January 19, 2021

Report: Conservative journalist John Solomon no longer employed by Fox News

Pro-Trump journalist and Fox News contributor John Solomon has been dismissed from the network, according to a report from the Daily Caller on Friday. 

Fox News has taken major strides to alienate a large portion of its conservative base, and letting Solomon go seems to confirm that the formerly conservative network wants to wash its hands of Trump and his supporters.

Solomon was hired as a Fox News contributor in October of 2019 after appearing multiple times on Sean Hannity’s show. Solomon is an award-winning journalist that spent time as executive vice president of digital video for The Hill and an executive and editor-in-chief at The Washington Times.

After Solomon refused to fall in line at The Hill during the impeachment fiasco, Solomon departed the outlet and joined Fox News. Solomon founded Just The News in January of 2020, and remained a contributor at Fox.

In July of 2020, Solomon quietly disappeared from Fox News, though he continued to make appearances on Fox Business. The last time Solomon was billed by the network as a Fox contributor in any capacity was in October of 2020.

Mainstream media outlets branded Solomon as a conspiracy theorist for his reporting exposing former Vice President Joe Biden’s activities in Ukraine amid the Democrats’ failed impeachment push, and Fox News appears to be all too willing to join their ranks.

Solomon himself has not issued a statement about his dismissal from the network as a contributor, but the Daily Caller reported that Fox News confirmed Solomon is no longer employed at the network.

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104 Responses

  1. As attorney Lin Wood said yesterday, the mainstream media, including Fox are part of a conspiracy against this country, led by China, and they will ALL be arrested and sent to prison for a very long time.

  2. I used to watch Fox news almost every night, but since they have changed and let some really good broadcasters go, plus the way they put the news out you might as well watch fake news like cnn and other news media. So I won’t watch Fox news anymore and I tell other people why I don’t.

    1. Agreed! I guess George Soros has gotten to them, also! We can also thank former Mayor Bloomberg for making a mockery of our United States of America! Hope freedom and righteousness win!

  3. If there’s any justice in this country for Trump, and his family, Obama, Biden, Hillary, Comey, Susan Rice who is about to become a member of Biden’s Administration, but who also lied about Benghazi, will all be jailed, and the keys thrown away instead of receiving more cash from selling out America to China, and foreign Governments!

    1. Agree 100 percent Justice needs to prevail …………… This corruption must stop, Obama, Biden, Hillary etc….. are brining down and selling out America…….. sending Billions to IRAN and funding Isis…….. Biden sold our IT to China which is why he was paid millions this is treason…….

  4. Fox has abandon their base and now they will pay price. Fox has chosen to join the rest of the Communist Network News. Their base is now leaving for more fair reporting, from competent hosts and reporters, not pundits, pricks, racists, trans-neutered, trans-ungendered, worthless no-name jerks, that don’t know what they are doing. This is Fox’s future, when their base is gone, and that wont take long, now that their conservative base is leaving. Good move Fox hope you will be happy in bed with your new comrades.

      1. Yes, Solomon was a real journalist who spoke the truth and deserves better than what Fox offers. WE, the patriotic Americans are disenchanted with this corrupt media and choose not to watch FOX . Those upfront commentators like Tucker Carlson; Sean Hannity; Levin; Laura; Judge Jeanine; Greg; Watters, and those like them are the only ones I believe! Let freedom ring!

  5. First Gowdy, now Solomon. Sorry Fox news, you have just been deleted off my favorites and in your place Newsmax, OAN and parler comes in. Tucker is the only one I watched. I’m over the media telling us they know best and will decide all for us. Makes me sick.

    1. Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Greg Guttfield , Jesse Waters I know from Fox are on The Americans side.

  6. I never thought I’d see the day I’d see Fox News would join ranks w/ the rest of the lame stream media hack outlets. It’s NewsMax for me. Fox is no longer the conservative organization it used to be. They have turned their backs on the very audience that has been responsible for their success. What a shame. What a betrayal to all of us who used to unequivocally support them. They have pimped themselves out to the highest bidder — and for what, I might ask!

  7. It’s only a matter of time before they get rid of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingrid and others.I think the only reason why they haven’t got rid of them three at the very least is because of their high ratings but I am not sure if their little bit of tolerance is going to last with them. I hope they’re making plans and going somewhere else soon. Sad to see Fox go with the Communists left

  8. Fox news is dead to the real American Patriots. Just a matter of time. Finally showed their betrayal. Your a nothing burger now👍

  9. Where is the ‘Soul and Conscience’ of American media going? Seems to me to ‘h**l’ and NOT coming back! AND FOX is now ready to join this Communist group.

  10. FoxNews lost its long time viewer…meaning when FoxNews started and grew
    Then it went to pits when the grandkids got their fingers in that end
    FoxNews is going down faster then the a burning blimp
    Looking at the National News and also another account where you will not be banned because you use God and scripture in your speech
    FoxNews finally reach the burning pit into HELL
    Now the grandkids will see their outcome of their ideology
    Money talks, eh which you forgot the real PRINCIPLE and you all will be losing a lot more than money
    Your reputation!!
    Even the poor know better on their words and the values

  11. This goes to show when rich, self-made men leave their hard-earned empires to worthless, spoiled, stupid kids.

  12. As Patriots we play by the rules so take a lesson America, DO NOT BRING A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT! Democrats we all know are obsessed with power at all costs, it will now destroy America. They finally got it as it appears. Stop whining we are at fault for not getting more aggressive during this election watching the polls 24-7 with videos, more aggressive watchers that would fight back against thugs to observe a coup in the making. It is about complete. I would have but the fact is I’m 77, I would have a hard time stopping gas. We ALL knew this was going to happen that’s why Sleepy Joe was hardly seen, the Dems knew all along the gig was going to happen, it did, CHEATING to win.

  13. So agree with all of you. Fox News has definitely changed & except for a few good ones left will not watch it. Those few left should start their own network & hire Bill O’Reilly. Those were the good old days & when FOX was the best!!!

  14. Fox has gone to Hell! I will continue to watch Tucker, Hannity and Ingle until they are dismissed also and have to form their own network!

  15. I doubt if Fox or any of these other left “news” networks give a crap. They consider us as not important and foul. Maybe .. hopefully.. their revenues will go down. Many years ago was friends with people in the NY market. This was when it was a big deal to go to “market”…. My friend was rage about having to deal with all these small town clods that came to buy.. They were only interested in the big store buyers. Some years later I asked her how market week was going. She said terrible. She said they did not realice that where they made their $$ was from these small town store buyers .. not the big guys they gave all the deals to. STAY WITH US AMERICA.. KEEP OUR COUNTRY STRONG AND HOPEFULLY THESE PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP AND SEE HOW DANGEROUS THESE DEM COMMUNISTS REALLY ARE. DO NOT LET YOUR FREEDOMS BE GIVEN AWAY.

  16. Now if only Tucker,Hannity,Jesse, Gutfeld,and Levin would leave for either Newsmax or OAN Fox would be like CNN only watched in Airports.

  17. NEVERFOXERS we are done………. Rupert’s children, the spoiled children never got any dirt under their fingernails, they do not care about America

    Very happy with Newsmax and Epoch times Bill Oreillly

  18. Fox News is no longer a reliable media & became friend with all the fake news media WHOA! We only have two true & honest Media, OAN & MAXNEWSTV.

  19. Is Fox News kidding, ending John Solomon and selectively dismissing Judge Jeanine. We will be selective, and only watch Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Mark Levin, Tolerance for snarling Chris Wallace, Gutfeld and Lou Dobbs. We have tolerated Chris Wallace believing in a Fair and Balanced program, however we see that Paul Ryan’s’ influence on the Board has changed that. Yes, Congress lost in 2018 thanks to Ryan’s’ numerous Slippery Denials of Congressional actions to call out NeverTrumpers. So be it. Goodbye FOX.

  20. Goodbye Fox. John Solomon provides Integrity which the Country desperately needs. The Deep State is so embedded, its depressing to think how dangerously far these power hungry government patriots will go in coercion with the news media and big tech executives. Fox has now joined them

  21. I, too, only watch Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Solomon (a favorite) & John’s Sidekick, Laura?: Levin, & Lou Dobs.

  22. President Donald Trump, get your own transparent network. Watch those ratings. Guess they didn’t like my first postings. 5 days to get rally together. WOW!!!! You’re the man

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  25. This sort of thing needs to happen! Simply letting the quota happen isnt acceptable. This will help you stay above the curve.

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