June 29, 2022

Court correspondent calls Supreme Court justices ‘thieves’

Justice correspondent Elie Mystal told MSNBC viewers that the conservative justices on the Supreme Court of the United States were nothing more than “thieves.” 

Mystal made her comments on Friday’s edition of “All In” on a network where she is a frequent guest, saying that the right-leaning justices want to take away the rights of women and minorities. 

According to a report in Breitbart News, these comments were prompted when the journalist was asked about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito criticizing the media:

“It’s also thin skin for a purpose,” Mystal said. There’s a reason they don’t want journalists talking about them. If you were going to make a set of decisions that were massively unpopular…”

The Nation justice correspondent went on to say of the justices that if things changed, “that might actually wake the opposition party up from its 40-year stupor and try to do something to take away your power.”

Mystal rounded out his opinion on what could be by asking “would you A, want people to know about it? Or B, want people to not know about it so you can employ the Shaggy defense, ‘Oh, it was not me. I don’t know who took away women’s rights.’”

The court correspondent was mirroring the attitudes of many progressives who have had a beef with the nation’s high court since it became common knowledge that it had a majority conservative body of jurists. 

He added, “That the Supreme Court is right now. I am not being hyperbolic about this. They are thieves, thieves who have set out in the night to take away rights from women, take away rights from minorities, take away rights from vulnerable communities. What all this charm offensive, that is the thieves shooting out the security cameras before they pull off their heist, which is coming this term.”

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