May 13, 2021

Supreme Court effectively blocks access to Mueller testimony until after November election

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Democrat anti-Trump colleagues were dealt a devastating blow by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The high court opted to take up House Democrats’ case arguing for access to grand jury testimony from the Mueller investigation during the court’s next term, ensuring that a decision on the case will not be reached ahead of the November election.

House Democrats, led by Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), were hoping to gain access to the sealed testimony — currently held by the Justice Department — before the election in order to find a new angle with which to attack Trump.

The Washington Times reported:

House Democrats had petitioned the courts last year for the documents, looking for damaging testimony against Mr. Trump despite the Muller’s team not finding Trump-Russia collusion after nearly three years of investigation.

By taking up the case, the earliest the high court could hear oral arguments in the matter is in October, making a decision in the case unlikely until months after the Nov. 3 election.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), another agitator for impeachment, attacked Attorney General William Barr for not cooperating with Democrat efforts to undermine Trump ahead of the election.

“Unfortunately, President Trump and Attorney General Barr are continuing to try to run out the clock on any and all accountability. While I am confident their legal arguments will fail, it is now all the more important for the American people to hold the president accountable at the ballot box in November,” Nadler said.

Daniel Goldberg, legal director from the progressive Alliance for Justice, complained that the court’s decision is a “gift” to Trump.

“By taking up this case and keeping the documents sealed, the Supreme Court is all but guaranteeing that the House — and thereby the public — will not learn the full details of the Mueller report before the election,” Goldberg said. “It’s a gift to Trump that he won’t need to be held accountable for these pressing questions on the fate of our democracy before voters return to the ballot box.”

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40 Responses

      1. Is Pelosi or Schiff or any of their cronies up for re-election. Let’s hope they lose resoundingly and will no longer be in our hair.

        1. That will never happen they have the idiots in Mexifornia so dumbed down and they will keep the democ-rats, just like they have done in the past.

    1. I could wish. Lived in her district back in the 70’s. They are unthinking sheeple, dutifully giving her their vote every two years.

    2. Why has this horrible person not been tried for treason. She and her cronies are all guilty of treasonous acts. She has no business being allowed to run free and poison our society

  1. The liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks will be very lucky to get to the election before the civil war starts

  2. We will be glad to see if the real American people wake up and see what really going on. The lying fake new media is join by evil Democrat Socialist Communists BLM and ARTFA protestors are out to destroy our country will be exposed for they really are: traitors and terrorists.

  3. I think Nancy Pelosi should be deported to another country, she seems like she does not like anything that is going on in this Country

  4. I would laugh if the unsealing after election shows the guilt being centered on Democrats.

  5. Do these people really think that just because they did this that the left wing criminally insane communist party and their treasonous propaganda machine will not just create another lie about the president and run it down our stupid throats? I have to say “Stupid” because we have way too many people who can no longer think for themselves and vote for these lowlifes who hate them, us and our country everytime even though they have never done a damn thing to insure the survival of us and our country! They want nothing but “Power” and they have proven time and again that they will do anything to retain it or get it back!! They are allowed to break the law 24/7 with no consequences so why the hell not!!

  6. The Democrats have done nothing for the American people in the last 3 years. They are too busy trying to impeach President Trump. They waste our money on their desire to get rid of Trump. I am sick and tired of their lies and wasteful spending to get rid of our duly elected president. It is shameful! I hope Pelosi, Nader, and Schiff are all voted out!

  7. It would be an answer to millions of HONEST, TRUTHFUL citizens prayers, if Pelowski, Shifty, Nadler, along with the CRAZY Witches, (spelled with a W, instead of the honest B) of the supposedly so called gang. In the old days they used to catch the gangs and “Hang em High”. Ask Clint Eastwood.

  8. Demorats has had enough breaks. Time for Republicans to get some. Get out of our way we are coming through.

  9. I really hope that everything that is said comes true. Please get the word out that this election is the most important one. We must vote for Trump. Trying to convince a democrat that the party is all about power and have no interest in trying to make USA better is hard, their answer is ‘ I’ve always voted for a Democrat” and they never really understand what they believe in. They receive money from the communist party for rioting and even it is was told Martin Luther King was also receiving money from the communist party and this may have got him killed. When the communist are thru with you, they kill you. Of course Dr. King would not admit that he was receiving the money. There are plenty of communist Sympathizers in the USA. If we are not careful, we will one day wake up and be under Communist rule.


  11. Pelosi likes investigation, I think it time we gave her one…..of her own.
    She has violated her oat to protect the constitution and the people.
    She supports the BLM mob communist, who want to tare down our great country.
    She supports the communist group Anti Fa, both are Russian backed groups.
    She willing wants to destroy the country’s economy, to make all of us slaves
    She is a trader to the people, to the country, and to her oath.

    And Pelosi claims she’s religious. She was ordained she said, as what I don’t know.
    I have heard that the coming of the Anti-Christ is upon us, perhaps???!

  12. The democrats looking stupid every time the news comes on. Every day a new Scheme going on to attack my president. Get out of office because a new sheriff is staying in office. An and a Republican. We’ve had enough of democrats doing nothing for us except run our country to the ground.

  13. They, (Democrats), just cannot let it go even though it has been determined that this entire report has been fabricated and was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and is nothing but a packet of lies!

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