November 29, 2020

Conservatives dump Fox News over election coverage debacle

Conservatives turned to Fox News coverage of the 2020 election to follow the results on election night, expecting to get fair coverage from their favorite network. It didn’t take long to see that Fox was manipulating election results when early on, Fox called Virginia for Biden while Trump’s numbers were in the ’50s and Biden’s significantly lower.

At the same time, Fox refused to call Florida for Trump for hours even as President Trump had a significant lead there.

Many viewers, confused by Fox’s coverage, flipped to CNN and were surprised to find CNN more cautious in its predictions as states reported their results.

But CNN didn’t satisfy conservatives, because, in spite of their cautious reporting, they were also preparing Americans for what the Democrats have been planning all along. CNN recommended patience, repeatedly saying that the final results would take more time because of the early mail-in voting. What they were really saying was, “now that we know the margins, it will take time to make sure we have enough Biden votes to win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.”

President Trump, ever and understandably his own advocate, addressed the issue of election fraud himself. He, accompanied by his family, questioned calling Arizona for Biden and pointed out the large margins he enjoyed in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the other battleground states. He also marveled that the counting had stopped in those battleground states, once again saying out loud what all his supporters were thinking.

Fox News is standing by their calls and lack of calls, driving many conservative viewers to the alternative conservative news outlet Newsmax for the fair and balanced coverage Fox seems to have abandoned.

Watch Trump adviser Jenna Ellis explain President Trump’s legal strategy to combat the Democrats’ fraudulent shenanigans to Newsmax’s Mark Halperin:

One of the president’s aides said that all the TVs in the White House were tuned to Newsmax.

One has to wonder at Fox News’s suicidal strategy. Their election night coverage has enraged their core base. At the same time, they can never hope to gain credibility with the other fake news networks that have been vilifying them for years for catering to that base.

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87 Responses

  1. Can’t believe how Fox news has stopped to the same games as the other biased networks. I found OAN network on channel 75. They adhered to a very fair reporting and it was like Fox News used to be. Very sad how these biased networks forgot that news is to be reported and the people will interpret the fact from the phony.

  2. Quit watching Fox at least a year ago. No longer read their app emails. For honest reporting & commentary: BlazeTV, Blaze Radio, NewsMax, OAN, The First, America Voice, and the many outstanding conservatives on talk radio. The mind like the body requires nourishment. A daily diet of junk food produces an unhealthy, sick person. The same for the mind. Mr Tucker Carlson, et al, sleep with dogs expect to get fleas. GIGO!

  3. We have watched Fox News for years but are checking out Newmax and OAN – will miss Tucker and Laura Ingraham and Hannity – the only truth tellers left at Fox. Chris Wallace is unbearable to watch any more – he is such a smug know-it-all smart aleck. Also we like Brit Hume – but the others belong on the far left networks!

  4. This will sound like a conspiracy but it almost seems as if Fox News had been waiting until Election Day to “pull the rug out” from under their viewers and flip to being fully in bed with the Left. For months many of their reporters, ones had at least appeared to be respectful of Trump and the Right, were inexplicably trashing the President while softballing their questions to the Left. It almost appears in hindsight that the shift to the Left on Election night was intentional and planned for many months ago.

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