May 23, 2022

CNN’s Van Jones admits Joe Biden “foggy and meandering,” President is losing the left’s trust

It’s not surprising that President Joe Biden gave a press conference that was an unmitigated disaster. What is surprising is that the leftist media is actually admitting it.

CNN commentator Van Jones called Biden “foggy and meandering” at his Wednesday press conference, Breitbart reported. This was the president’s first solo press conference of the year.

Jones made the remarks on the network’s “OutFront” program. The former Special Advisor for Green Jobs under former president Barack Obama said that the only thing Biden seemed sure of was that he would be running again with Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I think a lot of Democratic voters appreciate that,” Jones said. “That’s the one time that you don’t want to give any fuzzy, foggy, let-me-tell-you-a-long-story answer. Clear and direct, they are a team. He is staying together. They are going to fight it forward.”

However, the rest of the news conference didn’t go well for the 79-year-old president. “Look, I think that part of the reason that answer stood out so much is because some of the other answers were kind of foggy and meandering,” Jones conceded. “I think you have to be honest that you can be a foggy, meandering president, say, like Reagan near the end if you’re winning,” he said.

“But if you are foggy and meandering on key questions and you’re also not winning,” Jones continued, “then you’ve got a real problem, and so I think the real challenge that you have is the numbers are out there that are bad,” he said. “But this party has got to come together and start putting some wins on the board for this president,” Jones advised.

“They are going to either hang together, or they are going to hang separately in the fall,” Jones said of the upcoming midterm elections. The Democrats are facing an uphill climb for 2022 with many lawmakers from the party retiring to avoid the coming “bloodbath,” Fox News reported.

Democrats have to contend with a failing president, an off-year election, and their own role in the disaster that has unfolded since Biden took office. Things are so bad even CNN pundits are beginning to sound the alarm.

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