July 1, 2022

Confirmed: Media actively supressed evidence about Hunter Biden business dealings

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, news concerning President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his laptop that was discovered at a computer repair shop which contained a trove of damaging information concerning his business dealings, never saw the light of day.

According to the Washington Times, Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media and big tech were able to successfully suppress what many believe would have been one of the most impactful political scandals in decades and as a result, Biden went through the 2020 election unscathed.

Not only did Democrats use their media and tech resources to literally suppress the Hunter Biden story, but they also added a new level to the story by accusing Russia of seeding the story prior to the election, somehow blaming President Donald Trump for colluding with Russia to hurt the Biden family.

“It was an unprecedented cover-up across so many entities inside and outside of the government,” said 2016 Trump campaign’s national security adviser J.D. Gordon. “Silicon Valley suppressed an actual scandal related to Hunter Biden while hyping a manufactured scandal over Trump-Russia.”

The scandal even received attention from a group of Republicans in the U.S. Senate who released a report prior to the election that for any other candidate, would have been a nightmare. While the Senate report received some attention from Fox News and smaller conservative outlets, the bulk of the mainstream media pretended as if it didn’t even exist.

“I think it’s outrageous that the Fourth Estate would choose to ignore facts when they are uncovered by Republicans,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said after reporting that the Bidens were likely to have participated in a number of “criminal” financial transactions across the globe.

Fast-forwarding to post-November 3, the media finally acknowledged that Hunter Biden is in some level of jeopardy, as he recently revealed that he’s under federal investigation for matters pertaining to his “tax affairs,” but remained confident that it would all eventually be sorted out with no problem.

According to Fox News, Hunter Biden is either the target of or subject of a grand jury investigation. It was also reported that his troubles extend well beyond simple tax matters.

Many believe that the media coordinated their reporting on Hunter Biden to make sure it was after the election and after Joe Biden was able to claim victory, so as to not hinder his chances at taking the White House.

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Bidencheats (@guest_1091843)
1 year ago

We have a huge problem in America and growing bigger each day

Jan Myers (@guest_1091845)
Reply to  Bidencheats
1 year ago


flow (@guest_1091855)
Reply to  Bidencheats
1 year ago

Don’t you believe with all the problems with the democrats we have enough proof of attempted coup and treason??
If we dont confront it now it will be a disaster.

Tania (@guest_1091869)
Reply to  flow
1 year ago


Albert W. Myles (@guest_1091995)
Reply to  flow
1 year ago

I agree 100% with you.

alicia cervera (@guest_1093705)
Reply to  Albert W. Myles
1 year ago

And when will they be held accountable? Because if biden gets in, they will erase all trace and evidence and let him walk free like the hitlery women, just like the biden member who walked free from jail for a DUI!


Philomena TRAPANI (@guest_1092150)
Reply to  flow
1 year ago

Trump2020 final answer joe Biden will never be president of the United States 🇺🇸

Terri Mikula (@guest_1092153)
Reply to  Philomena TRAPANI
1 year ago


Karole Conaway (@guest_1092460)
Reply to  flow
1 year ago

This is off subject, but very important to conservatives. I was just informed what the reason the Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit by Texas to throw out the results in the 4 battleground states was. They were old by a demonrat justice, possibly John Roberts that the democrats would riot, but the conservatives would not. So, we are going to have a civil war unless President Trump uses the insurrection act.

Jolly roger (@guest_1091919)
Reply to  Bidencheats
1 year ago

In one word it’s called the ……Democrats!

Gary m (@guest_1091923)
Reply to  Jolly roger
1 year ago

Now we know why the word it’s self describes what the DNC is made of (” RATS “). It says it all.

Katydid (@guest_1091844)
1 year ago

Is anyone surprised at this? Now that they think they have gotten away with all the fraud and dishonesty, they want to play nice. DREAM ON

WhiteCloud (@guest_1091856)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago

These people: Dems never play nice, unless they are Professor Alan Dershovits, who is a Democrat and an expert on law and Constitution.

Valerie Dodds (@guest_1091868)
Reply to  WhiteCloud
1 year ago

I agree, he is only person who speaks sense even though he is a Democrat!

Bill Donley (@guest_1092151)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago


jr (@guest_1091847)
1 year ago

It is all part of there plan to make Hairdresser present

Marianne Bugner (@guest_1091848)
1 year ago

Covering up the Biden family China’s financial deals must be investigated. Biden must be investigated. He does not think China is a threat to our Country.

Richard Branscum (@guest_1091849)
1 year ago

Heck no they are dumbacrats and they are all above the law of the United States of America because they are writing the law and we need to get rid of them all now

flow (@guest_1091857)
Reply to  Richard Branscum
1 year ago

Because WE LET them get away with it!

phyllis elliott (@guest_1091960)
Reply to  flow
1 year ago


Laura (@guest_1091850)
1 year ago

Democrats lie cheat and steal. Everything they do they accuse Republicans of doing. Ever since Obama came in office he divided and pit one against the other. He was the worst thing that America fell for. Trump won because of Obama’s corrupt administration. I’m extremely pissed that our Republicans have no spine and don’t stand with Trump. They all are bought off and we Patriots are out for each and everyone of these spineless Republicans are going to be toast. Enough with the corruption of all people in government

Lester Trochelman (@guest_1091870)
Reply to  Laura
1 year ago

Just goes to show you that there”s Republicans in the SWAMP as well. Hide everything and try and stop any Investigation that may reveal yourselves as CORRUPT!

Lori Polisena (@guest_1091895)
Reply to  Laura
1 year ago

100% Agree

Bill Clintone (@guest_1091852)
1 year ago

Let’s not forget the videos of under age girls with I’m proud of my son Hunter!

jesse (@guest_1091853)
1 year ago

The lame stream media here in our country ha become the Russian media of the 1950’s and 60’s. They were and still are owned by the Government. The difference in our country is that the media is communist marxist owned an run and their ideologues in government are he Democrats.

Thomas John Carter (@guest_1091858)
1 year ago

WE THE PEOPLE know Biden did not win. The mantra of the democrats is “Cheat to win” and they got caught. I hope some honest Congressman will look at the EVIDENCE and make an honest vote. The democrats did this for Bush v. Gore so there is standing. Every person I speak to knows the country is a mess right now. We have 2 reports that show the votes were taken from President Trump and given to Biden. We have evidence of dead people voting. We have evidence of people born on 01-01-1900 and also people born on 01-01-2020 voting. Please pray for an HONEST election. We are not a Banana Republic were you can CHEAT TO WIN!

Eddie Price (@guest_1091859)
1 year ago

Trumps been talking about the deep state for years. Anyone believe him now! By the way, where are all the Repubs Trump supported for re-election in his bid to overturn results of this fraudulent election?? It’s like they are in hiding!!! We are watching Reps and Senators! We are watching!

Renai (@guest_1091865)
1 year ago

Biden / Harris hopefuls are compromised. There China puppets.
Democrat party has become…Do as I say. And not as I do. May they Reap what they Sow.
4 more years, President Trump. and keep America great and safe. 🇺🇲🇺🇸
God blessings on America and President Trump 🙏

Betty (@guest_1091871)
1 year ago

Total fraud by media, big tech , Biden family and Democrats….. china takeover!

ShrykeAbysmal (@guest_1091872)
1 year ago

How exactly is that not election tampering and sedition, given it was done to take down a sitting president and his government? Why are these people not sharing a bench seat on a county bus to jail as we speak?

Tom (@guest_1091873)
1 year ago

Like I been saying all democratic politicians are corrupt and they must be above the law because none of them are going to jail for doing everything that any normal person would be in jail by now for lying to the jury and the united states

Donald Batho (@guest_1091875)
1 year ago

This is just un- American the Democrat’s, the CNN, MSNBC and all the other crooked news media acting like Communist’s, where is the justice in our country.
Trump PLEASE keep draining the SWAMP, the more we look the worst it gets.
Polise and Shummer are the head of a all the conspiracy’s in our country , THEY ARE “NOT” AMERICANS – FIRE THSES DEMOCATES THEY ARE “EVIL”!!!! PEROPLE and do not care on bit our American people and our country, it’s all about them and what they can STEAL from the people.
GET RIDE OF THEM — “NOW” or it maybe to late.

Julius Cesar (@guest_1091887)
1 year ago

The law is what the Dem’s say it is. Their law is only written to prosecute the Republicans.
The Den’s can steal, burn cities, and kill if need be, but there is no longer a law against them. If you get arrested but you are on there side don’t you worry they’ll get you out.
Merry Christmas! Oops! Can I get arrested for that? I think I can.
This is insanity!

Lori Polisena (@guest_1091892)
1 year ago

Smh Hunter what about the young girls? PinnochiJoe your proud of Hunter? Shameful!!!!

Julio Cesar (@guest_1091899)
1 year ago

How can The Great President Trump continue to drain the swamp when the swamp just stoled the elections right in front of our eyes? Yesterday Barr announced the no special counsel is needed for voter fraud or The Biden’s crime Family? That was the biggest Xmas gift the crime family will ever get. They don’t need China, they got Bill Barr.

Gary m (@guest_1091938)
1 year ago

I agree democrat is a noun, but the Webster Dictionary’s definition is wrong.
The definition for democrat should be communist.
The noun democrat denotes a little animal that lives in a thing called a rat hole.
That is dem o c rat——————————————————————-
——-dem-oh-see-rat or damn oh I see a rat

Gary m (@guest_1091942)
1 year ago

The way this was done it will be impossible to determine who won. To many illegal ballots have already been mixed in with legal ones and no way to determine which is which. The only way to do this is with a new election.
Rules for National Elections
Following constraints apply to all states and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.
No mail in voting.
Absentee ballots for military and medical reasons only, medical must be validated by doctor.
Absentee ballots must be requested thirty days prior to election day.
Absentee ballots must be received two full days prior to election day, no excuses.
Election ends 8:00 pm on election day, no ballots arriving after that time will be counted, no excuses.
Full ID and signature verification required.
Any and all non-citizens attempting to vote, will be subject to immediate deportation, no exception.
Poll watchers from all parties must be allowed access to verify all ballots, poll watchers may not be denied access, regardless of party affiliation. if for any reason access is denied all counting is halted immediately until the problem is resolved.
These rules apply to all states, and these rules may not be changed or altered in any way by any state and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.

KISS………..Keep It Simple Stupid

We don’t have to wait for a trial they are guilty until proven innocent, that is the [email protected] way

Are you all nuts supporting this maniac Trump…?
It is better than a nut that can’t remember who his old bag is even if she is a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that would put a chain around your neck even if you are a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that will give your job to an illegal even if you are a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that would sell your kids to human traffickers even if you are a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that would put you in jail for protecting your family even if you are demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that take your car an let you walk 20 miles to work even if you are a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that would put you in the army and send you off to war even if you are a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that would give vaccine to the world before your family even if you are a demonicrat.
It is better than a nut that would smell your little girls hair even if she is a demonicrat.
At least this nut knows where he is, where he is going, how to get there, and how to get back.
This is to much information for a demonicrat to handle. They go to school to be brainwashed, not really learn anything. So when they have to do something that requires any thinking they don’t know how.

Gary m (@guest_1091944)
1 year ago

To those at the Communist Network News, Dominion software’s tricks really are a conspiracy Theory. One that is drummed up by you. The simple truth is that Dominion conspired with the DNC and the Biden campaign to undermine the 2020 election, and that CNN, ABC, NBC, THE LAME DUCK MEDIA, and others that conspired to hide or suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, and undermine the election are not only guilty of suppressing evidence they are guilty of treason, by trying to put a compromised ( and demented ) person in the office of the presidency thus undermining the security of the country. So as you can see there was a conspiracy to undermine not only the election but the country, by all of the above, that should be removed from the country.
Got along without you before I met you gona get along without you now. I call them the Lame Duck Media, because the are ducking their responsibility to the people, and as such should be removed from the country.

A part of the courts job is oversite, and if someone or some state is violating the constitution, then the court should step in, whether there is a complaint or brief filed in a lower court or the high court directly. If the court is not doing this then the court is not doing the do diligence it is suppose to do, to protect the constitution. And if the court is not going to do its job then it is up to we the people to do the job, and if we have to do the job then we just as well fire the court, we are the only ones that can. It makes no difference if a judge is conservative or liberal if the judge does not follow the constitution. The constitution was not put there to protect the legislature, the administration, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow. When the government does not want to follow, then the government has to go. I think that the court gets so tongue tied with the literal meaning of the law that it forgets what its job is.

Since officials in a number of states have taken it upon themselves to make laws with out the legislative bodies in those states, that the constitution gives the legislative bodies the power to do. They are ignoring the constitution, and need to be reigned in. It is past time for the SCROTUS to do its do diligence, and step in, if the SCROTUS does not wish to do so, then we the people will have to do the job of the court, and we will not need the court.
Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings and queens and tyrants rule, and that is why our forefathers wrote the constitution, to keep the corrupt from getting in power in government. That is why we have come to the point of needing to set term limits and to remove immunity that protects those that would try to abuse their position by creating greater transparency in the government.


Gary m (@guest_1091946)
1 year ago

U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

I think that it was Kelly that said AOC likes to play the victim. Well ! AOC is right she is a victim. She is a victim of her own immaturity, and life experiences. Lets face it you don’t learn much getting drunk in a bar.
As far as her higher learning is concerned she needs to go back to the school she went to and get her money back. She did not learn a thing.

AOC should watch Bernie very carefully as Biden greases Bernie’s butt, just as Hillary did in the DNC primary. Good old Joe thinks of himself as the Godfather of the Chinese Mafia ( The DNC ). Dang Nabit Crooks.

Swalwell isn’t the only Chinese spy in the government. There are hundreds in congress, they are called demonicrats.

The GOP need to make sure that the dums don’t rig the vote c0unting, by putting all dums on the c0unting [email protected] Do not permit the p0ll [email protected] be [email protected]@ssed, or removed from the c0unting room. Strictly maintain the [email protected] of cust0dy.

Gary m (@guest_1092126)
1 year ago

The Demonicrats can not afford to have a redo of the election. They have invested to much in rigging this one. Also now that the story of Hunter and his escapades around the world. and that the fake media has tried to cover it up. To many that voted for Biden would now vote for Trump or not vote at all. They can not afford for that to happen. That is why the governors and mayors do not want to see the evidence released. So they are actively trying to keep it under raps. They also want to cover up their own involvement. Not to mention their involvement with foreign entities ( such as China ) that want to bring down the country. So did they commit treason by using a fraudulent election to remove a setting president. Need to find out????

Jacob (@guest_1092243)
1 year ago

Bill Barr must be feeling a great deal of shame to admit that he is covering up for the Biden crime family in the Hunter Biden “pay for play” schemes he’s carried out in numerous foreign nations and it also lets the democrats off the hook for voter fraud and rigging the election. The democrats should be putting Barr at the top of their list with Obama. He’s no better than Mueller, Comey, Wray and the whole dirty lot of FBI. They all should be tried for treason.

Will Harden (@guest_1092270)
1 year ago

So, thanks to this election fraud, by the Washington Swamp, what do we get ?
We get a weak, 78 year old, senile guy who is already sold out to both Russia and China.
Since both of these two countries are our primary cold war enemies, we are in deep Do-Do.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1092473)
1 year ago

The reasons why President Trump is blocking the stimulus bill..$1800.00 to each illegal alien, $700 billion to foreign countries and arts and entertainment. Taxpayers dollars. Pi(ss)losi needs to be removed from our government and sent to China.

Billy Richard Wilson (@guest_1092522)
1 year ago

The Media has suppressed any fault with Biden to get him elected now want to say sorry. BS

Javiernop (@guest_1235232)
1 year ago

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