May 24, 2022

White House Correspondents Association accuses Kayleigh McEnany of ‘denying reality’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has only been in her position for a couple of months, but she’s already one of the mainstream media’s most loathed administration officials.

Case in point, ABC News correspondent Jon Karl, who also leads the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) accused McEnany of using her position for “purely political purposes” in a recent op-ed. 

Karl penned a Washington Post op-ed titled “It’s the duty of the White House press secretary to hold briefings. But not like this,” in which he took it upon himself to educate McEnany on what her job description actually is:

The job is to inform the public: to be an intermediary between the president and a press corps the public relies on for information … Denying reality and using the White House podium for purely political purposes is a violation of public trust.

Karl complained that McEnany doesn’t play by White House correspondents’ rules, remarking that “briefings under the current press secretary rarely last 30 minutes — which is short by traditional standards — but routinely include opening and closing messages that more closely resemble the monologues of a partisan political talk show than a public official’s briefing.”

McEnany is the first White House press secretary to hold regular briefings since Sarah Sanders left over a year ago. Sanders also was a major media target due to her pugnacious handling of the hostile press.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor defended McEnany, pointing out that “maybe if the news media decided to do their jobs in a professional manner, they wouldn’t need to be treated like spoiled children throwing a tantrum.”

The mainstream media absolutely cannot stand the fact that Kayleigh McEnany continually destroys their talking points and ridiculous questions, and they’re desperate to take her out. Fortunately for the Trump administration, she’s always ready for their attacks.

Do you support Kayleigh McEnany? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think of her!

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James Hattan (@guest_1021879)
1 year ago

She is rock solid.

Randel White (@guest_1021882)
1 year ago

She is doing a commendable job.
Well prepared.

Azevedo John (@guest_1021884)
1 year ago

She is great and doesn’t let the media bully her.

Ida (@guest_1021889)
1 year ago

She is great. These reporters are such one sided, whiny babies. They are pathetic. Love to see her put them in their place.

Kiran G Mehta (@guest_1021894)
1 year ago

I always like Kayleigh. I watch her as commentator on CNN. Media is worst when it comes to President Trump. They don’t deserve any explanation just quick response to their questions

Marcella Garcia (@guest_1021897)
1 year ago


Evan Baker (@guest_1021910)
1 year ago

Kayleigh McEnany is a much appreciated fighter!

Alan Dale Rhoads (@guest_1021931)
1 year ago

It’s not Ms. McEnany’s job to be the Press Corps’ “Lap dog”. She is employed by the White House to serve the President of the United States of America.

James Piper (@guest_1021944)
1 year ago

I didn’t believe that the President could replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders but Kayleigh has surprisingly and delightedly done so with an integrity which outmatches and discombobulates her dissenting and disingenuous White House reporters. May God continue to bless and protect her in her endeavors!

Fred Parsons (@guest_1021945)
1 year ago

She is doing a great job. Let the crybabies continue to sweat.

James McCallum (@guest_1021948)
1 year ago

I believe she is doing an excel ant job. The democrats and media need to be destroyed in every sense of the word. I’m an American and I vote for democracy and trump

cc (@guest_1021957)
1 year ago

I rarely watch press conferences before–but with McEnany–I got interested again.
This Gal is not a typical “dumb blond” personna. She is a lawyer–who graduated from HARVARD folks!!
She’ll probably be the permanent Press Secretary–unless Pres Trump will promote her to a higher position in his administration. For the main time–the corrupt/lying MSM bastards–have met their match–and the torture continues.

John (@guest_1021958)
1 year ago

How do you like it FAKE NEWS you don’t like hearing the truth. FAKE NEWS Hate America.

Mac McCarthy (@guest_1021968)
1 year ago

She says it like it is, if you’re a whiny baby she tells you so. Way to go !!!!! We are proud of you !!!

Sonia (@guest_1021969)
1 year ago

She does an excellent job of putting them in their place and they can’t handle it!

Marsha Blye (@guest_1021979)
Reply to  Sonia
1 year ago


JoAnne Roberts (@guest_1021981)
Reply to  Sonia
1 year ago

Yes indeed-she handles her job with professionalism and skill

alicia Cervera (@guest_1021990)
Reply to  Sonia
1 year ago

Amen and more power to her.. ]Go Girl dont give up or cave to the thugs.! Youre doing AWESOME!

Shirley (@guest_1022090)
Reply to  Sonia
1 year ago

She does a wonderful job and does it well. We love this girl. Keep it up Kayleigh.

Kelli Martin (@guest_1021970)
1 year ago

She’s great!!!

Mark Haney (@guest_1021971)
1 year ago

They can’t handle the truth and somebody that won’t be manipulated. She stands her ground for truth and right!

James p Dooley sr (@guest_1021976)
1 year ago

I think she is doing a tremendous job what little time that I did watch it and do watch it she does stand her ground they act like spoiled brats act like kindergardens they always ask the same question over and over trying to get her to talk down the president. I do not even watch the local news with all the fake news that they’ve got in Ohio we have a governor as Republican but he has a mind of a Democrat

john broussard (@guest_1021986)
1 year ago

What I’m sure is driving Karl nuts, is Kayleigh anticipates the ridiculious question and has prepared researched answers for them, that make them -the press- look like the total idiots they are. Surely, the press can find one or two people that could generate at least one question per presser that really makes sense and is a question of which that the population of the USA want to know the answer. Not the question that are made to try and prove a
negative point, which is usually a personal and incorrect premise. History will not be kind to these present reporters for all of their fake news stories, which will be proven fake as the years go by.

Bonnie Dailey (@guest_1021993)
1 year ago

She’s one smart cookie and quick and always well prepared. I wouldn’t have the patience she does when a reporter will pick at her, trying best to mess her up with her response. She knows how and when to cut them off. I like her and get a real kick out of how well she handles herself.

Karen Rambo (@guest_1022001)
1 year ago

I love her. I could watch her all day. She is always well prepared, speaks bluntly and takes no crap from the arrogant fake news.

John Grantham (@guest_1022040)
1 year ago

Kayleigh is a breath of fresh air amidst the crap the press pours out on a daily basis. I am glad to see someone has the courage to show the truth to the rest of us. Thank you Kayleigh. Stay strong in your leadership.

Rick (@guest_1022053)
1 year ago

Kayleigh is incredible. She is extremely smart, able to handle the media morons, well prepared behind the podium, and well educated. Thank you Kayleigh.

Carole (@guest_1022054)
1 year ago

She is amazing. These so called journalists need to be set straight. I don’t think they know how to be journalists!

Lee GRAHAM (@guest_1022056)
1 year ago

I support Kayleigh McEnany 100%. She tells it like it is, and is always ready to correct the press when they are wrong. She has much more patience than I would have with the stupid questions.

Dana (@guest_1022073)
1 year ago

I totally support Kayleigh. The secular media is nothing but FAKE news. CNN, MSNBC, Etc. Need to quit throwing Tantrums like four year olds. That’s all they are bunch of whiny, childish, ignorant people.

Teresa (@guest_1022084)
1 year ago

Kayleigh is a HERO. She puts this liars in their place!! God Bless Kayleigh!!! 63M Conservatives love her🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

John Koslin (@guest_1022094)
1 year ago

She is the best.

Tito Cruz (@guest_1022096)
1 year ago

to the press, try asking real questions and watch how the tone changes in your favor

Bill (@guest_1022121)
1 year ago

Kayleigh is an absolutely brilliant and articulate spokesperson. Always quick witted and accurate, she chews up the demtards! Thanks for not letting the fake news push you around. Take it to their wigs!!

Pat (@guest_1022132)
1 year ago

Kayleigh is superb. She knows these liberal radicals are trying to beat her down but she is way too smart for these lying CNN MSNBC WAPO NYT liars. They are so stupid with their repeated questions. Jon Karl is an idiot who thinks he is putting one over on Kayleigh. Think again Karl. Kayleigh is thoroughly prepared to handle this bunch of attack wolves

Shari Mikaelsson (@guest_1022136)
1 year ago

I think she is great. I like the way she handles the press.

Patricia Gow (@guest_1022143)
1 year ago


Barbara (@guest_1022167)
1 year ago

I think they just found someone that won’t be bullied. She has great comebacks for the stupid reporters that just try to bait her. She’s one cool cookie as far as I’m concerned.

Pyara Chauhan (@guest_1022175)
1 year ago

Kayleigh McEnany is a Godsend. She’s smart, well informed, truthful, and very well-spoken. The lament that her briefings lasting only a half-hour at times is baseless. I suggest that dragging the briefing out will be an unnecessary waste of time.

Boodog (@guest_1022179)
1 year ago

If she pisses off the main stream media , it means she is doing something right.
Time for those TABLOID JOURNALISTS to crawl back under their rocks.

James A McMillin (@guest_1022195)
1 year ago

Kayleigh is doing a terrific job. She does stand for truth and honesty, which is a breath of fresh air. She is a blessing to a country that is headed off track.

Jim daquisto (@guest_1022199)
1 year ago

She is great
Let the derailed press cry all they want better yet hold briefs with out them in the room only cameras age is there to brief joy answer rediculis questions from idiot’s

Vincent Luciano (@guest_1022212)
1 year ago

She’s Awsome. It would be really sweet to give her one of the police air guns that shoot the rubber pellets. And every time one of the Fake news jerkoffs asking a stupid question or comment she gets to shoot them. Those meetings will get shorter

Mea (@guest_1022221)
1 year ago

If they hate you, you must be doing something right.
Love her.



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