August 19, 2022

Conservatives slam Dems for court-packing threats

Democrats just can’t accept it when things don’t go their way. Rather than compete in the arena of ideas, they prefer to any underhanded trick they can get away with to get ahead — and that’s what court packing is all about.

Conservatives are striking back at Democrats for threatening to add justices to the U.S. Supreme Court if a key case doesn’t go their way, Fox News reported. Democratic Senators have threatened the measure if the court upholds a Mississippi law that would undercut the Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

“It will inevitably fuel and drive an effort to expand the Supreme Court if this activist majority betrays fundamental constitutional principles,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) claimed, though many would argue that the original decision that expanded abortion rights was the true betrayal. “It’s already driving that movement.”

“Chipping away at Roe v. Wade will precipitate a seismic movement to reform the Supreme Court,” he continued. “It may not be expanding the Supreme Court, it may be making changes to its jurisdiction, or requiring a certain numbers of votes to strike down certain past precedents.”

However, Judicial Crisis Network president Carrie Severino pegged their real motivation. In a series of tweets Monday, Severino pointed out that Democrats are desperately trying to “make the idea of court packing more palatable to the public” as it currently it does not have support from the American people.

“But perhaps the main goal is to bully the Court into delivering the policy outcomes that the Left wants,” Severino concluded. “The left-wing dark money groups in the vast Arabella Advisors network want the Supreme Court to carry water for them, just like Joe Biden and Senate Democrats currently do.”

The move was also panned by Sens. Steve Daines,(R-MT) and Tom Cotton (R-AR). “Not surprised. Called it,” Danines tweeted. “Blackmail,” Cotton simply called the move but noted in an earlier tweet that it “would destroy its legitimacy and undermine the rule of law.”

It wasn’t long ago that even President Joe Biden was speaking against the practice. Now they’re willing to pivot when it’s politically expedient, the Republican National Committee pointed out.

The Democratic Party will stop at nothing to push through its radical agenda. They think are fond of bending rules and exploiting loopholes to get what they want already, but they’re also not beyond destroying America’s institution — and that’s the result of most of their policies anyway.

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Doug Allam (@guest_1265008)
1 year ago

The Supreme Court has been packed by Republicans.

j (@guest_1265042)
Reply to  Doug Allam
1 year ago


Anna (@guest_1265215)
Reply to  j
1 year ago

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Mark Smith (@guest_1265051)
Reply to  Doug Allam
1 year ago

when ?????? we have had 9 justices in the SC for many years. Republicans never packed it. you need to turn off the MSM

Dan (@guest_1265013)
1 year ago

Sorry, but the Supreme Court has NOT been packed by Republicans. President Trump replaced judges who were deceased, which is perfectly in line with Federal law and precepts. For the democrabs to add to or change the functions of the court is out of line with the Constitution and the history of the Court. Remember the court has had 9 justices for a considerable period of time.

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1265021)
1 year ago

Biden is a proven pervert. He proved to the American people he’s a pervert when he signed the executive order requiring schools to let boys have access to and use girls restrooms and locker rooms. He and his whole administration are a bunch of immoral sickos. What’s next with these perverts? Making pedophilia legal?

Rich Bach (@guest_1265040)
1 year ago

You have nothing to do with this article. Delete your post. This nothing but a scam.

Mark Smith (@guest_1265052)
Reply to  Rich Bach
1 year ago

correct it has NOTHING to do with this Article but he is 100% correct about Obama

Dannies (@guest_1265065)
1 year ago

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America First (@guest_1265075)
1 year ago

The only thing that is packed is the space between
your ears with liberal BS and your inability to know
the difference between reality and the tripe that CNN
spews on a daily basis which ends up in minds like yours.
Reply to Doug Allam post..

Stephen Russell (@guest_1265082)
1 year ago

FDR tried this & America said NO. Cant work again

EzequielPadilla (@guest_1265089)
1 year ago

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Uglybad (@guest_1265129)
1 year ago

Dannies, get the hell off of these sites! You’re nothing but scammers and illegal at that! Where are the monitors for these websites? I see these scamming posts everywhere! Maybe we should STOP making/reading comments!

Dorothy (@guest_1265173)
1 year ago

The Democrat Party no longer exists. It is and has been for a long, long time the home of the Communists/Marxists Party. The Constitution of the United States is just a piece of paper to them that no longer has any substance to it. Anyone who votes for these traitors is just as guilty of treason as they are.

N A (@guest_1265196)
1 year ago

B___ CRAP ! Get over iT. NOW !!



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