October 1, 2020

James Comey says he ‘can’t imagine’ he is a target of Durham investigation

U.S. Attorney John Durham is reportedly wrapping up his probe into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation, and it appears to be making several former Obama administration officials very queasy.

Former FBI director James Comey is attempting to maintain a calm and collected front, claiming that he “can’t imagine” that he is a “target” of Durham’s investigation after Durham brought in former CIA chief John Brennan for eight hours of questioning.

In a Sunday appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Comey — who is a key figure in the years-long Russia collusion investigation that is now crumbling in front of our eyes — claimed complete innocence in the fiasco, insisting that he’s not worried about the findings of Durham’s probe because he was “trying to do the right thing” by spying on the Trump campaign.

“I have had no contact with him and haven’t talked to him,” Comey said of Durham, adding, “I can’t imagine that I’m a target.”

For his part, Durham has kept the findings of his investigation under wraps, though the first criminal indictment from the investigation was just issued. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith — who worked for James Comey — pled guilty last week to charges of making false statements about former Trump aide Carter Page.

Comey was not asked about Clinesmith’s indictment in the CBS interview.

Comey attacked the Durham investigation as politically motivated, telling CBS that “given that I know what happened during 2016, which is a bunch of people trying to do the right thing consistent with the law, I’m not worried at all about that investigation of the investigation. They just want to have an investigation to talk about.”

Comey’s former intelligence community colleague, Brennan, issued a statement after meeting with Durham, claiming that he is also “not a target.” Durham has not issued any public statements about Brennan or Comey as of yet.

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43 Responses

    1. a jail cell is also waiting for clapper, peter stroke., lisa page, hillery, shiff, nadler, shumerand more. go get them mr durham.we the people want justice in our country. these demo rats need to be accountable. thank god for president trump.what this president went thru for 4 yrs these people need to be in jail

      1. They need to Swing at the end of a rope. High treason ! Is punishable by death.
        Obama put the entire thing in motion, and all his sick worthless traders are going to burn with him. # 1. 8 years of a anti American imposter citizen, of our country is the first Treasonous act that POS is guilty of.. And a Thousand other major crimes as the frosting.

      2. I cannot wait to see all the corrupt people in the corrupt acts against our President Trump to be prosecuted & go to jail. Especially the arrogant lying Comey he needs a double sentence.

  1. I can’t wait for the CRIMINAL to be brought up on charges. There is no way Comey can prove he “did the right thing consistent with the Law” when he ordered FISA Warrants using fake information to SPY of President Trumps Campaign and later his Administration. Don’t let him make any plea deals.

    1. He thinks he has enough B’s on all law enforcement.. once Comey starts singing,. LMAO WE WILL SEE A CHORUS. THIS IS GOING TOO BE HILLARIOUS

  2. Garnet Krunic

    Yes get the jail cell ready. I will start donating to the Republican Party as soon as Clinton, Obama, Comey or Brennan are behind bars. There is no reason any of these should not be in jail for a long long time, they have
    the goods on all of them proven many times over. NO EXCUSE!!!!!!

  3. What’s the hold up with the indictments? Are they waiting to see if Biden wins, which I don’t see, so everyone gets fired and replaced and everything is forgotten?

  4. I don’t Trust Durham especially since he has indicated that Obama, Biden and now Brennan was not being investigated in the Russian Hoax? Everyone with common since knows that all of the Obama Administration along with the Clinton’s and DNC was involved!!!

    1. Laura, they probably took it down!! I wrote, several comments, and boom, disappeared. If the algorithm find
      a word, not liked, to “their” liking, it’s gone!

  5. You should sue them. You’re as much of a journalist as any msm hack. If you’re writing anything about your opinion and it’s being sensored, your rights as a journalist are being violated.

  6. Why is Brennan saying he’s not a target after 8 hrs of interrogation? I would think he’d be at the top of the list of treasonous felons!

  7. They thought Trump was a crook like they are, they thought they could find something but Trump as too squeaky clean. Rachel MadCow thought she had breaking news, it only showed that Trump paid his taxes.
    They forgot he is not part of their crooked swamp.

  8. He is tall enough to wear horizontal stripes well! When he gets his just sentence, they will probably have a big welcome party for him at Leavenworth.

    1. Brennan just talking! Don’t believe Durham told him anything! And CIA who convert to Muslim brotherhood while under Obama watch? Make him a terrorist SUPPORTER! Comey can try to be cool as a cucumber! He knows he was Hillary HITMAN! KILLING 54 people who were going to TESTIFY AGAINST her and Bill.

  9. The gallows will need to be retrofitted for the length but the same slimy rope will work just fine. Treason is such a fine upstanding crime. What a legacy to stain the family name with.

  10. Don’t you get it. He’s above the law. When Biden wins he will be clear. Oh wait Biden isn’t going to win. Oops no he’s not!! You picked the wrong side Bubba. Bye bye 👋.

  11. Hopefully Durham will lull them into thinking they are in the clear, then drop the hammer! There is NO way Comey, clapper, Brennan, strozk, Obama, Biden, Hitlery, and all the rest of the den of vipers are innocent! They tried to unseat a duly elected president through sedition, treason, and downright lies! They MUST be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law that they “ think” they are above! If they aren’t, there is NO Justice! We, the people, demand justice! And—— we must re elect President Trump to preserve our democracy and our country!

  12. Screw jail time all these pos involved in this should be hung for treason there’s no reason for the taxpayers to pay for incarceration. You let them get away with committing acts of treason with just a slap on the wrist where’s the deterrent for the next ones.

  13. If Comey isn’t a primary target of Durham I don’t have much faith in his investigations. They’ll be just more talk and no action as we’ve seen out of the deep state DOJ.

  14. I would like to think that Durham is just locking down evidence so they can’t get away with their crimes. I’m not hopeful though, the demoscum lemme to be Teflon coated.

  15. Maybe just maybe, John Durham is telling them the same thing he told Trump. Wouldn’t thst be hillarious as hell. LMAO
    Sure as hell jope so. You can see he’s very self consumed and arrogant. DRAIN THE DAMN SWAMP!!!

  16. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE COMEY, CLAPPER, BRENNAN, STROZK, AND EVEN OBAMA GOING TO JAIL! However, DemocRATS would burn the country if the DOJ attempts to do it!. We have to compromise with the actuan TWO TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM IN OUR COUNTRY! It’s too late to fix it without spilling American’s blood!

  17. Comey, Brennan,,Strozk,Obama, HClinton. Stay calm for the second. You created an extreme act of criminal crimes against President Trump and ones that work for him. Extreme crimes. You deserve punishment. You can sit in prison with your face in your hands crying, “Why did I do it). Your a criminal. All of you. It’s time. The proof is in. Our President did nothing to you. Loretta Lynch is another one.The guy too I can’t think of his name at moment. He “investigated Cross fire what 2 years and cost America millions. He was paused extremely well to investigate and kept trying to find answers in some paperwork which he should have known the answers. He did not do a damn thing except putting all that money in his pocket because he knew ahead of time our dear President was not quitting. This is America. People running these major cities (Democrats) and watching them burn down and people are being hurt and killed. They don’t even try to call in National guard.Lock them up! That is criminal. Especially Chicago. Children, babies being shot and killed! Innocent people. She sits back, collect America’s money and do absolutely nothing though she wants to get rid of police officers but not ones she wants personal protection. People say oh President Trump is ten points above President Trump. No way in hell. Fake voting should be haunted. Remember Biden was involve in Russia fake charge against our President. He stated to use the Logan Act. The Demorats are criminal as hell and need to be charged on all the serious crimes committed. They have to be stopped and pay for the crimes. This criminal WILL NOT stop unless they are locked up. In time the pedi file will come up. Hoping this is when they all are removed from our land. God Bless America and President Trump and family and Vice President Pence and his family and the great people working with them. This criminal behavior needs to stop now. Can you even imagine other things they have done. Some known and some not. Things we just don’t know yet! Vote RED all the way down!!!

  18. Obama,Lynch,rice,brennen,clapper,comey,stroch,Lisa page,Michelle Obama,all ought to be hung on the courthouse lawn in a oak tree and televised on tv

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