May 23, 2022

White House Correspondents Association accuses Kayleigh McEnany of ‘denying reality’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has only been in her position for a couple of months, but she’s already one of the mainstream media’s most loathed administration officials.

Case in point, ABC News correspondent Jon Karl, who also leads the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) accused McEnany of using her position for “purely political purposes” in a recent op-ed. 

Karl penned a Washington Post op-ed titled “It’s the duty of the White House press secretary to hold briefings. But not like this,” in which he took it upon himself to educate McEnany on what her job description actually is:

The job is to inform the public: to be an intermediary between the president and a press corps the public relies on for information … Denying reality and using the White House podium for purely political purposes is a violation of public trust.

Karl complained that McEnany doesn’t play by White House correspondents’ rules, remarking that “briefings under the current press secretary rarely last 30 minutes — which is short by traditional standards — but routinely include opening and closing messages that more closely resemble the monologues of a partisan political talk show than a public official’s briefing.”

McEnany is the first White House press secretary to hold regular briefings since Sarah Sanders left over a year ago. Sanders also was a major media target due to her pugnacious handling of the hostile press.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor defended McEnany, pointing out that “maybe if the news media decided to do their jobs in a professional manner, they wouldn’t need to be treated like spoiled children throwing a tantrum.”

The mainstream media absolutely cannot stand the fact that Kayleigh McEnany continually destroys their talking points and ridiculous questions, and they’re desperate to take her out. Fortunately for the Trump administration, she’s always ready for their attacks.

Do you support Kayleigh McEnany? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think of her!

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e. schroth (@guest_1021426)
1 year ago

Yes, totally support Kayleigh McEnany. She is doing her job well but the left and fake media just hate that.

Good for you Kayleigh and remember, don’t let them get you down.

Mary (@guest_1021437)
Reply to  e. schroth
1 year ago

She is amazing! Keep it up and don’t let the ##### get you down!

William Sullens (@guest_1021535)
Reply to  e. schroth
1 year ago

I fully that she is the best and needs to keep the Bozo’s of the press corpses in check. Thank you for doing an outstanding job!

Kathy Coleman (@guest_1021427)
1 year ago

Love her!!! Keep up the great work’n

Randie Walton (@guest_1021433)
1 year ago

Yes I Support Her Fully. She is Beating them at their own Game. Liberals, Dems and Progressives have one Objective Only-Get Trump Out of the WH anyway they can.

Mark Effenberger (@guest_1021435)
1 year ago

Absolutely support her. She is great the way she deals with these lying journalist wannabes. These so called reporters are just paid agents of the socialists that own all the major media outlets.

Jacqui Mitchell (@guest_1021436)
1 year ago

Great lady. Love listening to her and she makes sense.

Caroline Fortuna (@guest_1021439)
1 year ago

K. McEnany is great.

William A Snay (@guest_1021444)
1 year ago

First class reporter. Nothing else needs to be said.

Judith (@guest_1021445)
1 year ago

Go Kayleigh! Keep up the great work! The reporters should talk, what about their responsibility to honestly report unbiased news. Ban their liberal, one sided opinions!

Steve Vickers (@guest_1021446)
1 year ago

She gives these idiots what they deserve. Kayleigh , you are great , love to see you eat there lunch. Keep it up . Defend this president and our country.

William Kelley (@guest_1021449)
1 year ago


Michel (@guest_1021454)
1 year ago

Kayleigh McEnany is 1000% OUTSTANDING! I love to watch her put MSM idiots in place!
Keep on keepin on Kayleigh

STEVE UNDERWOOD (@guest_1021455)
1 year ago

And of course we all know the media are such truthful souls and would never use their positions in a political manner . Bunch of lying worthless liberal scum .

Joann Barry (@guest_1021456)
1 year ago

I support her 100%. She is an asset to President Trump and she is far more intelligent than the “fake” press.

Geri D (@guest_1021457)
1 year ago

Love Kayleigh. Embarrassed that she has to take the DUMBEST questions from the stupid Leftwing press. They never seem to ask intelligent questions. It’s so disgusting to see the “Press” deteriorate like little snot bubbles.

Jacqui Mitchell (@guest_1021465)
1 year ago

A great lady. Love listening to her and she makes sense. Not to be beaten down by the MSM.

Beverly Willis (@guest_1021468)
1 year ago

I think she does a great job. They don’t like her because she acts like them. Hard to be looking in the mirror and seeing yourself. You should give respect to receive respect. She should give what she gets. I totally support her. We have always been taught that the truth hurts and this is their problem with her.

Jeff (@guest_1021473)
1 year ago

She is awesome. That is why they don’t like her. Just like Trump they cannot control her.

Louis Albano (@guest_1021475)
1 year ago

She is a breath of fresh air.
Always extremely well Prepared!!!
It’s about time someone put these Jackasses in their place!!!

Gary Bierlein (@guest_1021476)
1 year ago

Kayleigh does a fantastic job

Bonnie Spiegel (@guest_1021478)
1 year ago

I absolutely believe that Kayleigh McEnany does the best job of all of the Press Secretaries the White House has hired. She does not get bullied by the reporters, which they really try to do to her. The reporters keep asking the same question, over and over again, and she is one tough cookie. She doesn’t take it! She sees through them. I hope she remains the White House Press Secretary for a long time!!!!!

Mary (@guest_1021483)
1 year ago

Yes. She does an amazing job and the left can’t stand that she gives it right back in their face . Good job !! Keep it up

Michel (@guest_1021488)
1 year ago

YES YES and YES, I most certainly support her…. She is the best! Go get ‘em girl, tear ‘me up! I’m so glad you’re the WH Press Secretary.

Toots (@guest_1021496)
1 year ago

I totally support the press secretary…she’s well informed and makes her remarks clearly understood. (I’ve noted many correspondents who question and twist statements so as to gain prominence for themselves rather than doing their job of reporting the news) Kayleigh is a joy to watch!

Patricia Hoskins (@guest_1021616)
Reply to  Toots
1 year ago

I agree with you Toots. She is great!!! A breath of fresh air. These reporters are stupid. They ask the same stupid question over and over again like a dog with a bone they won’t drop it even when she answers their questions!! She has more patience than I do.

Jack M. (@guest_1021499)
1 year ago

The free press will be the death of freedom in America. In Minneapolis the Star & Tribune ( commonly referred to as the star & cycle, is owned by billionaire Glen Taylor. The paper continues everyday to suggest the whole white world is racist, except them of course. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. They have the same political template.
Martin Luther King said to judge him by the content of his character not the color of his skin. These are good, true words. Liberals judge everything by skin color. If they want to do stories on the real racists of the world I suggest they look in the mirror when they get up in the morning. They will be looking at a real racist.

Karen Bissell (@guest_1021501)
1 year ago

Keep up the good work Love your back bone not putting up with the media

Mark Mautino (@guest_1021502)
1 year ago

If the MSM told the truth and actually reported events with no library spin perhaps she would be more to your suiting.

wayne richard beltz (@guest_1021503)
1 year ago

i have written the president more that once about this issue

whenever a so called reporters or politician makes a statement i would ask..

do u have the facts to back up that statement ? if not


Sandra Broberg (@guest_1021504)
1 year ago

Kayleigh McEnany is the best press secretary ever. She does not allow the snarky journalist to spew their misleading, biased opinions. She closes with the facts and puts them to shame. The journalists, are not asking important questions, so she has to advise the public what is true, or false and highlight important events. They dislike McEnay because she demonstrates how corrupt the media has become.

bruce cagenello (@guest_1021507)
1 year ago

she is my favorite
she is straight forward, doesn’t mince words, –the best since Huckeby !!

she forces discovery of dishonest reporting from the press

Thank you for Mrs, McEnany

Janet (@guest_1021512)
1 year ago

We love her and support her 💯!❤️❤️❤️ Keep doing what you do Kaleigh! You’re doing great… and you’ve got’em whining! 🤣🤣😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sherry (@guest_1021520)
1 year ago

I absolutely support Kaleigh McEnany! She stands her ground, with facts! The biased liberal media, are the ones that cannot carry on a normal, non-political press conference. She is doing a great job!

Red elephant (@guest_1021526)
1 year ago

I love the way she answers the press! Tell her keep on !!! She is doing a great job!!!

Jean Lyon (@guest_1021538)
1 year ago

I think she does a great job, gets up every day to get snarky comments to reporters who report opinions not news

Butch (@guest_1021542)
1 year ago

She is amazing! A breath of fresh air. Highly intelligent. Whoever hired her should do ALL the hiring for President Trump. She is able to put people in their place without being rude or condescending.

nan (@guest_1021544)
1 year ago

I did post a comment and I do not like being extracted from the post.
It was right there and you intentionally deleted my post….
if that is the case and it is a concern about free speech then unsubscribe me.
I think you know what I am talking about being concerned.

Richard Rodriguez (@guest_1021545)
1 year ago

Absolutely Amazing!!! You go girl.

Carol Guffey (@guest_1021550)
1 year ago

I think she is doing a great job.

Linda (@guest_1021555)
1 year ago

It’s so refreshing to see a White House
Press secretary not letting the media bully her. This woman takes no shit from any of them and puts them in their place. If they want to be informed and treated fair by her, it’s simple, DO YOYR DAMN JOB. The biggest part of the media today is not doing their jobs and researching the truth. It’s trying to create gossip and here say to the people. Anti many in the media today just tell lies and untruths. My congratulations go out to Kayleigh for her professionalism and standing up to media liars and bullies.

Kathleen (@guest_1021558)
1 year ago

Yes I support her and look forward to her briefings.

Carolyn Anstett (@guest_1021565)
1 year ago

Love Kaleigh. So refreshing to have something who cuts through the nonsense and gets to the point.
Thanks Kaleigh.

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