July 6, 2022

Court halts DOJ from extracting data from Project Veritas founder’s phones

A federal court has ordered the Justice Department to stop extracting data from the phones of Veritas Project founder James O’Keefe after the FBI raided his home and those of two workers this week in New York.

Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney representing the investigative group, shared the order signed by U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres on Thursday.

“The federal court has just ordered the DOJ to STOP extracting data from our client, journalist James O’Keefe’s phone, and ordered a hearing. Counsel for Project Veritas asked the court to do this yesterday!” she tweeted.

The FBI’s search has allegedly focused on an alleged diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, that is claimed to be in the hands of Project Veritas.

O’Keefe told Fox News in an interview that the FBI took two phones that included sensitive donor information. He called it an attack on the First Amendment.

The important case will be closely watched as conservatives grow concerned about the FBI’s targeting of sensitive data.


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