April 22, 2021

Cotton: Biden’s nomination to lead DHS is ‘disqualified’

Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden wasted virtually no time attempting to solidify his media-declared White House victory over the past week by announcing his Cabinet selections, many of whom have already drawn the ire of both Republicans and some Democrats.

According to the Daily Wire, Biden’s pick to head up the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has already come under intense scrutiny by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who claimed that Mayorkas is “disqualified” from holding the high-level post over allegations that he abused the EB-5 visa program.

The controversial program essentially allowed foreign investors who poured large sums of money into U.S. businesses to obtain green cards, with Cotton focusing on Mayorkas allowing “well-connected Chinese nationals” to essentially purchase green cards under the program.

“He was found by Barack Obama’s inspector general to be guilty of selling green cards to Chinese nationals on behalf of rich Democratic donors,” Cotton tweeted in a video clip on Wednesday.

“Think about that. Selling citizenship to well-connected Chinese nationals on behalf of Democratic Party donors. That is disqualifying…” he added.

According to Fox News, an inspector general report from 2015 determined that Mayorkas assisted heavily-connected foreign nationals to obtain green cards through the EB-5 program.

In the cases reviewed by the IG, they determined that Mayorkas went “outside the normal adjudicatory process” to help several foreign nationals obtain the visas “in ways that benefited the stakeholders.”

Not surprisingly, at the time of the report, Mayorkas denied any wrongdoing but said that he would “learn from it.”

“While I disagree with the Inspector General’s report, I will certainly learn from it and from this process. … The EB-5 program was badly broken when I arrived at USCIS,” Mayorkas said at the time.

Though it’s still early in the process, it appears as if Republicans are already pushing back heavily on Biden’s incoming Cabinet members, which will undoubtedly lead to intense debates on the matter in the very near future.

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40 Responses

  1. Tired of the Dimwit Biden, Harris and Soros Group!
    Un worthy people leading us into One World Communist Government !
    Trump 2020 or America is GONE!

    1. That is why we need to fund people like Tom Cotton and others who are working to get rid of these terrible people.

    2. I’m tiredness of Biden wants to be a one world communist. We are American people. Who’s belived in freedom nation. I’m tired of seeing him claimed to be president elect, when all the votes are not counted. He has no right picking cabinet members. This is not January 20

  2. This does not surprise me as I feel anyone Biden picks will have something crooked in their past. The whole party is a farce at this time with many evil players in it that want to destroy our country as we have always known it.
    I pray we can do something to keep our values & country as it is & has always been.

    1. I agree but the only way it will happen is another civil war and it won’t be whites against blacks. God help our kids/grandkids. The old saying goes like this “Some people can’t see the Trees because of the Forest” well in my opinion it is a h— of a lot more than SOME.

      1. Sorro’s needs to be eliminated along with the bidens the Clinton’s comey, strocz, shummer, pelosi, rice, barr, Durham, Wray, Harris, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and any other top echelon of corrupt government.

  3. Most of the idiots Biden chose are not qualified to run anything. That worthless Harris is not elegible to be VP or anything – neither of her parents were/are real natural-born Americans. All the dumocraps should slither back under their rocks. The dumopcraps want to destroy America and get richer at the expense of we real Americans.

    1. Not saying I don’t agree with you about Harris not qualified for VP, but has nothing to do with her parents. She, herself is inherently not qualified especially with foreign policy. And unless you are a Native American none of us are “real Americans”. My ancestors came after the Revolutionary War from Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany. We have always been the melting pot of the world, and most who have come here legally for past 200+ years do so because they love what this country stands for. We are the world’s last great hope in stand for freedom of people. That is what is most important to me.

  4. What about Sleepy Joe’s connections to China???? That alone should have Disqualified him for President!!!!… So NOW people ( Republicans) want to finally speak?????… Just S T F U…. Kinda late ya think????

    1. That about sums it up…Of course you have Republicans that are part of the Establishment that have been filling their pockets full of illegal cash and they don’t want Mr.Trump in their way to continue their little Deep State functions.


    1. Makes you wonder whether Biden would be arrested if he traveled to the Ukraine with those indictments. Would be interesting to see him arrested over there.

  5. ALL liberals should be disqualified to be in ANY American government since they all support their communist leaders – maximum conflicted interest against America and for our enemies ! From biden & harris – on down the line of treasonous , organized crime crooks .

  6. President Trump is guilty of one thing. That is the fact that he has turned over the corrupt hog-trough in D.C. & the little piggies can no longer slop their way to riches without being exposed for what they are!

  7. Obama never been anything to our country but a fraud n said himself hes going to be giving illegals green cards bc they have rights. They all belong in prison together.

    1. So. Both Obama and Biden should be jail for the rest of them natural life. In Addition I don’t believe Obama was a naturally born in USA.

    1. You mean Beijing Biden s mental issues, right? He’s just a puppet for the communist globalist party, aka the demonrats

  8. Finally… I like the American Digest!
    I have limited TV and could see the unfair reports. Luckily have a friend with 500 channels.
    But I don’t like the way some response(s) are worded, it makes them sound…
    You don’t have to have a garbage mouth or talk about killing and hate.
    If you have something to say people will listen, and agree or disagree.
    Voted for Trump/Pence because I did not think they could be bought or intimidated.
    I do not know the in and out of politics, just a feeling for right and wrong.
    My trust regarding our future is with Trump/Pence and appreciate the fight for the truth. If they lost fairly, they will step down honorably. But truth has become a concern for us, as too much in question has been revealed and too many mistruths have be provided. I am upset with the media and until now had always given them credit for “all” reporting, not being bias… that was a disappointment.
    I have rattled enough for now


  10. It’s so beyond me to understand how Biden was even able to be a candidate for any political/government position as he and his son have committed crimes , treason our Country America. Yes the information was held back/hidden by the media however we all know this it true now. This now should be accountable now to stop Biden from being the next President of the United States of America. On top of all the fraud, what is so wrong with our courts? Now not just the media, we can’t trust our courts?

  11. Joe Biden is a senile, 78 yr old fool who can’t do anything right.
    He has already sold his soul, if he ever had one to China and Russia.
    If he gets into the White House, he will bring all the worst of the Washington swamp in with him.
    The man will probably be like Kerensky of the Russian revolution who brought in everyone bad.
    It was when the Bolsheviks staged their coup in RED OCTOBER that Lenin and Stalin came in.
    And then the good people watched in despair as all the good people were purged.
    Once Stalin was in, he, as general secretary, had the main phones tapped.
    Anyone talking bad about Joe Stalin suddenly got shot.

  12. Now if we can just get Biden removed due to health issues and let trump back in, Americans will be back on top again!

  13. I’ll say this: IF people do NOT SEE that there is MAJOR trouble ahead then they are just as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard! THIS whole mess is meant to destroy this nation! This will happen, so get used to the Idea that there were people that said that this nation would be destroyed from w/in, and that is the case! I do NOT want to be here when all this destruction takes place! I am JUST going to trust in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! This Govt and mankind is not worth trusting, at all!!

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