July 7, 2022

Conservative truck driver defeats NJ Dem Senate president

New Jersey Republican truck driver Edward Durr shocked the state by defeating State Senate President Steve Sweeney in a $153 campaign.

Durr won the New Jersey’s Third District by about 2,300 votes, approximately four percent above Sweeney.

“The main issue was rights,” Durr told Breitbart News on Wednesday. “People talk about how New Jersey has the highest taxes, and we’re the worst state for business, with high debt, and so on, but bottom line is rights. It’s family.

“When somebody’s messing with your family, you’ll do anything,” he said. “The governor was messing with people’s families. When you mess with somebody’s job, their livelihood, their home, their children — people just won’t take that,” he added.

Sweeney also reportedly refused to debate Durr during the campaign. But he’s not laughing now, as the longest-serving state Senate President has been defeated by a non-politician dedicated to returning the power to the people.

Now the state will get to see what happens when the power returns to conservative leaders ready to help the people of the state in an epic underdog story in Pennsylvania.

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