May 19, 2022

Supreme Court allows rule blocking Florida felons from voting to stand

The Supreme Court has delivered a slew of important rulings over the last several weeks and continued the trend on Thursday by allowing a contested voter rights rule in Florida stand.

The high court ruled on Thursday that a lower court ruling that allows Florida to prevent up to 1 million Florida felons who have completed their sentences but haven’t paid outstanding fines or fees from registering to vote. 

The Hill reported:

In an unsigned opinion, the conservative-majority court declined to revisit a federal appeals court ruling that permits Florida to stop felons with outstanding court-imposed debt from registering to vote as a July 20 primary election registration deadline approaches.

Of course, the three most liberal justices of the court — Sonia SotomayorRuth Bader Ginsburg, and Elena Kagan –dissented, complaining that “Under this scheme, nearly a million otherwise-eligible citizens cannot vote unless they pay money,” characterizing the rule as a “voter paywall.”

Challengers asked the Supreme Court to revisit an earlier appellate court ruling allowing a 2018 amendment to the state’s constitution to stand. The amendment stipulates that felons could only register to vote if they had completed “all terms” of their sentence.

Democrats wanted the Court to strike down the lower court’s ruling ahead of the state’s July 20th primary election registration deadline in order to access thousands of potential Democrat votes.

Liberal advocates complained that Florida voted to allow felons to vote in 2018 and that refusing to allow them to register without paying their fines first was a violation of the will of the people. They conveniently ignore the fact that the rule blocking felons from voting until they fulfilled their legal financial obligations was a part of that 2018 vote and therefore “the will of the people.”

Do you think felons should be allowed to vote? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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Rich (@guest_1023813)
1 year ago

My stepson is a 3 time felon and doesn’t give a damn about politics and I’d bet that voting is the last thing on the mind if any newly released felon. And what makes the Democrats so sure those millions of cons would vote their way? Might be a big backfire but we’ll never know. When you stop giving a damn about the law,about society and the safety of the people enough to commit a felony you should surrender your right to vote. Besides there is no infringement on their rights because they aren’t saying they can’t vote,even though I think they should be banned from it. If they make restitution and catch up on the money they owe then they can vote again. But like I said,do they really even care? Were they sitting in their cell all that time,excited about getting out to vote again? Hardly. Anyone who’s done even a little time knows what I’m talking about. Do we want murderers and rapists helping to decide who our leaders are? I don’t. And yes there are less severe felonies that get lumped in with therm but the bottom line is if you don’t want to get charged with a felony,stop breaking the law!!!!

Anthony J. Orecchio (@guest_1023819)
1 year ago

Felons do not have a right to vote. Democrats never want to follow the law, they only want what is best for them, not the American citizens.

Janet Pruitt (@guest_1023820)
1 year ago

We All Have To Live By The Laws Of The Land. If We Get Caught We Have To Pay The Price. Sooner or Later.

Jack (@guest_1023863)
Reply to  Janet Pruitt
1 year ago

So as we all live by the same rules and they are administered without bias, but we have two systems of justice. All one has to do is look at the fact Obama & HIllary worked together to spy on Americans and attempted a coup.
Nothing happened to them, and bets are 99 to 1, nothing will.

Patsy Lopez De Victoriia (@guest_1023821)
1 year ago

No, they don’t deserve to be able to vote. If it ain’t broke,don’t try to fix it.

Michael Rininger (@guest_1023823)
1 year ago


George McBenge (@guest_1023825)
1 year ago

I believe that,given the circumstances you described,a convicted fellon who has lost his/her right to vote can petition the courts to return his/her right to vote after examining all the evidence of the person’s good standing in the eyes of his peers.

Kate (@guest_1023827)
1 year ago

Felons do not have the right to vote. Where did that change? Stop the democrats from trying to buy dirty votes.

S (@guest_1023828)
1 year ago

Absolutely not!!

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1023829)
1 year ago

All the rioters should be arrested for the long string of felonies they’ve committed; looting, arson, murder, felony assaults; convicted; then banned from voting.

Wayne (@guest_1023830)
1 year ago

For being a Justice of the Supreme Court of this country, you seem to have no clue what is supposed to happen when someone commits a crime. You do the time, AND YOU PAY THE FINE! Did you miss the whole part in sentencing about: you are sentenced to x years and MUST pay a fine of $X. Obviously, you somehow were able to skip the sentencing part of a trial, wait, if you were judges, the ones who do the sentencing, you couldn’t skip that part of the trial. SO you are either incompetent, or not of sound mind and body and should remove yourselves from the judiciary. Wow, I am not affiliated with the justice department in any way shape or form, and I know that!

Diana Rosado (@guest_1023831)
1 year ago

Once you have committed a felony or serious crime there must be consequences. All my life is was a fact that felons/incarcerated prisoners lost their rights to vote, to drive. There has to be some form of punishment for their crimes. They lost their privileges because the right to vote is a privilege. Therefore, the answer is a BIG NO! I blame the Democrats releasing criminals and disregarding their citizens safety. See how crimes are soaring in the cities run by Democrats. Using the virus as an excuse! Seriously keep them in their cells and keep them six feet apart when they eat and wear a mask when are outside of their cells. Don’t tell me they don’t have masks available when they have enough bandanas or can use their tee shirts to cover their faces. They have sick area where quarantine prisoners can go. Follow all the above steps and the problem is resolved. No need to release them back to the public where they can continue their criminal activity and threaten innocent children, elderly, innocent citizens.

Mea (@guest_1023845)
1 year ago

No!!! Period!!!! We. Floridians voted, the law should be upheld…. haven’t the congress anything better to do beside rehash these past events at our expense!!!! And where is the Republican side of congress…. are they all cowards? They can’t speak out for the rule of law instead of cowering to a bunch of ‘has been’ Democrats calling the shots…, what is wrong with all these people…. are they asleep ???

James Connors (@guest_1023864)
1 year ago

Felons never should have that right again. Democrats will sell their soul and let a Murderer vote, if they vote Democrat.

TFF (@guest_1023868)
1 year ago

Jesus Romero is 100 percent Right , before I was able to vote (which was a while ago) I was told in school that if you were convicted of a felony you could not vote, EVER. The Dumbocrats want to change that so they can get illegal vote’s and rig the election just letting New York has done with illegals getting a driver’s license so they can vote.

BWB (@guest_1023872)
1 year ago

They gave up that right when they broke the law/laws & illegals have No Right but to be Permanently Deported!!!!! Crime is rampant. And when these felons, killers, rapists, etc are given a free get-out-of-jail card….they re-commit heinous crimes they did before! Look at that lady with her baby in a stroller in New York City yesterday!!!

Oscar Pearson (@guest_1023877)
1 year ago

I don’t believe a convicted felon should ever be allowed to vote. And if a person is declared part of a terrorist group (ie. Antifa, BLM, ISIS, etc.) they should not be allowed to vote either. Voting is a privilege.

Barry J. Blutig (@guest_1023883)
1 year ago

The “Supremes” Are Absolutely Correct.

Orene Carter (@guest_1023884)
1 year ago

Felons should not be allowed a vote in anything. Anyone known to be a member of a gang or terrorist group should not be allowed to vote.

Leweva (@guest_1023894)
1 year ago

No they should NOT be able to Vote.

Jody Hasik (@guest_1023909)
1 year ago

Once a felon they should never be allowed to vote again

alicia Cervera (@guest_1024633)
Reply to  Jody Hasik
1 year ago


P Hudson (@guest_1023912)
1 year ago

No, they should not be able to vote!! What the hell is wrong with these people that think they should be able to vote. They are just being crooked to even think that way!!!!

Trauda Gum (@guest_1023916)
1 year ago

Felon should not vote
Illegal should not vote
Non citizens should not vote
No dead people should be registered to vote

Connie (@guest_1023993)
Reply to  Trauda Gum
1 year ago

You are so right!

Bonnie (@guest_1024536)
Reply to  Trauda Gum
1 year ago

Absolutely agree

alicia Cervera (@guest_1024636)
Reply to  Trauda Gum
1 year ago

Absolutely correct.! Clear as water and common sense!

Josephine Lara (@guest_1023924)
1 year ago

And in good ole CA, newscum to let 18,000 criminals out of prison. Just before Nov voting! Fraud? crimes? Aren’t we just so lucky to have all the rats ruining our state?

Pattie Louise Kelly (@guest_1023931)
1 year ago

Hell NO!!!

Sandra L Lambert (@guest_1023934)
1 year ago

I think most of the politicians should go back to elementary school and learn the meaning of the word, “ILLEGAL”.

Suzzie (@guest_1023961)
1 year ago

Felons vote! As a Florida resident & born in the USA, I voted against it the first time & I still stand by it that they should not have the right of voting ever again. If you decided to be a felon, that is the time in your life you gave up the honor of voting. This whole thing is a mockery to the “GOOD” citizens in this state & a slam to the system once again by the Democrats The people need to get real, those that voted to let felons vote, must take their heads out of their a__!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1024637)
Reply to  Suzzie
1 year ago

if they have a head and a a—!

diana (@guest_1024016)
1 year ago

no they should not illegals should not either

RICHARD BEAL (@guest_1024236)
Reply to  diana
1 year ago


RICHARD BEAL (@guest_1024235)
1 year ago


Winstead (@guest_1024299)
1 year ago

NO i thought when you were a felon you lost your right to vote on anything. That use to be how it was when did it change

Gwendolyn De Koning (@guest_1024690)
1 year ago

The Supreme Court got it right. Felons should ne er be allowed to vote. They don’t eve. Want to pay their fines!

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1029235)
1 year ago

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

EttaMae (@guest_1031292)
1 year ago

OH HE)) NO!!!!! Only legal citizens are allowed to vote. No felons, no illegals, no deceased people either!!! The Supreme Court got it right. Possibly dems/libs should NOT be able to vote also, since they want to go against the law. Enough is enough.



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