illegal income together with all the politicians that became wealth working for the government paid by the people.

  1. Rest in peace to all Democrats and Republicans ! The New Patriot Party or something like it with Trump leading the way will bury these two “SWAMP PARTY’S”

    1. Not unless and until the electoral system is replaced with a fraud proof IN PERSON ONLY vote cast. If you can wait in line at a market or a gas station you can wait in line to exercise your only defence corrupt career politicians. Trump ddi more in 47 months than Biden ever did in 47 years.

    2. James, I agree in theory on a new party, but I’m starting to think it would be better/ more efficient to flood the Republican party with true patriots. The swamp is too large on both sides to defeat them with a 3rd party. Let’s recall the RINO’s to start. Then have candidates run as Trump Republicans. The RINO’s will get beaten badly, or would eventually grow a pair if they EVER hope to win again. They may get rid of Trump, but we will not go away and the more they self- destruct, the stronger we become.

      1. You still believe that next election will be fair… the same voting equipment will be used and the same people will count ballots…
        We could not prove this time that R won election, in 4 years it would be even more difficult to do…

  2. This country’s biggest threat is not from Russia or China but from the Democrat Party which has the look and feel of Marxism. It’s really sad to have to admit this but the Democrat Party has divided this country over the last five years with their continued coup attempts against a duly elected President and their calling half the country racist among other names.

    1. Gone all the way back to OBAMA running his mouth. IF HE HAD A SON! A trouble teenager who family didn’t care about him! Black started ATTACKING white people and cops! Not one media said anything! Even the white guy kill in Texas by a black cop didn’t get any headlines! So who is divide the country? Point the FINGER AT THE MEDIA NARRATIVE!

      1. Hussein O was the one promising to
        “ fundamentally transform America “…
        Were any of the msm ever interested on asking what he meant by that ??
        No, because they knew in advance that was coming, part of the plan …..
        This is exactly what’s going on now !!!

    2. I’m thinking that biden needs to be impeached for national security issues. Imagration is definitely a problem with the Covid and shutting down the pipeline will make us dependant on other countries for oil and gas

      1. Good thinking !!!!!
        I only have one question???
        Who is going to impeach him ???
        McConnell, McCarthy, Romney, ?????
        Our country is lost forever, people, unfortunately, the “comrade party “ have won !

        1. You sound like a quitter. We can get our country back if the people would grow some balls, but they prefer to be sheep instead.
          Let start a petition to remove this corrupt government and put a real honest government like we just had. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

    3. “If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”
      Dwight D. Eisenhower
      speech, March 6, 1956

  3. Get over it, PSYCHOS!! His tax returns are none of your damned business!!! What WE want to see is the money trail from china and the Ukraine to Sniffer!!

    1. billions of dollars just disappeared / what did hunter and joe do with it, maybe with other traitors invest it here for China , several companies like AMC, Gates buying over 200,000 acres for who. this what we need to be checking

  4. AMERCANS SHOULD DEMAND THE INVESTIGATION OF ALL THE DARK CASH THIEF biden and his family became multi $millionaires. …we all know what criminals the biden family is all about.

  5. Well let’s see if old joe is willing to turn his tax returns over to the Republicans to examine. I think not.

  6. How about the Tax Returns of “The Big Guy”, a.k.a. Joe?
    There’s tens of millions of Chinese dollars that went into his accounts when China purchased him.
    But I’m sure that’s all accounted for…..

  7. Why don’t the Republicans demand to see Piggysoki and the money her son is adding to her billions and Scummer, Waters, and all the elected whatever’s tax returns ? Now it’s Biden’s turn to show his tax returnes and where he is hiding all the money his son and he have got from Ukraine and China and what is still flowing into their pocket books. Come on Rep, request the tax returnes so we can show who really is the corrupt ones.


  9. How about the tax returns of all the demorats and rinos of DC who have been in politics for years yet never worked real jobs and are millionaires.

  10. If President Trump needs to hand over his returns, then everyone in the Presidency (and especially so), House, Senate, and all the entire administration and DC public servants. I just hear the objections over that but what’s fair for some is fair for all of them, especially the ones making the most demands, threats and noise. President was duly elected and has been attacked about everything possible since he was in office. Most of those people making the noise need to act like adults and not like spoiled brats. They upset the entire country with their sheningans.

  11. ENOUGH already. He is no longer in office and they are still trying to ‘get’ him. How about we see Hillary’s emails? And basement dweller Joe’s tax returns – where is all of that money from China ‘big guy’?

  12. Correction for previous post:
    If President Trump needs to hand over his returns, then everyone in the Presidency (and especially so), House, Senate, and all the entire administration and DC public servants should also be required to do the same. I can just hear the objections over that but what’s fair for some is fair for all of them, especially the ones making the most demands, threats and noise. President Trump was duly elected and has been attacked about everything possible since he was in office. Most of those people making the noise are just projecting their wrongs onto others and need to act like adults and not like spoiled brats. They upset the entire country with their sheningans.

  13. First of all Trump use to DONATED to the DEMONcrat party and certain candidate. Til he saw the change in the party.He was a PRIVATE CITIZEN TIL 2016! THEN DONATED HIS SALARY TO CHARITY’S! HOW MANY DEMONCRAT DO THAT?

  14. How about the Biden’s family tax returns showing Hunters income and disbursements? The big smoke screens “executive orders” all designed to take the public minds off of the” Biden’s corruption” and of course “election fraud”. The real issues FBI political corruption tolerated by the Biden’s just like they tolerated it by the Clinton’s. Have a question according to Hunter Biden and his now famous computer he generated enough money to fund the Biden family for 30 years and split half with the big guy! Where did all this money arrive from….. and why are all his former partners in jail?. The real question is was all this money gone and has it been reported by all involved? and who has audited this great arrival? or even investigated this found fortune? Why has this non-reporting income savant not been examined by the IRS & Inter pool and the FBI AND DOJ? I s he really the smartest man the big guy knows I mean Joe Biden sorry. If the FBI has had this computer for a year the greatest investigatory agency on the planet what’s happened to the money trail? Where are results and where is the money? Why have these talked about hidden incomes not been looked into for conflicts of interest????

  15. Simple …. ignore the court order and release the tax returns. No more delays. The President has the authority to do this now.

  16. Come on, Bruce! I certainly hope you’re joking when you say Amen and Awoman! Only the idiot who first said it could actually believe what he said was correct!! To think this Dumbo actually is a minister is beyond my understanding!!

  17. How about we press for Term Limits for all of them! No one in office should have a career for life! They get too comfortable and then the hanky-panky starts!

  18. They will continue to have TDS until they either convict him of some bull crap or they fall from grace in their political careers. Time to clean house is well overdue. They can’t control Trump and the big money donors can’t either. That’s why they hate him so much. 4 more years of Trump and most of their careers would be over and the know it. Term limits for them all. If 1 has to show their taxes then they all should have to, garuantee there’s more dirt to be found within the career politicians taxes and bank records.

  19. If Trump has to turn over his taxes .. then everyone should in the Congress/ senate / house / President/ Vice President… if your going to witch hunt You should do it to them all
    Such BS going on … what are we doing making the rules up as we go along … this administration is a big joke and dangerously disgusting what they are doing to our country

  20. Biden is risking all Americans lives by releasing criminals back into our country. He is inviting thieves, murderers,
    rapists, into our cities, our towns. That is TREASON. Endangering America’s people by our own horrible office holder, I cannot even bring myself to say, President. My God he is not my President, my President TRUMP.

  21. Someone needs to check the Vatican…That s where they all have there money…!!! If this is true I’m quitting the Catholic Church…All these swine s commit Adultry..Swear an oath on the Bible and your the worst sinner walking…now they got a thing going around that Joe Biden is the most Religous man walking…I can’t even look at this creep on T.V…He has almost got us in a War…Took peoples jobs…ex ex…and you know who the Shadow Pres is Obama..!! He will soon have all his friends take us down….GOD help us…Please bring our Pres Trump back…

  22. Why does no one ask to see Pres. Biden’s Tax returns,…or his Son’s…Pelosi’s and her cronies ?? They got “rid” of their Menace…why can’t they just let it go?? The more “they dig”….the deeper down “THEY” GO…It is “time” for Pelosi to retire…Biden, as well…he is not well…one can “see” that!!

    All the good things Trump did for our country, Biden is overturning…What a shame…He could have had it so easy…but now..??? Our beloved country is being “taken over” – destroyed of its’ beauty, its’ safety and culture!!

  23. Put all the DEMORATS in jail. Start with Creepy Joe, KamelFace Harris, old hag Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and Osama Obama!!! Then go after the rest of the DEMORATS!!!

  24. I agree, however, the first thing we need to do is contact our State legislators to ensure LEGAL Elections by way of reform! Paper ballots with proof of ID! No drop boxes or mail in voting!!! Absentee only by registered voters!

  25. We want to see the following in prison for Treason:
    Obama & Hillary & also Spygate & her e-mails
    The Bidens and for their dealings with China & the Ukraine
    Harris, Pelosi, Waters and all the others that actually did incite riots & bail rioters out

  26. I could careless what DT did before the honorable position he held, and moving this nation PROGRESSING on success, and strength. If freedom isnt on these imposters of government, than send them to jail, im sure that they will enjoy that.

  27. Stop paying any federal,state tax for the remainder of this illegal administration. Now let’s see bidens 11 million illegals fund this country. You asked for it,now enjoy your stolen election.

  28. America does not need to see the tax return of a billionaire who became a public servant. America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.

  29. I am fed up that the Military is being targeted by these few Democrats who have a power and narcissistic view of the world. Get a real job. I served in the military, helped thousands of people, seen good and bad in different countries. And yet, we now have these clowns, mostly Democrats, some Republicans, CNN, MSNBC, Antifa, BLM(Has nothing to do with race), a few maybe, are trying to brain wash the public, mostly President Trump supporters, that believing in God, Freedom, and having an opinion is bad. Wow! Since they have said nothing good in months. You decide then? Get the facts. Not from the news. Who is supporting Communist China? Who got money from China? Who just spent money we do not have? Who encourages violence? Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Walters, Harris, etc. said nothing about Antifa and others before as businesses burned, violence, and no strategy for signing these bills. We were fuel independent. Now Bimbo gets rid of Alaska pipeline workers. They and Biden do not get it. So turn in your neighbor for telling the truth. Wow! Go for it losers.

  30. Poor little diseased Democrat Communist NA*** Scum got their rears handed right back to them.
    It is about time someone shoved it all the way up P** Pelosi’s diseased ***
    Communuist Democrat P*** ARE DESPISED & HATED by the entire FREE WORD now.
    All Decent Free Countries will SHUN THESE DOGS

  31. Poor little diseased Democrat Communist NA*** Scum got their rears handed right back to them.
    It is about time someone shoved it all the way up P** Pelosi’s diseased ***
    Communist Democrat P*** ARE DESPISED & HATED by the entire FREE WORLD now.
    All Decent Free Countries will SHUN THESE DOGS

  32. The Democratic Party is losing a lot of voters.
    They are seeing the truth about the people they have been putting in office. They will not be able to keep their majority in Senate or House. Any educated person has seen the light. Many of the local and state officials are changing parties and many will follow if they want to keep their positions. You notice I didn’t say jobs. These positions should not be for a lifetime. We need term limits on all politicians. Too many have been in office for too long. They can’t do anything else so they stay in politics. Not a good idea. I taught school in three states and am retired in two. I have 4 certifications One is in social studies, the other is in government. taught for 40 years

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