April 18, 2021

Congressional aide dies from coronavirus

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) announced on Friday that one of his top staffers has died from COVID-19.

Gary Tibbetts, a retired police officer, had been a member of the congressman’s staff since 2011.

He was first admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 on July 15th and lost his battle with the deadly virus nine days later.

Tibbetts’ death is the first known death of a congressional aide from coronavirus.

Buchanan’s office confirmed that neither he nor any other staffers had recent contact with Tibbetts at the time of his hospitalization.

“Gary was the consummate professional and a true public servant in every sense of the word,โ€ Buchanan said in the announcement.

“He touched so many lives and was loved and respected by those who knew him. I will never forget his uplifting spirit, sense of humor and sheer joy at helping others,” Buchanan added.

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18 Responses

  1. This is a shame, a shame that anyone has died of this virus, bought by the dnc and spread about by those that have taken the antidote, but seeing how this man worked for a REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN, the dnc just say oh well, correletteral damage . And just keep on walking.

    1. I’m very suspicious of the demonic rats about their hands in this not one demon crap has gotten this virus,, republicans going down. pretty soon there won’t be any rep;publicans and then win everything. I’m so surprised no one has gotten fed up and started eliminating the demons in congress. i guess there are more christians as republicans. things have to change and make these criminal monsters pay for their crimes. gizmo get ready

      1. I’ve said for a long time that the Dems are taking that drug that they downed Trump for taking. It sounds pretty suspicion to me.

      2. Amazing isnโ€™t it that the cronies in Demo party are free from it. I blame them. What a time to keep Biden whoโ€™s definitely Dementia related in basement sad his family would do this to him. I pray people will realize what a terrible world under Biden would look like his VP will run country with help from socialist

  2. It’s a shame anyone must suffer from and or die from this horrible disease…my family sends out condolences and prayers

  3. Problem is given how many lies we have been told, how can we be sure he really died from COVID and not something else? Sorry but I stopped believing them months ago and have lost all faith in my government, the media and worse, our medical professionals!

      1. looks like the virus is racist! Fauci, Gates and the Demoncraps have the antidote, They are just waiting for enough death so they can make another killing from it at the banks.

    1. exactly the democrats are evil they will do anything to get people to vote for them but when we vote in november they better have the national guard at every polling area i have a feeling they will go after that possibly try and burn it down

  4. My deepest condolences to his family and friends ๐Ÿ™. Rest in Paradise.
    We’ll continue the fight for Freedom and Justice, just as you did.

  5. I also wonder “why no democrats”…I also wonder if they brought in a whole new strain of COVID and that is why the numbers are spiking……..only took 16 actually infected people to put this country into the situation we are in now…..and a second shutdown of the economy will destroy us. That is the Soros dream come true.

  6. Letโ€™s deport all Demoncrats. They are nasty, vile, and not Christians. They hate America and should be forced to live in another country. My prayers go out to the loved ones who are devastated with the loss of their loved one.

  7. RIP Brother Gary Tibbetts and go with God. You served the people of your community well both as a LEO and then as a Congressional Aide. You will be missed.

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