May 24, 2022

Conservative legal advocate: Liberal ‘dark money’ groups forced Breyer into SCOTUS retirement

News this week of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s imminent retirement came as music to the ears of strategically-minded liberals everywhere, but according to revelations from conservative legal advocate Carrie Severino, the longtime jurist was likely bullied into his decision by “left-wing dark money groups,” and his decision was leaked prematurely โ€“ perhaps by the White House โ€“ to maximize its impact.

As Breitbart noted, almost as soon as word of Breyer’s plans emerged, speculation began that Biden administration insiders eager to change the subject from a string of presidential defeats were the ones to cynically spill the beans, rather than allow the justice to do so himself, on his own time table.

Fox News’s Shannon Bream tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that, according to her Supreme Court sources, Breyer was none too pleased with the manner in which his decision made headlines, later clarifying that he was more “surprised” than anything else.

Regardless of the way things transpired this week, it is no secret that Breyer had been facing immense pressure from a host of left-wing pressure groups โ€“ not to mention prominent Democrat lawmakers โ€“ over the past several months in which progressive activists practically begged him to step down so that Biden could nominate someone they view as an ideologically acceptable successor.

Perhaps the most boisterous of the groups pushing for Breyer’s retirement has long been Demand Justice, led by former top Hillary Clinton aide Brian Fallon, which has received massive infusions of funding from a dark money network known as the Sixteen Thirty Fund, as Fox News has reported.

Fallon has been extremely outspoken in his calls for Breyer to leave the court, saying last year that “people need to stop being sheepish about [demanding the justice’s retirement],” adding, “the longer that goes by without word from Breyer that he intends to step down…the more reckless it is.”

In the estimation of Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, Fallon’s group and other like-minded players probably played a role not just in Breyer’s departure from the court, but also the way the news of it was brought forth, which appeared to lock him into the decision before he was ready to declare it publicly.

“Justice Breyer prides himself on not being a partisan and can’t be happy about a retirement announcement that was leaked (very possibly by the White House),” Severino said, adding that perhaps “Joe Biden and left-wing dark money groups bullying him to retire wanted to be sure he followed through with it.”

Biden and Breyer made a joint appearance at the White House on Thursday to confirm reports of the latter’s decision to depart from the high court, but regardless of any behind-the-scenes maneuvering previously employed to orchestrate the left’s desired outcome, such an attempt to distract the electorate from the administration’s mounting losses is surely destined to fail.

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