April 18, 2021

Coronavirus Hurting Trump In New 2020 Polling

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally and at home, some are seeing President Trump’s response as a liability rather than a strength.

A new poll from University of North Florida asked registered Florida voters if they would vote for Trump or Joe Biden if Biden was the nominee. Biden got 46% of voters’ support, while the president had 40% support.

The reason for Biden’s rise in the poll is, according to Washington Examiner, “skepticism from voters on [Trump’s] response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Some experts were skeptical of the poll’s numbers.

“I would exercise caution when looking at these numbers, first these are registered voters β€” not likely voters; second, the campaign season has screeched to a grinding halt and people are rightly less focused on politics,” Michael Binder told Washington Examiner. “Although, this same sample of voters when asked who they voted for in 2016, indicated a very slight advantage for Trump, suggesting that something may be changing in Florida ahead of the election.”

Although President Trump won the electoral votes of Florida in 2016, most are calling it a toss-up. Although a victory for either side is mathematically possible without Florida, it remains a vital state for both Republicans’ and Democrats’ campaign strategies.

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