January 27, 2021

CNN’s Jim Acosta to shift away from White House coverage

Leftist journalists relentlessly dogged President Donald Trump and his administration during his time in office. With President-elect Joe Biden about to take office, at least one network is about to take their toughest journalist out of the White House to make it easier on the incoming Democrat.

CNN has announced that notorious Trump antagonist Jim Acosta will be leaving his role as chief White House correspondent and take over as chief domestic correspondent for the network, The Hill reported.

Acosta was known for grandstanding during press briefings and antagonizing the president and his spokespeople to elicit soundbites — a skill apparently obsolete now that a Democratic president will soon take office.

This shift came amid other network changes including moving “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” into the 6 p.m. time slot and extending Jake Tapper’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” weekday show to two hours, Fox News reported. Kaitlan Collins will take over Tapper’s role as chief White House correspondent effective Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day for Biden — proving that it is a calculated softening for the Democrat.

“It certainly seems odd that CNN is pulling Acosta from the White House rotation right as a Democratic president is set to take office,” Amber Athey, Washington editor for The Spectator, told the news outlet of her White House press pool colleague. “He insisted repeatedly that his style of shouting questions, delivering monologues, and heckling White House officials was merely about holding powerful people accountable for their actions,” she said. “Is CNN effectively saying that they don’t want to hold the Biden administration accountable in the same way?”

It seems so to Tim Graham, executive editor for NewsBusters, who also found Acosta’s move out of the White House indicative of CNN’s bias against Trump.”[Acosta’s] raging, lecturing routine has no place in the Biden press corps,” Graham said. “The transition from rabid lion to Poppin Fresh would have been stunning. What we’re to get now is repeaters, not reporters,” he continued. “The liberal networks say they won’t be ‘stenographers to power,’ but that’s exactly what they sound like most of the time when they are covering Democrats.”

“The new CNN White House correspondent will just be a Muppet who nods their head in agreement with whatever the Biden administration spins,” Chris Barron, conservative strategist, told Fox News. “CNN stopped pretending to be an objective news outlet and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.”

Acosta regularly sparred with Trump and his officials with one leftist talking point after another. However, it was one confrontation in particular that got the correspondent briefly banned from the press corps. After heckling Trump about the Russia collusion investigation, Acosta briefly tussled with a young female intern over a microphone. It was only after CNN took legal action that his credentials were reinstated.

It was clear from the beginning that Acosta was pursuing a vendetta on behalf of CNN and the rest of the leftist media. Every made-up scandal, vicious rumor, or leftist conspiracy became his line of questioning over the years. He treated Trump harshly and pursued him aggressively in a way that Democrats never experience. Now, with Trump about to leave office, CNN apparently thinks it’s time to swap out their attack dog for a toady.

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41 Responses

    1. AMEN, Areva Derchee, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out, but its OK if you trip your sorry behind back to where you came from!

    2. Best news yet. Sadly Trump and staff had to put with this clown for over 4 years. He should actually be fired and never work as so called reporter ever again. I am sure Biden will find a place in his criminal administration where people like Costa fit perfectly.

      1. Typical of the treasonous cnn!
        As far as acosta is concerned, I can’t comment here! Would get banned!

  1. Oh for sure whoever takes over, be it Biden, Harris the horrible or Pelosi wii be treated with kid gloves. No harsh words or demeaning questions. Shame on the. Left, they are so blatantly liars.

  2. I guess you didnt like my comment about acossta & the den stalinesque administration? too bad. You know, You will never silemce We The People, you can erase my posts, but I wll still feel the same. Your ste gves me a pace to exorcose my opinions even if you dont like them., we have entered the soviet style shut up & move path, they will come after you too. Sooner rather than later.

    1. amen I agree I have never done Facebook or Twitter or any social media for that matter. Last Saturday I joined PARLER look what happened I didn’t even post anything yet. I sure pray PARLER will come back.

  3. But now he can praise Biden and all things left or communist. It is now obvious even to the world that he was just a thorn place in the lefts’ spotlght.

  4. Shifted away from the white house , there was a pole that thought he should be shifted away from O2….poor Jimmy being peter principled, but that should have happened at the gitgo. He had to wait until they peter principled someone over him ,and CNN has a lot of peters hanging out there in their ”news room”….more than an old Trump rally port-o-potty

    1. They used him to needle the Presindent, and thanks to that the country got an inkling of that vermin useless ignoramuses that Acosta is!. He will fade away soon and will be missing Mr Trump. Relegated to a heap of manure!

  5. EVERY SO-CALLED JOURNALIST IN THIS ARTICLE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN MOUTHPIECES FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, It’s funny to watch them bobble their heads like BOBBLE DOLLS during their interview’s with the DEMOCRATS and the hard-hitting interview their doing, this is why the DEMOCRATS only go on CNN or MSNBC because they know they will get SOFTBALL questions during the INTERVIEW.

  6. Jim needs to lose his job at cnn and not be news casting at all if he’s going to disrespect the president, especially Donald Trump!

  7. Pravda has arrived nothing but the party line. How soon will they try to make sure you only hear one truth, theirs.

  8. I really couldn’t give less of a damn what Communist News Network does. If a small Tactical Nuke took out all the Main Stream Nutworks, this country would be a hell of a lot better off.

  9. I NEVER EVER watched THE ACOSTER after His 1st attempt at trying to get to Trump… He sure showed His True Strength with that Lady’s Microphone, I Bet?? Like I said, I only watched that CRYBABY ome time…What A is it “Woke or Joke?”

    1. Yes, WE Do Katy Did Did ….He Asked The Right Questions About Mr . Demagogue Trump and Pretty Much Kept Him In Check …Thats What a Well Rounded Journalist Does Katy Did Did

      Dump Trump 2021

      1. Hey crazy Jack. Hope you like living in a communist nation since that is what the demonrats are going to do to America. They will also do away with the tax cuts and everything President Trump did for this country. In fact your taxes are going way up. Have you paid into Social Security and Medicare? Forget ever getting any of that money back. They are going to tear down the wall and illegal aliens flooding the country will break them both in a few months.

  10. Get rid of the Republican party and start a party for President Trump the “publicans” abandoned Trump and the rest of his supporters so why support an old worthless bunch of Idiots who have shown over and over they don’t care about you or your family. They definitely are so weak, remember when Mitch and his wife were confronted at their home, who stood up? Not Mitch! What a wimpy bunch of rich (off our backs) political hacks! So I say Mr. President, you say the word and we’ll see if we can’t start a new party ,by the people and for the people as it was intended with term limits so this kind of riff raff won’t exist. I believe we are a force to be reckoned with, let’s see 74 million voters and probably many more than that, we may never know! Leave these lousy “publicans”to fend for themselves, what a bunch of LOSERS, They will never get my vote again, what Cowards!

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