August 14, 2022

White House Correspondents Association accuses Kayleigh McEnany of ‘denying reality’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has only been in her position for a couple of months, but she’s already one of the mainstream media’s most loathed administration officials.

Case in point, ABC News correspondent Jon Karl, who also leads the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) accused McEnany of using her position for “purely political purposes” in a recent op-ed. 

Karl penned a Washington Post op-ed titled “It’s the duty of the White House press secretary to hold briefings. But not like this,” in which he took it upon himself to educate McEnany on what her job description actually is:

The job is to inform the public: to be an intermediary between the president and a press corps the public relies on for information … Denying reality and using the White House podium for purely political purposes is a violation of public trust.

Karl complained that McEnany doesn’t play by White House correspondents’ rules, remarking that “briefings under the current press secretary rarely last 30 minutes — which is short by traditional standards — but routinely include opening and closing messages that more closely resemble the monologues of a partisan political talk show than a public official’s briefing.”

McEnany is the first White House press secretary to hold regular briefings since Sarah Sanders left over a year ago. Sanders also was a major media target due to her pugnacious handling of the hostile press.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor defended McEnany, pointing out that “maybe if the news media decided to do their jobs in a professional manner, they wouldn’t need to be treated like spoiled children throwing a tantrum.”

The mainstream media absolutely cannot stand the fact that Kayleigh McEnany continually destroys their talking points and ridiculous questions, and they’re desperate to take her out. Fortunately for the Trump administration, she’s always ready for their attacks.

Do you support Kayleigh McEnany? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think of her!

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Hank Berben (@guest_1022228)
2 years ago

Thank God for Kayleigh! She is A breath of fresh air in all the smog generated by the MSM! You go girl!

John Palmer Swenson (@guest_1022238)
2 years ago

She is doing a great job in the face of a very biased media against our President. She requires the correspondents to listen to the true facts in their context, even when she knows they will twist their stories to a negative and not list all the facts accurately.
Good job, young lady. Stand strong.

Nancy Wagner (@guest_1022260)
2 years ago

They can’t have it both ways! They can be resoectful and fair in their, mostly ‘gotcha’ questions!

The. MEDIA is pretty thin skinned when in the receiving end but on the giving end RUTHLESS!

They need to start caring for our Country and help the President, or they may as well ‘listen for the railroad cars, and look for the smoke billowing like the rest of us!! WAKE UP!

Julie A Bellendier (@guest_1022263)
2 years ago

She is amazing!!! Does not take their crap or stupidity!!!

JC (@guest_1022264)
2 years ago

Jon Karl is a liberal butt kisser! A namby pamby journalist Karl tiptoes thru the Dem daisies and cries foul, foul after the lefties have stomped thru the rose garden. The gall of the fake news media!

Don (@guest_1022265)
2 years ago

She does a great job, agree with the others that the news Corp is only in it for a “gotcha”because they think it makes them look smart, well the viewers know that it really makes you look like a juvenile unable to report your real news, especially Jonathan Carl, he is one of the worst reporters to come along, rude, sarcastic child and disrespectful, if the news reporters want respect, show respect, report facts, we the people want something that these so call news corporations and people can’t provide. TRUE REPORT AND FACTS

Steve Stoll (@guest_1022266)
2 years ago

From Karl regarding press conferences: “routinely include opening and closing messages that more closely resemble the monologues of a partisan political talk show than a public official’s briefing.” Is he really referring to the press as “public officials”. If people have learned anything, it’s that the press (for the most part) are certainly not here to serve the public.

Robert Booth (@guest_1022272)
2 years ago

Pretend to be journalists such as the group of reporters who gather in the newsroom pretend to be ,should look up the definition of the word Journalist. Kayleigh is doing a great job. So far, the people asking the questions leave a lot to be desired. When did the word impartiality get replaced by the word bias? Again, great job Kayleigh.

Carmella Yates (@guest_1022277)
2 years ago

She’s doing a terrific job . They can’t intimidate her and that’s what is bothering them . They ask the same question over and over too many times.

Marilyn Johnson (@guest_1022279)
2 years ago

Kayleigh does a great job as Press Secretary. Press just can not intimidate her. Keep up the good works with Flake news press.

william Irwin (@guest_1022282)
2 years ago

She is fantastic. I love the way she handles reporters that talk just to hear themselves speak and cause drama! She has a gift that lets her move on with out being rude. The press has become burdened with to many reporters that want too put her in a corner and change her statement to fit their view. She does an amazing job!

Jim (@guest_1022284)
2 years ago

She does a great job of being the Presidents Press Secretary. The ONLY way the Press Corps will be satisfied is if she parrots the press corps attacks on the President and of course that will not happen.

Gary Hassell (@guest_1022364)
2 years ago

They need to act like civil human beings and they might get treated civil. She is probably smarter than any of them and they can’t stand it. The press is suppose to tell the truth, the whole true and nothing but the truth. But today the media thinks they can say anything they want and that is just ok, there is a new day coming that I am sure the media is not going to like and that is when Trump is reelected because the American people are sick and tired of the out right lies the media puts out.

larry ossler (@guest_1022389)
2 years ago

Thank GOD for her resolve to let the Marxist press know they are BIAS/non-American in their ridculous questions’She should ,hopefully, never change.. Get rid of the COMMUNISTS…

Pattie Kelly (@guest_1022564)
2 years ago

She’s great. She’s smart, quick, and gets in their face. I love her. She’s like a breath of fresh air.

Dar (@guest_1022628)
2 years ago

Although it’s not funny, she sometimes makes me laugh. The media are so blind and stupid that they can’t see they are asking for it! Go KM!

Yasuko Kearney (@guest_1022725)
2 years ago

I could careless what the White House Correspondents Association thinks or says. They are surprisingly low moral group and uneducated in spite of their academical education. Another words they have no common sense or never known good when they see one.

Judith Schwindt (@guest_1022777)
2 years ago

Kayleigh, you go girl.
I am proud of you. You don’t back down, you tell it like it is, you are honest in your info plus more. You are a great press secretary. Keep up the good work. NEVER let them get to you. They aren’t worth it.

Barry.w.vann (@guest_1022899)
2 years ago

I think she’s great! Keep up the good work girl!

Karen Tanner (@guest_1023209)
2 years ago

I love the job that Kayleigh is doing. She tells us straight what is going on. She doesn’t hedge about what is going on and she doesn’t have to twist the news about or make up lies. I believe the press are jealous of her position and the truthful way she handles herself. I believe President Trump made an excellent choice in hiring Kayleigh and I hope she keeps it up. God bless you Kayleigh and President Trump.

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