October 5, 2022

CNN’s Dana Bash claims Griner would be jailed in Russia for being a blask lesbian

WNBA player Brittney Griner committed a crime in Russia and will pay the price. Rather than seeing it that way, CNN’s Dana Bash reverted to an old standby.

Bash claimed Griner would ultimately go to jail because she is a black lesbian and a victim of the sexist pay gap, Fox News reported. The political correspondent complained that the relatively low salary paid to the women basketball players meant they were forced to play in Russia, where Griner was arrested.

Griner, who plays center for the Phoenix Mercury, was arrested at the Moscow airport for possessing cannabis vape cartridges. She was sentenced Thursday to nine years in prison and slapped with a fine equivalent to $16,400.

CNN sports analyst Christine Brennan asked Bash a leading question about whether she thought “the reason Brittney Griner and other women are in Russia playing basketball is because they don’t get paid anywhere near what the men get paid in the U.S.”

“And that’s just what they do,” Bash agreed. Brennan went further, stating, “Brittney Griner’s salary β€” the top salary in the WNBA β€” is about $230,000, $240,000. With bonuses, you can get it up another couple hundred thousand,” whereas the men’s is “over $40 million.”

“So yes, they go overseas. They play, it’s not just Russia, it’s China, it’s Spain, it’s Italy, it’s Turkey, and this where they can supplement their salaries,” Brennan said. “And that’s what Brittney Griner was doing.”

Bash queried another CNN colleague, senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen, to bolster another woke claim. “Let’s just get real β€” how much of this is because she is a 6’9″, black, lesbian American?” Bash asked. He did not discount those factors played a role and affirmed it was “up for debate.”

Griner took an illegal substance to a foreign country. She was caught and will have to serve her time and pay her fine regardless of how many victim points she has earned in the U.S.


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