October 4, 2022

Cotton: Biden’s nomination to lead DHS is ‘disqualified’

Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden wasted virtually no time attempting to solidify his media-declared White House victory over the past week by announcing his Cabinet selections, many of whom have already drawn the ire of both Republicans and some Democrats.

According to the Daily Wire, Biden’s pick to head up the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has already come under intense scrutiny by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who claimed that Mayorkas is “disqualified” from holding the high-level post over allegations that he abused the EB-5 visa program.

The controversial program essentially allowed foreign investors who poured large sums of money into U.S. businesses to obtain green cards, with Cotton focusing on Mayorkas allowing “well-connected Chinese nationals” to essentially purchase green cards under the program.

“He was found by Barack Obama’s inspector general to be guilty of selling green cards to Chinese nationals on behalf of rich Democratic donors,” Cotton tweeted in a video clip on Wednesday.

“Think about that. Selling citizenship to well-connected Chinese nationals on behalf of Democratic Party donors. That is disqualifying…” he added.

According to Fox News, an inspector general report from 2015 determined that Mayorkas assisted heavily-connected foreign nationals to obtain green cards through the EB-5 program.

In the cases reviewed by the IG, they determined that Mayorkas went “outside the normal adjudicatory process” to help several foreign nationals obtain the visas “in ways that benefited the stakeholders.”

Not surprisingly, at the time of the report, Mayorkas denied any wrongdoing but said that he would “learn from it.”

“While I disagree with the Inspector General’s report, I will certainly learn from it and from this process. … The EB-5 program was badly broken when I arrived at USCIS,” Mayorkas said at the time.

Though it’s still early in the process, it appears as if Republicans are already pushing back heavily on Biden’s incoming Cabinet members, which will undoubtedly lead to intense debates on the matter in the very near future.


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